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"Senior Brother Xia, Senior Sister He! Can I join you guys in a party later on?" A disciple whispered gently as he made his way towards them.

He was extremely envious of these two people. Not only were they really strong, they were also a couple. Everyone one would die to be in their position.

The Ancient Demon Grounds was definitely fraught with all sorts of dangers. If he could remain by the side of two powerful seniors, then his own safety would definitely be guaranteed.

Even if he may not obtain the best items out of this place, he would definitely get a share of the average ones.

"Sure!" He Yuhan replied with a look of craftiness on her face before nodding.

"Senior Brother, Senior Sister, us too! We want to join up with you guys as well!" A few other disciples called out from behind them. These guys were just starting on their path of cultivations, and were looking for strong people to back them up.

"Sure, no problem!" He Yuhan welcomed anyone who would join.

"Yuhan, this…" Xia Youtian was feeling worried as he saw this. Weren’t they here to look for stuff? Why were they bringing so many people along with them?

But when he saw how brightly Yuhan was smiling, he didn’t press the issue any further.

He trusted that Yuhan was really smart. And, he also knew that the only reason why he was still alive and could even raise his cultivation state this quickly was all due to her.

Looking at how these people disappeared after they entered a thick, dense mist, Lin Fan entered the mist from another side.

The Ancient Demon Grounds had always been shrouded by a thick mist, disallowing anyone any vision of anything within.

Rumors had it that the Ancient Demon Grounds was a place where a big ancient powerful demon had fallen. As the ma.s.sive body of that demon pummelled down onto the ground, it crashed down onto this country. The putrid aura that was released from the demon was absorbed entirely by the residents of the country, causing all of them to die at the same time. With that, an unexplainable shroud encompa.s.sed this entire place altogether.

Whether or not this was true, no one knew.

Pa.s.sing through the shroud, Lin Fan could not help but acknowledge that this must have been a prosperous city with the sight of the dilapidated houses and collapsed inns.

The Ancient Demon Grounds was filled with the same putrid scent. Grim, horrifying, the entire place sent shivers down one’s spine.

And just then, a pair of bloodshot eyes which were hiding in a corner leaped out at Lin Fan.

"The f*ck? What’s this?" With a wave of his finger, Lin Fan used his sword will to slash at that dark shadow which leaped out at him.

‘Ding…congratulations on killing postcelestial monster.’

‘Ding…experience points +1’

Lin Fan shook his head. Seemed like the rumors were true after all. These were probably the old residents who were infected by the putrid aura.

But they were simply too weak.

Lin Fan had zero idea where he should start searching from. Hence, he could only move around aimlessly like a housefly.

Along the way, he killed countless monsters. But all of them were postcelestial, with nothing higher that appearing.

With this, Lin Fan could not help but wonder if he was in a less dangerous region. Perhaps if he continued wandering deeper, he might meet stronger monsters

Suddenly, he caught sight of a red glowing medicinal herb that was growing on a corpse.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Blood Spirit Gra.s.s.’

‘Blood Spirit Gra.s.s: Nourished by the aura of blood. Allows the blood flow of one’s body to be strengthened.’

Lin Fan casually tossed the Blood Spirit Gra.s.s onto the floor. To any other martial artist, this would be an extremely valuable treasure. But to Lin Fan, this was nothing different from trash.

But a training ground was a training ground indeed. Even with danger around, this place was filled with treasures.

Lin Fan continued pressing forward deeper. Along the way, he b.u.mped into many disciples. However, he always remained hidden in the dark and did not reveal himself to anyone.

All of these disciples were in parties. They grouped up together to kill the monsters and at the same time, obtain many previous herbs and valuable treasures.

But, Lin Fan did b.u.mp into some disciples who met with danger. Even though these monsters weren’t particularly strong, many of them were extremely hideous looking. Some of the disciples were frightened on looking at these for the first time. Those moments of shock allowed the monsters to gain the edge over them.

But since he met them, Lin Fan wasn’t someone who would sit idly. From the darkness, he casually a.s.sisted them by slaying the monsters.

As he continued treading forth, he found that the shroud surrounding the place got gradually thicker as well.

At the same time, the monsters were improving in terms of strength.

All of them were pericelestial monsters now.

But to Lin Fan, they were still like ants which he could just squash. However, the experience points he gained were just that pitiful bit.


Being carried by He Yuhan and Xia Youtian, some of the disciples were receiving bountiful rewards along this expedition.

"Senior Brother, Senior Sister! There’s a strand of herb here!" A disciple found a strand of herb growing in a gap and he exclaimed out excitedly.

But of course, this disciple did not dare to take this herb all for himself in this situation.

"Ok. Since you found it, you can have it." He Yuhan replied.

"Thank you, Senior Sister!" The disciple was overwhelmed with joy as he placed the herb gently back into his storage.

Indeed, it was the right choice following these two seniors. A herb like this was generally guarded by pericelestial beasts and above.

If not for his two seniors who had slain these beasts, he could definitely not do it on his own.

Some of the other disciples following along could only look at this junior brother in envy.

d.a.m.n it! Why weren’t they the ones who had seen the herb! This lucky boy!

But then again, they were more than satisfied with everything right now. Following these two powerful seniors, any monsters they encountered could only die with regrets as they pa.s.sed through them with ease.

As for the herbs and treasures that these monsters left behind, neither of their seniors cared about them, allowing them to scavenge for themselves. With that, they were more than overwhelmed with joy.

"Senior Brother, Senior Sister. The monsters ahead look to be really strong. How about we head back now?" Looking at the monsters they were b.u.mping shoulders with, a disciple couldn’t help but start to get worried.

Especially now that his storage was pretty full, he was more than happy enough with everything.

"Hmph, how are you so cowardly? With Senior Brother and Senior Sister around, what are you worried about? If you want to go back, go on your own! But there are only things to gain following our seniors!" Another disciple chided at him in displeasure.

"Alright then." The disciple thought for a moment. That was right, what did he have to fear with his senior brother and senior sister around?

Looking at this bunch of disciples, He Yuhan’s lips curled into a smile.

"Yuhan, I seem to be sensing a mysterious aura up ahead." Xia Youtian frowned. He had an ominous feeling about this.

"Brother Xia, that’s exactly what we’re looking for." He Yuhan replied.

"Yuhan, how about you just tell me what that is?" Looking at Yuhan’s look of confidence, Xia Youtian could confirm that she definitely knew what it was.

"The bloodline of the Big Ancient Demon," Yuhan replied softly.

"Ah…!" Xia Youtian’s heart skipped a beat.

"Rumours have it that this is the place where the big ancient demon had fallen. And, it’s actually all true. That big ancient demon was a mighty ruler in the past. Even though dozens of thousands of years have pa.s.sed, this bloodline of his could easily withstand the pa.s.sage of time. As long as Brother Xia consumes this bloodline, you will possess the Demon G.o.d Bloodline. That will bring about tremendous benefits to you." He Yuhan grinned.

"Yuhan, just who are you? How do you know all these things?" He asked.

"Brother Xia, don’t worry about that. You just have to trust that I will never ever harm you."

Xia Youtian went silent for a bit before nodding his head. He had traveled across countless forbidden grounds with Yuhan in these past few months, and had gained many benefits out of them. That was the reason why his cultivation state had been skyrocketing. And all of the credit belonged to Yuhan.

If not for her, he might still even be just at a pericelestial right now.

To Xia Youtian, He Yuhan was like a walking encyclopedia who knew everything about this world.

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