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Blood Kill Sect was as grim and eerie as ever. This twelve-leveled building phase shifted continuously between Heaven and Earth.

Presently at the twelfth Level …

The Grandmaster of Blood Kill Sect was bent over in one corner. Clad in black robes, the Grandmaster’s breathing was haphazard, as the surrounding blood mist gathered together densely.


Within that dense mist, a door which was half illusory and real at the same time disappeared instantly.

"Failed. The Blood World…" No one could make out this gender-neutral voice of the person beneath the black robes.

"Who is it! Come out!" Suddenly, the person lashed out at the void around.

Even though the voice wasn’t terribly loud, it seemed to possess a mysterious power which one could not hide away from.

"Blood Kill Sect’s Grandmaster…the strongest person in all of history…" Suddenly, another shadow appeared on the twelfth level of Blood Kill Sect. Even though no one could make out the features of this second person, the aura that this person beheld could make one shiver.

"Who are you?" The Grandmaster of Blood Kill Sect looked at the other party with a wary gaze. At the same time, he or she could feel their heart pounding faster as well. This aura was strong... Very strong.

"Who I am does not matter. What matters is that I know you’re looking for a way to enter the Blood World. And coincidentally, I know of just the way to enter the Blood World." The shadow replied casually, as though trying to tempt the Grandmaster.

Upon hearing these words, the Grandmaster of Blood Kill Sect fell silent for a moment. He or she then replied to the shadow, "What do you want?"

"Oh, nothing much at all. I can tell you the way to enter the Blood World for sure. All I need is a favor from you." The voice of the shadow was grim like the Nine Spirits, causing one to raise gooseb.u.mps.

"Hmph. All through time, there has only been people who seek requests and help from Blood Kill Sect and not the other way around. Stop your nonsense! Reveal yourself!" Sweeping his or her robes, the Grandmaster distorted the void around, and the crackling of thunder rumbled across the entire place.

"Even though you’ve inherited and fused with the cultivation states of all Blood Kill Sect Grandmasters prior, you won’t be able to kill me. This should be a really easy deal for you. And with that, you’ll be able to enter the Blood World and search for your True Source." The shadow was contorting within the void, as if the void’s distortion would never affect its existence as a whole.

Looking at everything that was unfolding, the Grandmaster asked, "What deal?"

"Cheche…it’s a really. Simple. Deal…Checheche…’

Glory Sect…

Grandmaster Yan and many Senior Elders were gathered in the Main Hall right now. The expressions on their faces were especially heavy.

"Fellow junior brothers. Recently, there has been this mysterious voice that is trying to wrap around my ear, that is causing me to feel extremely uneasy." Grandmaster Yan started to the ma.s.ses.

"How could this be, Senior Brother Yan?" Wuya asked, somewhat surprised.

The higher one’s cultivation state was, the more sensitive they got in sensing things. For something to cause his Grandmaster Senior Brother to feel uneasy, this must be really big.

Looking at his fellow junior brothers, Grandmaster Yan nodded his head eventually. Pointing a finger into the skies, he continued, "It came from there…"

The moment everyone heard this, their expressions changed.

"I-it cant be…"

Looking at the ma.s.ses, Grandmaster Yan shook his head, "There is nothing that’s impossible. The reason I’ve gathered all of you here today is so that I can clarify on this issue. I’ve been thinking that there has to be something more as to why the Supreme Being split Xuanhuang World into two 10,000 years ago. In fact, even the legacy left behind by our Founder Ancestor may not be that simple after all. Even though I’m not entirely sure of the facts right now, I’m pretty sure these are all warnings."

Looking at one another, Senior Elder Wuya and the other Senior Elders nodded their heads and continued listening on.

The Xuanhuang World was a huge place. Even after it was split into two, it was still vast.

Just Dongling Continent alone… Every single day, blood would be spilled at any given place.

There were many hidden powerful beings that were around. At the same time, there were countless Ancient Demons and the likes that existed.

Every day, sects would fall while new sects would rise.

It was survival of the fittest... A dog eats dog world, that was Dongling Continent.

