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Now that her blood feud had been resolved and she was able to become the disciple of this great man, You Jiuling revealed an earnest smile and her eyes curled like crescent moons.

"Boss, where should we head to now?" Sha Dulong asked. He was filled with envy towards the small girl indeed. To think that she could become Boss’s disciple so easily! How they wished that they were in her position.

But they had seen through the facts that it was impossible for them. Even though Boss did not lay down his requirements for taking in disciples, they understood certain things in their hearts.

One had to be a Lolita, and a really cute one at that.

What a beast he was…!

Lin Fan was silent for a moment. The Beast Spirit World would invade in less than 3 years’ time. Hence, he needed to raise his power level in the fastest possible time. It was time to continue his search for the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’ and to confiscate everything from that b*stard Seven Saint.

As for the Supreme Being’s Token Shard, he had four in his possession right now. Since he did not know the location of the last two, he might as well take the time to look for other things in the meantime.

"You guys take her and head back to Xuanjian Sect. I will go and look for you guys after some time." Lin Fan did not want to take them along. After all, their cultivation bases were not that high. If he were to meet with anything sticky, he could not guarantee their safety.

Looking at one another, Sha Dulong and the others nodded their heads eventually.

After Sha Dulong and the others left with You Jiuling, Lin Fan carried on along his way.


Just then, Chicky, who was perched on Lin Fan’s shoulders, started crowing out loudly while beating his chest with his wings.

"What’s wrong, Chicky?" Looking at how weirdly Chicky was behaving, Lin Fan asked curiously.


Waving his wings before pointing at a mountainous area before them, Chicky danced wildly as if something there was attracting his attention.

Lin Fan frowned, "Are you telling me that there’s something there?"

‘Cuckoo…!’ Chicky nodded his head with a look of excitement.

"Okay, lets head there then." Without further ado, Lin Fan flew towards the mountainous area. When he arrived, it was clear that the environment was significantly disparate from before.

It was fuming hot here at a very high temperature. On the mountains, corpses laid everywhere. However, most of them were corpses of beasts.

"Eh? Where’s this place?" Lin Fan was cautious. There was no indication of a place like this within Glory Sect’s records. In fact, if not for Chicky’s calls earlier on, he might not have even spotted this place as anything unusual.

Chicky hopped down from Lin Fan’s shoulders. Spreading his wings, he pecked down on the ground with his tiny head. Sniffing around, he called out loudly and ran off into the distance, as if he had smelt something really good.

Looking at this, Lin Fan followed closely behind while requesting Chicky to slow down at the same time.

They had yet to figure out what this place was or whether any dangers lurked within. This b.l.o.o.d.y fool who had no sense of danger at all was causing Lin Fan to feel exasperated.

Everything in these mountainous areas was withered and barren, save for some bare rocks. But these rocks glowed with a red beam, as if flames were dancing within them.

Following Chicky, he pa.s.sed through this inconspicuously looking gap and followed it all the way down.

Lin Fan was getting more curious by the second. It was as if Chicky was really familiar with this place. But he didn’t think too much about it and just followed right behind.

The gap seemed to last a really long way down.

At the same time, the temperature of the place was getting higher.


Far from the darkness below, Chicky’s calls came.

Lin Fan increased his speed.

When he saw Chicky standing beside a pool of flames, he was bewildered.

‘Just where in the world is this place?’

The place they were in was like a hole. It wasn’t too big, with plain looking four walls. But to think that there was a flaming pool in the middle of the room.

The pool was circular, with a radius of twenty to thirty feet. The liquid within the pool boiled and rumbled. It looked like both flames and blood at the same time.

‘Cuckcuckoo…!’ Chicky seemed to be really excited, twirling on the same spot over and over again. Those small bright eyes of his sparkled brightly, as if he had found some sort of treasure.

"Chicky, hold up! We’re still not clear of what this thing is…" Just as Lin Fan finished his sentence, Chicky dove head first into the pool.

"Holy s.h.i.t! If you continue like this, you’re really going to hit a wall one day, Chicky!" Looking at how Chicky dove in without even checking anything out, Lin Fan was thoroughly exasperated.


Chicky was swimming like a fish within that flaming pool. Spreading his wings all around, he was having a ball of a time.

Lin Fan looked properly at the place. The stones around them seemed to have been through the mills of the ages, feeling really firm.

Looking at the liquid within the flaming pool, Lin Fan stretched out his finger and touched it.

The moment he touched it, a scorching energy surged up at Lin Fan.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Earth’s Core Flame.’

‘Earth’s Core Flame: The essence of Mother Nature and the Earth. Berserk, ferocious, and scorching. A single touch renders one dead.’

Extinguishing the flames on him, Lin Fan finally understood why Chicky was so happy. This was the most suitable place for Chicky to live in. These Earth’s Core Flames were just like tonics for Chicky.

Suddenly, something about Chicky was changing. These Earth’s Core Flames were being absorbed by Chicky and the pool was decreasing in volume consistently.

Chicky was now wrapped in a red sh.e.l.l.

"Holy sh*t!" Looking at Chicky’s state, Lin Fan could not help but flip his eyelids speechlessly. This guy was b.l.o.o.d.y going through yet another evolution!

The Phoenix’s Nirvana Rebirth.

If the energy were sufficient, it could allow Chicky to evolve straight away.

Lin Fan was pretty speechless towards Chicky’s luck. To think that he could find this treasure even within some normal looking mountains.

‘Ding…congratulations on congealing energy grid of Water.’

Lin Fan’s energy grid of Water had finally reached 100%.

Grinning, Lin Fan summoned out the energy grid of Water. To think that he would finish crafting his first energy grid line chain as well.

Lin Fan could even feel his power level increasing even more right now.

Lin Fan allowed the energy grid of Water to fuse with his left arm, boosting the power level of his left arm by a large amount.

He sat down cross-legged. Since Chicky was absorbing the Earth’s Core Flames, there was nothing for him to do, so he might as well start on his second energy grid line chain.

‘Congeal energy grid of Fire.’

‘Ding…energy grid of Fire. Progress 1%.’

Just as Lin Fan was focusing on congealing, he realized that the speed of congelation had increased by quite a bit. This should be due to the fact that he had absorbed that strand of Consciousness. At the same time, this area was filled with Earth’s Core Flame.

Hence, the amount of energy grid of Fire floating in the air must be way denser than outside.

Those scorching flame spots surged into Lin Fan’s body furiously.

If it were anyone else, they would have long been burned to death by these flame spots. But with the a.s.sistance of the system, these flame spots were suppressed the moment they entered his body, and began with the congealing process.

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