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"Chicky, don’t tell me that you truly can’t bear to leave the place?" Lin Fan who was on the run after his show of bullsh*t was now quite a distance away from Xianling Sect with Chicky. But looking at Chicky’s desolate face, Lin Fan was feeling helpless. Seemed like pleasure was indeed addictive.

‘Cuckcuckoo…’ Chicky sat on Lin Fan’s shoulders listlessly. Spreading out his wings and shrinking his head, he looked into the distance as though he was reminiscing about before.

Lin Fan flicked Chicky’s head, "Alright, don’t give me that deadbeat look. We’ve still got an important thing to do."

And of course, that important thing Lin Fan was talking about was none other than to conquer all the Seven Saints Treasure Map locations, so that Seven Saint that old fogey would lose every last bit of hope.

‘Woof woof…!’ Just then, Lin Fan released the black dog he had always kept in his storage.

The consciousness of the Seven Saint had been transferred into this black dog. Hence, the moment it was let out, it snarled viciously towards Lin Fan. Those eyes which were filled with rage looked as though they were ready to devour Lin Fan.

"How’s that, old dog Seven Saint? Getting used to this body? You want to borrow some bodies to return to this world? Seems like you’re still too weak to finish that wish of yours." Lin Fan chuckled.

Lin Fan had to admit that this Seven Saint was pretty something to be able to lure and tempt people to fight over his treasures and the like.

‘Woof woof…!’ Upon hearing these words, the black dog’s eyes turned bloodshot red. If not for the fact that he couldn’t speak, he would have lashed out hardcore at Lin Fan’s face.

Just then, Chicky appeared right beside the Seven Saint old dog. With a single claw, he stomped down on the dog’s head, burying it into the ground.

Those sparkly eyes shone with contempt, as though the black dog’s barking was annoying him.

"Seven Saint, EH? Even my Chicky can stomp down on your face any day. You can just go and castrate yourself." Lin Fan jeered.

‘Cuckcuckoo…!’ Raising his head, Chicky pecked down on the black dog’s head, as though asking the latter to wisen up and not try anything funny.

"Listen up, Seven Saint old dog. Yours Truly is going to use the rest of my time to hunt down all your b.l.o.o.d.y hidden chambers. Very soon, you shall feel every single portion of this black dog’s body for your own!" Lin Fan laughed out. "Trying to steal the body of Yours Truly? Do you know the consequences now?"

‘Woof woof…!’ The Seven Saint black dog barked wildly. But with Chicky’s claw stamping on his head, he couldn’t move at all.

And suddenly, the sky changed.

A streak of lightning suddenly shot through the clear sky. Accompanying it was a sudden patch of red clouds. But just as the sky turned red, everything disappeared again.

Everything came too quickly, and no one had any time to react at all.

Seeing this, Lin Fan was equally bewildered. This phenomenon did not seem like a good sign.

Looking at the sky, the eyes of the Seven Saint black dog flashed with a look of fear as well. His paws were clawing furiously at the ground, as though he had something to say about it.

"Chicky, let him go. Let’s see what he’s up to." Lin Fan commented.

‘Cuckoo…!’ Chicky released his claw grip and stepped aside. If this black dog were to try anything funny, he would stomp on his head once more.

"Eh? He’s writing something?" Looking at the way the black dog was behaving, Lin Fan chuckled. Seemed like this black dog is truly trying to express something.

"A great catastrophe is imminent on Xuanhuang World. Let me go and I’ll take you to another world." The Seven Saint black dog scratched out these words on the ground. He then raised his head and looked at Lin Fan, as though trying to make a deal with Lin Fan.

"Chey! And here I was thinking about what it could be. So that’s all?" Lin Fan looked at the black dog in disdain and with a flick of his hand, swung it back into his storage.

But still, Lin Fan was extremely concerned. Just what was that phenomenon all about?!

Power. He had to make sure he increased his power level as soon as possible!

After that, Lin Fan tossed the bodies of the Grandmaster of Heaven Sea Sect and Yama into his Heaven and Earth Smelt and began smelting.

‘Ding…congratulations on obtaining 25 energy grid line chains.’

It was fast. Just like that, he obtained yet another 25 energy grid line chains.

To summon the Heart Demon Emperor from the Blood World, he required 20 energy grid line chains at least. But Lin Fan was in no hurry to summon anything at all. He would wait till he obtained more energy grid line chains before using them all up on summoning.

‘Demon City in a Palm’ was a Heaven graded upper-level skill. This was considered a pretty incredible skill.

‘Ding…learn ‘Demon City in a Palm’?’


‘Ding…congratulations on learning ‘Demon City in a Palm’.’

‘Demon City in a Palm: Level 1’

Flipping his palm around, a ma.s.s of demonic energy began to gather on Lin Fan’s palm. After that, an illusory city of demons seemed to have materialized above his palms.

But Lin Fan was somewhat exasperated. This demon city seemed to be empty right now. Seemed like he had to gather the spirits there himself.

"Chicky, let’s go." Waking up from his casting of the skill, Lin Fan beckoned to Chicky and allowed the latter to hop onto his shoulder.

And just like that, the man and beast disappeared from where they were, heading towards the next destination on the Seven Saint Treasure Map, ‘Ancient Demon Grounds.’

A few days later…

When Lin Fan came out from the voids and looked at the scene before him, he couldn’t help but sigh exasperatedly.

"Seems like these are the Ancient Demon Grounds."

Within these past few days, Lin Fan had congealed two new energy grid line chains of Wind and Earth.

By now, Lin Fan’s left arm had fused with 4 energy grid line chains.

The Ancient Demon Grounds was yet another plot of forbidden grounds in the Dongling Continent. There were many forbidden grounds in Dongling Continent that were spread out spa.r.s.ely. Many sects would also choose to base their foundations near to one of these forbidden grounds.

After all, these forbidden grounds were extremely useful to the cultivation practice of their sect’s disciples.

Even though the forbidden grounds were fraught with danger, cultivation was something that went beyond the wills of the Heavens to begin with. Everyone’s lives were destined by the Heavens. Even though there was a great chance that they might perish within the forbidden grounds, there were many people who still wanted to try their luck at these places.

Hidden up in the void, Lin Fan caught sight of a few people who were there to cultivate.

But the shocking thing was that he had seen two of them before.

You Xiatian and He Yuhan.

He had a chance meeting with these two in a cave.

Standing in the midst of a big group, these two did not stand out particularly. But the cultivation states of these two people had Lin Fan feeling bewildered.

In just the span of a few months, they had such a stark jump in their cultivation states!

To think that Xia Youtian was at lesser celestial lower level state, and He Yuhan was at lesser celestial upper-level state as well!

Incredible, this was definitely incredible!

Back in the cave when Lin Fan wanted to give these two a good robbing, he realized to his dismay that there was a mysterious person watching over them. Because of that aura that was locked onto him, he gave up on his robbing intent.

But looking at the two of them here, he though if they were here because of the Seven Saint Treasure Map.

"Yuhan, what are we doing here?" Xia Youtian wasn’t someone who had a lot of opinions. The decision to join this current sect was not decided by him, but He Yuhan. Even up till now, he had no idea what they were doing in this sect.

He Yuhan looked at Xia Youtian and a smile curled on her face, "Brother Xia, there’s something here that’ll be of great importance to you."

"What is it?" Xia Youtian asked curiously.

She gave off a mysterious smile, "You’ll know soon."

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