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"I should be ruling over all the lands right now! If not for the fact that you despicable beings snuck up on me while I was in seclusion training, how could you have had the ability to seal me up for two hundred years?" Yama’s demonic rage shot through the sky, encompa.s.sing the entire Xianling Sect.

"But of course, I have to thank you little despicable beings for sealing me in the Thousand Demons Gorge! If not for that, I wouldn’t have cultivated to this perfect being right now. As a reward, I shall absorb all your Yin sources of energies to fuse with myself. What a perfect honor for you guys! HAHA…!"

Yama was an ancient demon that had existed two hundred years ago. Cruel and vicious, he had caused the downfall of many sects, as well as wreaking havoc all over Dongling Continent.

In the end, Xianling Sect joined forces with some other sects and took the opportunity while he was in seclusion to lay down the seal, keeping him within the Thousand Demons Gorge.

But no one could have expected that the Thousand Demons Gorge was filled with boundless demonic energy.

Therefore, Yama did not pa.s.s away in these two hundred years. In fact, he had been sucking in these energies to boost his powers even further. In fact, someone or something was helping him mysteriously through the powers of the underworld, allowing him to absorb these energies even quicker.

"Demon, don’t you dare go overboard! If our Founder Ancestor could seal you, then all of us would definitely be able to stop you from creating trouble as well!" A woman from Xianling Sect looked up into the sky without a single bit of fear.

Laughing maniacally, those demonic long claws of Yama reached out from beneath his robes, "Heh. Seems like the holy woman of this generation’s Xianling Sect is wondrous indeed. Just from the smell alone, I can sense the sweet, scrumptious taste of your Yin energy. Today, I shall pamper you nicely!’

The holy woman’s face turned frozen cold.

"Yanran, step down! You’re not a match for this demon!" The Grandmaster of Xianling Sect looked up the sky warily. This demon’s cultivation state was formidable like raging seas. Seemed like this was going to be dreadful for Xianling Sect indeed.

"Fellow junior sisters, lay down the Xianling Array Formation to seal this thing up!" The Grandmaster ordered.

"Yes!" All the Senior Elders nodded their heads.

Yama looked at all of this with contemptuous eyes, "Hmph. Xianling Array Formation? Seems like you guys haven’t progressed at all. Let me show you guys what it truly means for the devil to be ten feet tall while your virtues are just at a single foot!’

‘Spirit Demon Claw!’

Suddenly, a gigantic claw formed from demonic energies materialized in the sky. Pummelling down from the sky, demonic energy wrapped itself all around the claw, ripping through the void it came in touch with.

‘Xianling Array Formation!’

The aura of the Grandmaster and the other Senior Elders of Xianling Sect rocketed instantly. An unknown power worked to culminate their energies together into a starburst that shot up into the sky. One could even make out an illusory figure of a Fairy, as though she could cleanse this entire world of all demons.

"Hmph, come to be wasted by the great Yama!"


With that single claw, everything was destroyed. The so-called Xianling Array Formation was no exception.




Looking at this scene, all the disciples of Xianling Sect were completely stumped. To think that the demon would be this strong!

Yanran, the holy woman of Xianling Sect, was equally shocked at this scene as she lashed out, "DEMON…!"

"Yanran, come back, please! You’re not his match!" Crippled on the ground, Xianling Sect’s Grandmaster shouted out hurriedly as she spewed out a mouthful of blood. This demon was simply too strong! If the Xianling Array Formation could not take him down, there was no way Yanran could do it!

"HAHA! I shall toy with you nicely then…!" Looking at the holy woman striking out at him, Yama laughed out wildly.

Now that he had broken out of the seal, taking down Xianling Sect was as simple as crushing a single ant. But if they were destroyed too quickly, then he wouldn’t feel any enjoyment from it. He had to slowly bring about more despair for them before harshly tormenting them all at the end.

A bright glow shot out from the holy woman, Yanran, as her sword pierced through the demon’s body.

Yanran was overwhelmed with joy, thinking that she had killed this demon. But her face changed almost immediately.

"HAHA…! Not bad, not bad…!"

Immediately, Yanran retreated back down to the sect grounds. The longsword she was wielding was still stuck in Yama’s chest.

Yama pulled out the longsword from his chest. There wasn’t even a single bloodstain on his sword. Shaking it gently, the sword turned into dust and blew out across the sky.

"HAHA!" He howled insanely. "Xianling Sect! You shall be the first sect that I’ll destroy after I’m out! Kneel and tremble before my mighty power!"

