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Next day…

As Lin Fan gently opened his eyes, he was greeted with a bright red glow. An energy grid line chain of Fire coiled around Lin Fan.

"To think that it would be this fast! I definitely did not expect that." Lin Fan could not help but mutter out to himself, feeling impressed. With an unknown power of the Consciousness boosting his ability to comprehend energy grids, his rate of absorption was getting way faster.

Coupled with the BUG-like existence of the heaven-defying system, the speed of congelation was way beyond that of any other being in this world.

A chain a day... 300+ chains each year. Who else in this world could compare with such speed?

At the time the attack of the Beast Spirit World… No, rather, to be precise, that mysterious day came, Lin Fan hoped that he could be strong enough to defend against it.

‘Energy grid of Fire, fuse with left arm.’

The energy grid line chains of Fire and Water fused together as one. Based on his experience with the Eternal Arm, Lin Fan was confident of the immense effect that one’s body would receive upon fusing with the energy grid line chains.

The differing energies of Fire and Ice... Not bad, not bad! Coupled with Twisting Heaven and Earth and Black Tiger Steals Heart, the force that he could expend out would definitely be fearsome.

Lin Fan looked at Chicky. By now, the Earth’s Core Flames were nearly completely absorbed by Chicky.

To think that his frail and small body could even absorb this entire pool of Earth’s Core Flames. Seemed like Chicky wasn’t the descendant of an Ancient Beast just for show.


That red sh.e.l.l surrounding Chicky began to crack continuously. A red light was being emitted from every single place where the cracks occurred. At the same time, the cave was filled with this dense red smog.


The moment the cry rang out, the entire red mist was overwhelmed with an illusory figure in the shape of a phoenix. At the same time, there was a shadow in the midst of it, of which, no one could make out the shape.

"Chicky, you’re not the typical Ancient Beast indeed!" Looking at the sight before him, Lin Fan could not help but exclaim out.

After the sh.e.l.l had cracked completely, Chicky could be seen lying within, curled in a ball with his eyes shut. A bunch of Fire Spirits danced around Chicky before gradually hopping into his body.


Suddenly, a heat wave shot out from Chicky.

Opening his eyes, Chicky spread out his wings. His claws spread out in a V-shape, while two phoenix tails wagged behind his back.

Greater celestial upper level.

At the same time, an energy grid line chain coiled itself around Chicky.

This energy grid line chain was bright red. At the same time, there was a golden tinge within the redness. This was a mysterious energy grid line chain indeed.

It was way stronger than the energy grid of Water that Lin Fan had cultivated himself.

Good! Chicky was about to fly for sure now!

Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy. With those around him to get stronger, this also meant that he could tackle the challenges ahead with even more confidence as well.

"Chicky, how do you feel?" Lin Fan asked.

He wondered how Chicky was doing right now.


Chicky’s cute little head looked left and right, as though he was really excited about his own changes. Taking a quick leap, he hopped and perched himself back up on Lin Fan’s shoulders. He rubbed his head against Lin Fan’s cheek endearingly, evidently gleeful.

"Haha, not bad, Chicky! Well done! You’ve comprehended a really mysterious energy grid line chain! You’re my good helper indeed!" Lin Fan fondled Chicky’s head and praised.

As to what Chicky truly was, Lin Fan was still filled with questions. But no matter what, he would get to the bottom of this one fine day as well.

On that fateful day back in Fiery h.e.l.l, that gigantic arm from the skies wasn’t targeting Chicky’s mother. The arm was, in fact, targeting Chicky. Eventually, Chicky’s mother transformed into a beam of rainbow and fended off the gigantic arm.


Suddenly, a ma.s.sive roar shook the entire place.

This was the sound of a beast.

‘Cuckcuckoo…!!!’ Chicky cried out loudly on Lin Fan’s shoulders before tossing his head to one side. Those eyes of his looked outside contemptuously. It was as though Chicky was saying that this beast outside was simply being too insolent!

Before Lin Fan could even realize, Chicky had hopped down and made his way outside.

"Chicky, couldn’t you just bear it in? Don’t get yourself walloped till you’re a handicapped chicken!" Lin Fan followed tightly behind. Gosh, the moment this Chicky grew stronger, so did his arrogance.

When he arrived outside…

A few thousand feet tall beast was standing right in front of Chicky, howling and growling at it, causing the entire ground to vibrate along with its roars.

Greater celestial full cultivation beast.

Furthermore, it was a superior beast which had two energy grid line chains to it.

‘CUCKCUCKOO…!’ Chicky raised his head with naught a single fear against this beast before him.

This beast’s entire body was red. Some parts of its body were a mess of blood and meat. Even its white bones were stained red.

By the look of it, this was the beast’s territory. Even the Earth’s Core Flame pool might belong to him as well.

Evidently, this beast wasn’t able to absorb the Earth’s Core Flames. Hence, there was a lot of inflicted damage on its body.

But it was still a substantial booster to its powers.

Now that Chicky had absorbed the Earth’s Core Flames entirely, naturally this beast was in a rage.

‘GRAWHHHH…!!!’ The beast roared at Chicky once more.

On the other hand, Chicky was stretching out his wings as though he was digging his ears. This was his way of saying, ‘Your growl is kinda loud and it’s annoying Your Chicken’s ears.’

"Chicky! Are you alright? If not, stop acting tough and come on back!" Lin Fan shouted towards Chicky.

‘Cuckcuckoo…!’ With a single head toss, Chicky could overrun the four seas. Those bright eyes of his sparkled with confidence.

It was as though he was saying, ‘As a MALE chicken, even if I can’t, I will.’

‘CUCKCUCKOO…!’ With a wild cry, Chicky spread his wings. That golden red energy grid line chain swept over the ground, forming a whirlpool.

As though it possessed a boundless amount of destructive energy, the whirlpool’s immense powers sucked in this gargantuan beast.


The malevolent looking eyes of the beast flashed with a look of horror. But in an instant, it was devoured whole by the whirlpool.


Turning around, Chicky tossed his head once more. Patting his tummy, he gave off a loud burp, as though he just had an enjoyable meal.

Looking at the scene before him, even Lin Fan was completely stumped.

Holy f*ck! That skill of Chicky looked really overbearing!

Leaping up onto Lin Fan’s shoulders, Chicky cried out and yawned. Plopping his b.u.t.t down, he lowered his head and gently closed his eyes, as though he was digesting the beast he had just devoured.

Suddenly, two energy grid line chains flew out of Chicky. These two chains belonged to that beast earlier!

Seeing this, Lin Fan chuckled and patted Chicky on the head adoringly, before keeping the two energy grid line chains into his storage.

As if he knew that Lin Fan required these things, Chicky intentionally sent out these two chains while digesting the beast.

Looking at the vast land before him, Lin Fan continued to chuckle.

"Chicky, let’s continue forth! From now on, legends shall tell of the G.o.d and Chicken Duo! But before that, I shall have to give you a good set of clothes."

No matter what, Chicky was his pet. Thinking back to those dogs and cats from his previous life, they had clothes too! How could Chicky not have anything!

And Lin Fan’s personal favorite was the T-rex inflatable costume. How adorable would Chicky look in that!


Chicky cried out in joy, as though he was really excited at the prospect of wearing a costume. But when Lin Fan churned out the costume, Chicky was entirely dumbfounded.

But against Lin Fan’s ‘persuasion’, that soundless resistance of Chicky disappeared entirely into the air.

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