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"Holy sh*t! This b.l.o.o.d.y Seven Saint black dog! Where did he hide the thing?!" Lin Fan was getting exasperated now. Going around in circles, he had b.u.mped into countless monsters. But still, he hadn’t caught sight of any secret chambers or the likes!

‘Cuckcuckoo…!’ Perched on Lin Fan’s shoulders all along, Chicky was feeling crestfallen seeing how frustrated his Master was. With a helpless sigh, he hopped down from Lin Fan’s shoulders.

Sniff sniff.

Lowering his head, Chicky took a sniff of the surroundings.

"Chicky, don’t tell me that you can find it!" Looking at Chicky’s behavior, Lin Fan commented with some disbelief.

Chicky did not cry out in reply. Instead, he closed his eyes gently, as though he was trying to sense the air around him.

"Chicky, are you sure you can?"

Tossing his head, Chicky brought forth a look of displeasure. It was as if he were saying, ‘You’re disturbing me.’

"Alright, alright! I’ll stop talking! You take your time."

Lin Fan stood quietly at one side, breathing gently and softly. He just stared at Chicky doing his thing.

Helplessly, he wanted to tell Chicky, ‘You’re not a dog. How do you think you’re going to sniff this out?’ But just as he thought that, Chicky raised his head. Spreading open his wings, he beckoned to Lin Fan before dashing off.

This was the meaning, ‘There’s no time for explanations. Hurry and hop on the train!’

Lin Fan stood there staring at Chicky’s twerking b.u.m with wide opened eyes.

‘Holy sh*t. And that worked?!’

Following behind Chicky, the surroundings gradually started changing.

The monsters they b.u.mped into were getting stronger and stronger. Pericelestials, lesser celestials… In fact, some of them were even greater celestials!

This doggish Seven Saint knew how to hide his secret chamber in the sneakiest of places indeed.

For anyone who came to this place seeking training, this was a trial. For the person whose body Seven Saint wished to possess, he ought to have tip-top potential, caliber, and luck.

As for a powerful being like Seven Saint, seeing through something like luck was extremely easy as well.

Someone with immense luck, no matter how weak he might be, he could possibly stumble into this secret chamber just with his dumb luck.


After a certain distance, Chicky stopped before a wall. He then used his wings to pat on the wall.

‘Could it be right here?’ Lin Fan looked at the wall doubtingly.

As if they had just realized that Lin Fan was there, all the monsters around him leaped at him in a frenzy.

But Lin Fan did not feel any concern about these monsters.

Even though some of them were greater celestial, none of them had a mind of their own. As such, they could not cultivate out energy grid line chains on their own. Therefore, even if they were at a greater celestial state, all of them were the weakest a greater celestial could be.

With a single flash of his Sword Will, Lin Fan slashed through all the monsters in the area. Seemed like the experience points were decent. Not bad!

Touching the wall, Lin Fan felt that it was extremely normal as he could not make out anything different about this.

But Lin Fan trusted in Chicky. There was no way Chicky would just stop here for absolutely no reason.

Channelling True Energy into his hand, Lin Fan pulverized the wall. The moment it shattered, a hole appeared right before him.

The hole was pitch black within. In fact, it even felt eerily sinister. But none of that mattered to Lin Fan as he leaped right in, sliding down along with it.

Following right behind, Chicky slid down with him.


When Lin Fan landed on the ground below, noises came out from the surroundings. Something mysterious on the wall illuminated the entire secret chamber.

"Seems like you’re really here." Looking at his surroundings, Lin Fan chuckled.

This secret chamber wasn’t too big, and was circular in shape. There was another hole on the wall, but no one could tell where it led to.

But Lin Fan garnered that that hole must be for the destined person with extreme luck. If someone were truly that lucky, he would probably trigger something upon touching something somewhere before tumbling straight down.

And for that so-called lucky person, finding the jade white bones of this doggish Seven Saint must definitely be a treasure beyond his wildest imaginations.