Everyone from Xianling Sect shivered from top to bottom as a sense of fear crept up their bodies.

"Grandmaster, what should we do?" Yanran was frowning as she held on to the Grandmaster. She was at a loss for actions as well. The Grandmaster was equally lost as well. Looking at the pale faces of her disciples, she could feel a deep-rooted sense of helplessness.

"Haha! All of you shall fuse with me as one!" With a maniacal laugh, Yama reached out with his claw. Instantly, a strong suction power seemed to gush from the Earth to Yama’s claws.

Unable to resist this demonic power, some of the disciples with weaker cultivation bases began to gravitate towards it.

"Grandmaster! Save us!"

"Senior Sister! Save me…!"

These Xianling Sect disciples began to cry. There was no way they could resist this power.

They could only watch in fear as their bodies moved closer to the demon.

"DEMON…!" The Grandmaster lashed out in wrath. But before she could even finish, a bright flash of light appeared from the horizons and sped over. It was followed by a roar that resembled a lightning’s rumbling.

"Small demon! Know your place!"

Xianling Sect’s Grandmaster’s heart skipped a beat. She did not know who it was that came.

Yama gave a side glance, disregarding this entirely.

But in that instant, an unparalleled Sword Will pierced through the sky, cutting off his demonic suction power entirely.


The moment the power was cut off, all these disciples who were floating in midair dropped to the ground with a thud.

"Aiyo! My backside!"

"It hurts…!"

"WHO IS IT WHO DARES TO DISTURB MY PLANS?!" Yama’s face turned frosty cold with anger as he looked over at the distance.

"Oh, it’s Your Granddaddy me!" In the blink of an eye, two figures appeared on the ground of Xianling Sect.

In this moment of despair, these two figures brought about a beam of hope to the Xianling Sect disciples.

Lin Fan could feel that this was THE moment that he should have arrived at. It was a perfect moment, where he caught sight of the demon unleashing his powers right as Lin Fan arrived. And of course, that was something intolerable to Lin Fan.

‘Oh, you want to show off as a demon? You’ve got to seek approval from the master in this trade of bullsh*tting.’

‘With a single sword to cut down everything, I shall tear down your show-off process!’


Obeying Lin Fan’s orders, Chicky was now standing right beside Lin Fan without moving a single inch. This proud posture of his attracted the attention of everyone as well.

Even though Lin Fan did not move, he could clearly feel and sense the fiery gazes that were searing through his back.

"What’s that thing that’s wearing that weird costume?"

"I don’t know, but it looks really cute!"

"What about that back view? Who…is he?"

"Eh? Why does he seem so familiar?"

"AH! It’s the powerful man! That’s the powerful man I spoke to you about!"

Suddenly, a female disciple exclaimed out in excitement.

As for the other disciples, they looked at her in bewilderment, not knowing who this powerful man she was referring to was.

Standing there in his T-rex costume, Chicky’s ears twitched. He had been sneakily listening in to the conversations. But the moment he heard these comments, he tossed his head in pride.

Those small bright eyes were suddenly filled with boundless dominance.

"AH! It’s Sir Chicky!"

Standing there, Lin Fan frowned. What the? Could he have b.u.mped into people who knew who he was?

And suddenly, Lin Fan realized. This b.l.o.o.d.y Chicky had turned tail and ran towards the direction of the female disciple! Like a thug, he then laid down belly up while looking at these girls with adorable eyes!

Some of the Xianling Sect disciples who knew nothing were astonished, wondering what this weird looking beast was up to.

"Oh! It’s Sir Chicky indeed! Are you asking for a belly rub once more, Sir Chicky?" That female disciple immediately placed Chicky in her embrace and with those tender hands, rubbing Chicky’s belly gently and lovingly.

‘Cuck…cuck…!’ Chicky was intoxicated at the moment as he closed his eyes gently, savoring this enjoyable moment.

"F*ck…!" Lin Fan could not wait to rip Chicky up to shreds right now. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! They had arranged this skit together! Why did the entire show change right now?

Lin Fan was hating Chicky so badly. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! His perfect show had now been ruined by Chicky!


"Oh, so it’s you guys!" Lin Fan turned around and waved to these female disciples whom he had b.u.mped into at Dead Demon Seas.

But looking at Chicky who was still enjoying himself right there, a murderous intent flashed through Lin Fan’s eyes.

He had decided on what was for dinner tonight.

Chicken Soup…

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