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'Ding… congratulations, discovered treasure map of the seventh saint.'

Lin Fan had heard the two mentioning something about a treasure map while hiding. At the time, he saw Mo Yi Xuan clutching a map in his hand, and naturally decided to check it out.

The treasure map was made from an unfamiliar material and felt soft in his hands. It was unusually flexible, and even when Lin Fan tried to rip the map, it wouldn't tear at all.

"What kind of secrets does this map of the seventh saint have to make those two fight to death for it?"Lin Fan opened the treasure map and glanced over it. Since he had just left the sect, the map was too confusing for him. He had no clue what the picture on it meant.

But the map had two sentences, which he felt contained very deep meanings. Logically speaking, there should be secrets hidden within them.

"The heavens above heavens, a plane within the earth."

Lin Fan knew this was valuable, and placed it into his bag, deciding to go over it when he gained more experience in the future.

Then, Lin Fan searched Mo Yi Xuan's waist, but didn't find any storage bags.

"He has such a high cultivation base, but doesn't even have a single storage bag?"Lin Fan searched a bit more but didn't find anything, and felt like giving up.

Looting for the first time and being unsuccessful.

"Hah…"At that moment, Lin Fan's eyes caught something shiny. He saw a dazzling ring on Mo Yi Xuan's finger, upon seeing which he thought of something. Then, he eagerly removed the ring from Mo Yi Xuan's finger.

'Ding… congratulations, discovered storage ring, open?'

"Open." He would obviously open it, there must be treasures waiting for him within it.

When Lin Fan saw the items within the storage ring, he began grinning from ear to ear.

As expected from a powerful person, the items within the ring were all incredibly rare. But now was not the time to sort through the loot. He needed to find a safe place first and then go through it.

Lin Fan placed all the items within the storage ring into his own bag. Of course, he wouldn't forsake the ring, so he took that too. Although he didn't need it, he could perhaps sell it for a good price.

Lin Fan then searched Mo Yi Xuan from top to bottom but didn't find any more useful items.

"Hehh…" Lin Fan sighed. He didn't even have a weapon, and it was a wonder he could win against someone just by fighting with his bare hands.

Lin Fan smacked the brick over the two's head, but as he smacked Mo Yi Xuan, his innocent eyes suddenly emitted a dazzling light.

'Ding… congratulations, discovered intermediate legendary item, Black Dragon clothes.'

'Black Dragon clothes: the scales of the wild beast black dragon, crafted with sky crystals, can block a portion of damage from stages under lesser celestial.'

'Rank: intermediate legendary.

Lin Fan froze. He didn't think that he would discover such a treasure by just randomly touching. Weapon and armor ranking went from lower graded, middle graded, upper graded, and then legendary.

This was a super rare item.

This Mo Yi Xuan was way too rich.

Then Lin Fan searched throughout his entire body with shining eyes, not even sparing the underwear.

'Ding… congratulations, discovered intermediate legendary item black dragon cloud riding boots.'

'Black Dragon cloud riding boots: the wings of the wild beast black dragon, crafted with cloud crystals, can boost speed.'

Lin Fan leaped up with joy. It turned out to be a set, and the effect also seemed to be quite good.

Although he couldn't kill Mo Yi Xuan, the profit he gained this time was enormous.

Lin Fan then quickly stripped Mo Yi Xuan naked without any hesitation. These two items were way too recognizable. He tossed them into his bag and planned on having a good makeover when he left the place.

Seeing the naked Mo Yi Xuan, Lin Fan then gave a sigh, his eyes locked onto the area around Mo Yi Xuan's crotch.

He was somewhat guilty that his attack had been a little too heavy. His crotch was now this swollen and was likely to not be good enough to be used anymore.

How about using twisting heaven and earth to fix it up.

But Lin Fan felt that today's benefits were quite plentiful, and if he continued, it would be somewhat presumptuous.

Also, having Mo Yi Xuan display his entire figure to the world was a bit wrong, and being the good person he was, Lin Fan took off his own white undergarments and wrapped them around Mo Yi Xuan like a diaper.

Since they were both men, Lin Fan, of course, couldn't let Mo Yi Xuan lose all face; what needed to be protected should be protected.

After finishing everything, Lin Fan then turn his eyes over from Mo Yi Xuan to Ni Mantian with difficulty. Such a beauty, Lin Fan naturally was hesitant. Such methods couldn't be used on the body of a beauty. But what needed to be checked would still be checked.

'Ding… congratulations, discovered intermediate legendary item, violet frost sword.'

Lin Fan touched Ni Mantian's sword and was joyful. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be an intermediate legendary sword… not bad, not bad… confiscated.

'Ding… discovered lower legendary item, flowing cloud boots.'

Lin Fan began searching her body. Ni Mantian's shoes were lower legendary items… not bad, not bad… confiscated.

'Ding… discovered intermediate legendary item, Phoenix clothes.'

Lin Fan was surprised, 'Another treasure! Just, ah, never mind, I will let this one slide… making such a beautiful girl like you be naked to the world is definitely not something a man should do.'

Lin Fan kept Ni Mantian's clothes on, but the clear and water-like ring on her hand couldn't escape from Lin Fan's hands.

Confiscated…confiscated… all confiscated.

After he placed all the confiscated items into his bag, he then looked at the two selfless people, with his heart full of grat.i.tude. He stood up straight in between the two people and then bowed down with a serious expression.

"Thank you two for the care, I will return the favor in the future."

Though he thanked the two people, he still felt it wasn't enough. He then wrote a few words on the ground below Ni Mantian's feet.

"I understand your pain…. A prideful and beautiful woman, how could you not let yourself be perfect? But don't worry, your previous defect has been fixed by me. No need to thank me… just remember my name, Lei Feng."

Lin Fan looked through it once more, and after confirming there were no problems, he then went in front of Mo Yi Xuan and left a few words.

"A man's pride isn't their cultivation base or family history, but instead, one's own worth. I have helped you remake yourself today and increased it by several times. You should be satisfied now. If you want to thank me, remember my name, Lei Feng."

After finishing everything, Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction and then smiled towards the two people. He then took the legendary Nive-five red brick in his hand and smacked it over the two again.

After finishing with his 'hard work,' he then without any hesitation and ran away like the wind.

But after running away, he then ran back again. When he had left, Lin Fan's reluctant eyes had discovered a slight problem.

Ni Mantian's chest wasn't the same size on both sides. For the earnest Lin Fan, this couldn't be tolerated. Lin Fan smacked the brick over the two's head again and started his repair.

"Black Tiger Steals Heart."

'Ding… congratulations"Black Tiger Steals Heart" experience + 1.'

"Black Tiger Steals Heart."

"Black Tiger Steals Heart."

After continuing for about ten minutes, Lina Fan finally stopped with satisfaction.

"Now it's perfect!" After saying this, Lin then once again ran away like the wind.

But Lin Fan was suspicious of one thing; did Black Tiger Steals Hear actually have this kind of side effect, or was it actually just Ni Mantian's chest swelling up? This question needed to be carefully a.n.a.lyzed in the future.

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