Xianling Sect…

This was a powerful sect that comprised fully of women.

For a full female sect to be a sect not to be reckoned with was not an easy task.

But today, Xianling Sect was in their most perilous state of all history.

A demon had broken out of its seal and had killed its way to Xianling Sect.

This was a demon that the ancestors of Xianling Sect had sealed together with the help of other sects in the past.

But for an unknown reason, this demon’s cultivation state had spiked for absolutely no apparent reason recently, and had broken out of the seal on its own. Right now, it harbored intense, boundless hatred towards the Xianling Sect. Hence, this was the first place it arrived once it had broken out of its seal.

"HAHA! WHERE’S THAT s.l.u.t, LIAN XIAN? HURRY UP… COME OUT AND DIE!" In the skies above Xianling Sect, a shadow was floating maliciously. This person’s skin was extremely dry, and had bloodshot eyes, looking like a peerless demonic being.

"Demon! How dare you insult our Founder Ancestor! Let’s see what you’ve got!" Xianling Sect was in a state of high alert right now. Looking at how this demon had insulted their Founder Ancestor, a Senior Elder darted up to fight him in a fit of rage.

No one from Xianling Sect knew of this demon’s background. All they knew was the formidable aura that it was emanating right now.

"Grandmaster, who is this person?" A Senior Elder asked.

"I’ve got no idea." The present Grandmaster of Xianling Sect shook her head. This person that was floating above did not seem familiar in the least bit.

"Hmph! Courting death!" Looking at who it was flying towards him, the demon snorted coldly.

Instantly, the sky was filled with a dense, demonic aura.

A fist rained down from the sky, containing a fearsome amount of demonic energy within it.

Looking at the fist that was raining down, the Senior Elder who headed up used her energy grid line chains to fend against it. Dancing like wild snakes, her energy grid line chains reached out against the incoming fist.


Heavens and Earth trembled as a bright light burst out from that clash.


The figure of that Senior Elder could be seen pummelling down from the sky, spewing out fresh blood as she descended.

"Junior sister…!" Looking at the scene, the Grandmaster of Xianling Sect grew anxious.

How could this be? Her junior sister was a greater celestial full cultivation being with six energy grid line chains. How could she be taken down with just a single strike?

"HAHA! Not even worth a single strike. You’re not even worth a single strike indeed. Xianling Sect! Today shall be the day that I, Yama, take down your entire sect!" Yama laughed out maniacally, venting out the pain of being sealed for the past 100+ years.

The moment the Grandmaster heard this name, her face changed into a look of disbelief, "Y-you’re Yama? The demon that was sealed by our Founder Ancestor two hundred years ago? How are you still alive?!"

"HAHA! Die? No one in this world is capable of taking me, Yama to death!" Yama’s laughter was frenzied, causing everyone to shiver uncontrollably.

The Grandmaster’s of Xianling Sect’s face was extremely pale right now. She did not have a good feeling about this. To think that this was the malevolent demon that was sealed two hundred years ago!

"Chicky, how are your new clothes? Do you feel more handsome right now?" Looking at Chicky, Lin Fan asked in satisfaction.

This set of clothes was specially designed by Lin Fan for Chicky. This T-rex costume would definitely cause Chicky to look extremely intimidating with it!

‘Cuckcuckoo…!’ Chicky tossed his head left and right at Lin Fan, resisting silently. But what could he do with this resistance? Under Lin Fan’s forceful insistence, he had no choice but to wear it obediently…

"Eh…? The demonic aura ahead seems really strong. Something big seems to be happening. Chicky, here’s our chance to perform! Don’t miss it…!" Lin Fan looked at the sky ahead. It was pitch black, with a strong demonic presence emanating from it. It caused one to feel uneasy just looking at it, but Lin Fan revealed a chuckle.

Lin Fan had two goals in life right now.

1: Take down everything and collect more energy grid line chains.

2: Spread the name of the G.o.d and Chicken Duo across the world.

Now that the chance had presented itself before his face, how could he miss it for anything?

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