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"This guy…" When Lin Fan exited the secret chamber, he realized that the Ancient Demon Grounds were no longer what they looked like before.

The putrid aura was no longer around. At the same time, all the dilapidated houses were turned into dust. The ground had a wide crack, as though someone had torn it apart.

The forbidden ground Ancient Demon Grounds had disappeared completely.


A roar of boundless hatred roared out across the skies, shaking the entire world to its core.

‘Just what is this thing?’ Lin Fan stood on a patch of barren grounds, looking at some ma.s.sive figures which rose like mountain peaks.

There were two purple horns that were growing on its head. On its body were patches of scales. Each scale was like a mountain peak by itself, pitch black and sharp.

Those rough arms were like pillars that supported the Heavens. There were dense mysterious symbols and runes which were carved on it. A gigantic chain was dragging across the ground, as though this was a demon which had just crawled out of h.e.l.l.

But the thing which caused Lin Fan to feel turned off was this.

How dare this gargantuan thing stand between Heaven and Earth stark naked? What sort of impact would this cause to anyone who saw this?

‘Weird, to think that it has no energy grid line chains!’

Using the system to check, Lin Fan could not find any energy grid line chains on this fella. Could it be that they were just not showing up on the system?

But this aura was causing Lin Fan to hesitate.

The skies were stained red like blood. With an unparalleled fighting intent, the aura of royalty permeated the air, causing everyone’s heart to feel repressed.

‘Unless, all of that was real? The Ancient Demon Grounds is truly a place where a big ancient demon had fallen… And, could this be that so-called big ancient demon?’ Lin Fan wasn’t too certain of the facts, so he wasn’t quick to strike out as well.

"I’m Yao Huangtian! I want to wage war over the ancients once more!" A savage roar spread through the entire place. His boundless hatred rippled out through the place, causing shivers to go down everyone’s spines.

Even as he was standing at this place that was pretty far away, Lin Fan’s robes rose and bobbed with the shockwave.

Yao Huangtian’s purple eyes shone with boundless anger. Every single step he took was a few thousand feet in distance.

To him, Lin Fan looked like nothing more than an ant, something he couldn’t bother paying any attention to.

‘Even though I don’t know what in the world you are, but there’s definitely no way you can just walk by Yours Truly so extravagantly!’ Lin Fan thought in his head. After that, he followed along Yao Huangtian’s steps.

"Hurry up and run! That’s too scary!"

"Is this the big ancient demon? Just that body alone causes one to feel too fearful to resist that!"

"Isn't the big ancient demon long dead? How did he revive? Goodness, the skies are changing!"

Lin Fan caught sight of a few disciples of the sect who were training in the forbidden grounds earlier, and made haste to catch up with them.

"Say, who’s that fella?" Like a ghost, Lin Fan appeared right before the person, scaring the other party sh*tless. But when he realized that it was a human, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"Hurry up and run! That’s the big ancient demon! No one can fight that!" The person who was halted by Lin Fan exclaimed loudly as though he was in shock. He then broke free of Lin Fan’s grasp and ran off into the distance with his sect.

Suddenly, a voice boomed out within Lin Fan’s mind. Or rather, the voice was permeating the skies itself.

"The Ancient Demon Ground’s Big Ancient Demon has revived. The entire Dongling Continent needs to band together against it or face total annihilation."

Lin Fan raised his head at the skies in bewilderment. And what the h.e.l.l was this all about?

Why the h.e.l.l were the Heavens talking?!?

And just as Lin Fan was busy figuring this thing out, every single sect within Dongling Continent heard this frightening news as well.

Glory Sect…

"This is the voice of the Heavens! To think that the Big Ancient Demon of the Ancient Demon Grounds would revive! How could this be?!"

"Gather every single disciple who is of greater celestial cultivation state and above to follow me out!"

Upon hearing this voice, Grandmaster Yan sent down the orders immediately. An affair of this scale that concerned the entire Dongling Continent was definitely far from ordinary.

Even though he had not witnessed it for himself, it was inscribed in the records of Glory Sect that the powers of the big ancient demon was extraordinarily formidable.

Fengtian Sect.

Xuanyang Sect.

Taiyi Sect.

Jiutian Sect.

Nine Heavens Sect.

One by one, the sects of Dongling Continent started moving.

The great sects had once made an agreement that if the time came when Dongling Continent was in danger, they would let go of whatever squabble they had ever had. And by the looks of it, this voice of the Heavens was something they had never heard before.

To these sects, this was a battle that only disciples of greater celestial cultivation base and above could take part in. Any other disciple would probably just be cannon fodder.

Lin Fan looked at that huge chunk of rock, "Yao Huangtian! What a c.o.c.ky name indeed. And you’re a big ancient demon as well. Seems like I must definitely give it a good one with you."

Following behind the big ancient demon all the way, Lin Fan just wanted to grasp the situation regarding this big ancient demon clearly.

Along the way, he understood something as well.

This big ancient demon was strong, and his strength was far superior compared to those Blood Demon Emperors and the likes.

Wherever he pa.s.sed, gra.s.s would not grow, the rivers would stop flowing, the mountains would crumble flat. Even some of the beasts who were too ferocious would disintegrate into dust by just his pressure alone.

Somewhere in Dongling Continent…

A ripple appeared in the peaceful void as two figures suddenly came out of it.

He Yuhan’s face was grim. She had committed a grave mistake this time around. For the sake of obtaining the Demon G.o.d Essence Blood, she had unintentionally awakened the Big Ancient Demon.

All of this was a trap laid down by the Big Ancient Demon.

But no matter what she would say now, it was all too late. There was nothing she could do about this.

"Hais, if this were in the past, I would still be able to suppress this demon. But now, it’s all too late." Looking up into the skies, He Yuhan gave off a long sigh. She then looked at Xia Youtian, who was still fainted, with determined eyes.

At least there was still a strand of hope.

Just then, Xia Youtian woke up.

"Yuhan, where am I?" Xia Youtian’s mind was confused, as though he could barely remember some things.

"It’s all alright, Brother Xia. Can you feel the energy of the bloodline that’s surging through your body?" He Yuhan smiled at him.

Xia Youtian looked at He Yuhan as he gradually felt the changes that were happening in his body.

"Yuhan, I feel a strange power coursing through my body…"

Upon hearing this, He Yuhan smiled gently and placed her palm on his shoulder, "Of course. This is…"

Suddenly, before she could continue, her face changed abruptly as she gripped her fist tightly.

To think that this was just 1/3rd of the Demon G.o.d Bloodline?!

"Yuhan, what’s wrong?" Xia Youtian asked, puzzled.

"Nothing, Brother Xia. We’re running out of time. Let’s head to the next place." Standing up, He Yuhan stared into the distant skies.

Even though they were quite a distance away from the forbidden grounds and everything seemed peaceful, in He Yuhan’s eyes, the skies were filled with demonic energies.

But, there was truly nothing she could do now. No matter what she did, she had to keep the bigger picture in mind. She could only hope that those big sects would be able to seal the Big Ancient Demon.

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