But as for what would happen later on, well, everyone should know.

At this point, Lin Fan took out that Seven Saint black dog from his storage.

The moment the black dog caught sight of this familiar place, he started barking viciously.

‘Cuckoo…!!!’ With his claw, Chicky stomped down on the black dog’s head once more. For a powerful being as such to be put down by someone like Chicky, that was totally unheard of.

"Seven Saint black dog! Does this place look really familiar right now? Seems like Yours Truly has found yet another one of your chambers!" Lin Fan chuckled. "Instead of the lucky person you’re waiting for, here comes Yours Truly. I’ve gotta say though, you’ve definitely got terrible luck son!"

"But no matter, let Yours Truly see what kind of doggish traps you’ve set up this time around." Walking towards the jade white bones, Lin Fan began searching around.

"Aiyoyo! Seems like you’ve got some new tricks eh?" Looking at the words inscribed on the stone tablet, Lin Fan could not help but laugh out once more.

‘I am the Ancient G.o.d of the Demons. I’ve been waiting for someone with affinity like you. Drip a drop of your blood on my jade white bones and you shall inherit everything I had.’

Lin Fan gently read out these words from the stone tablet.

"Well, Seven Saint black dog, it’s not that I want to nag at you, but previously, you asked someone to kowtow to you like Daddy. And now, you want a drop of their blood. Goodness, your skills at bullsh*tting! Gosh! Forget it, it’s fine. Let’s see what you left for them on that table." Lin Fan came across a small table. Just like before, there was a wooden box there that was made up of mythical wood.

When he opened the box, a pill laid there exactly the same as before.

Even though it was written as ‘Heaven Revolting Potential Changing Pill’, the true meaning behind it was ‘Soul Destroying Pill’.

"You silly old dog Seven Saint, don’t you think you should change this up a little? Don’t tell me that it’s all the same in your remaining chambers?" Lin Fan asked the black dog who was held firmly under Chicky’s claws.

‘Woof woof…!’ The Seven Saint black dog barked out, eyes filled with boundless hatred.

At the same time, there was a hint of anguish within those barks.

Did it seem like an easy thing for a guy like the Seven Saint Lord? Fallen onto the world, the Seven Saint had created seven lairs in wait of lucky men of immense potential to take the bait, so that he could steal back to life once more.

At the same time, to ensure that his chance at rebirth was greater, he separated his consciousness into seven parts to play it safe. But to think that this b.l.o.o.d.y lad would see through his entire plan!

He had thought this over time and again while he was alive, and thought that it was all perfect. One might not even be able to tell that the pill was real or fake. But how the h.e.l.l did this guy catch the issue within the pill?!

"Forget it, let Yours Truly help your consciousness gain a home, alright?" Lin Fan lifted up the jade white bones. But the moment he did so, a vortex appeared right behind it once more.

"Hmph! Let’s just leave the fact that I was f*cked over by this the previous time. And here you are trying this again? Insolent!" Looking at this vortex, Lin Fan snorted coldly. With a single slap of his palm, the vortex disappeared into nothingness.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Jade White Bones of Ancient Powerful Being. Contains one strand of Consciousness.’

"Alright, Seven Saint black dog, fetch!" Lin Fan laughed coldly. With a curl of his finger, the consciousness of the jade white bones flew out towards the black dog.

‘Woof woof…!’ The black dog struggled. Looking at the consciousness flying towards him, he was filled with fear.

He couldn’t fuse with it anymore! Otherwise, he would truly spend the rest of his life in this dog’s body!

But under Chicky’s stomp, the black dog could only struggle helplessly as he watched the consciousness fly within his body.

"HAHA…! Not bad, not bad! Seven Saint, you shall live within the body of this dog forever. s.n.a.t.c.hing anyone’s body? Dream on son, dream on!" Looking at the black dog, Lin Fan gave off a wide smile.


Suddenly, Lin Fan frowned. A strange voice rang out as he could feel a spine-chilling aura.

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