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"Alright, deal. Killing the Grandmaster of Heaven Sea Sect is as easy as the back of my palm." Lin Fan held the Supreme Being’s Token Shard tightly.

Four down, two to go. Once he gathered all six, he would be able to open that barrier and return to Cangling Continent. Then, he could finally kill those motherf*ckers who destroyed Saint Devil Sect.

Also, there was a legacy that was pa.s.sed down from the Supreme Being’s Token Shard. But one had to be of a greater celestial full cultivation state before they could comprehend the secret meaning within it.

But Lin Fan was not rushed. He could get there at his pace.

Standing at the sidelines and listening in on their conversation, Han Mei was pale as a sheet.

‘Kill the Grandmaster of Heaven Sea Sect?!’


Even though the Grandmaster of Heaven Sea Sect was strong, Han Mei could tell that if this man were to strike, there would only be one fixed outcome. The Grandmaster of Heaven Sea Sect would die for certain.

"You’ve promised me. You won’t renegade on your words, right?" Looking at the accessory in the hands of the other party, the small girl’s face was filled with reluctance.

This was the last bit of memory left to her by her family.

But for the sake of revenge, it was all worth it.

Looking at the little girl, Lin Fan chuckled, "Of course not. I’ll keep my promises. Let’s go to Heaven Sea Sect now then."

"Oi, do you know where Heaven Sea Sect is?" Lin Fan asked Han Mei.

Even though Heaven Sea Sect was a sect, there were tons of sects within the Dongling Continent. Hence, Lin Fan could not remember every single one of them.

"Y-yes!" Han Mei’s heart skipped a beat. There was no way she could hide anything from this man.

The Han Family enjoyed a close relationship with the Heaven Sea Sect. Now that she overheard this man’s intentions to kill the Grandmaster of Heaven Sea Sect, how could she not be worried?

But even if she were worried, so what? The man before her was powerful beyond words. It was not as if she could stop him, right? In fact, it was already fortunate enough for her to be able to stay alive.

"A thousand miles more from this direction and you’ll arrive at the Heaven Sea Sect." Han Mei pointed in a direction.

"Alright. Lead the way." Lin Fan ripped open the void. With a sweep of his robes, the tossed everyone within the void and continued his interdimensional travel.

Even though Lin Fan was extremely strong right now, his cultivation state was still just at a greater celestial lower level. Therefore, his comprehension of the void was still not as deep. As such, his speed of traveling through the void was naturally not as fast as those of higher cultivation bases.

But it was still pretty decent.

After some time, everyone emerged from the void. Before them was a gigantic ocean, and in the middle of the ocean floated a mountain range.

Lin Fan could not help but feel impressed with the locations where these sects of the Dongling Continent chose to be situated. Majestic looking indeed!

"This must be Heaven Sea Sect, right?" He asked, looking at the sight before him.

"Yes." Han Mei nodded her head. With an awkward look on her face, she continued, "Sir, could I leave first?"

Han Mei felt that there was definitely nothing to be gained from heading ahead with him. In fact, she might be mistaken by Heaven Sea Sect as an accomplice.

And if that were the case, then things would definitely get sticky.

"Since you’re here, follow me along. Since you’re chummy with the sect, that’d save me the trouble of b.u.mping into anyone. Unless… you aren’t keen on helping me out with this small task, eh?" Lin Fan chuckled.

Han Mei looked at that wide, bedazzling smile. But she could also sense that forcefulness behind it. Eventually, she nodded her head silently.

"Oh, you’re real quick this time round, Mistress Han!" The disciples who were keeping watch at the gates did not bother stopping them upon seeing Han Mei. After a few greetings, they hurried up to report her presence.

With Han Mei leading the way, no one obstructed them for the entire duration they were there.

The main reason was because the Han Family was extremely close to the Heaven Sea Sect.

Along the way, the little girl gripped her fists really tightly. Lin Fan could feel her heartbeat getting faster, as if she could sense that she was getting closer to her enemy.

As for Sha Dulong and the others, they were just looking around the sect curiously.

Some of them had never seen a sect before. Hence, now that they were within one, they could not hold back their excitement.

After all, every sect looked splendid and magnificent.

The news of Han Mei bringing the small girl along had long spread to the upper echelons of the Heaven Sea Sect.

The moment Lin Fan and the others arrived at the top, there were already people from Heaven Sea Sect awaiting their presence.

Han Mei’s mood was grim right now, in a dilemma for actions. Neither parties were people she could afford to offend. All she could do was lament her own misfortune.

"The Han Family does not let our sect down indeed. Here’s the reward for this time around." The man before Lin Fan was a middle-aged man with a crooked eagle nose and beady eyes like green beans. His features looked pretty strange indeed.

The moment the middle-aged man caught sight of the small girl, his eyes lit up with joy.

The sight was extremely harrowing to watch.

"Grandmaster Sun, I am not the one looking for you this time round. Someone else is here for you." Han Mei remained silent for a moment after receiving the reward. Placing it on the ground, she retreated a few steps.

"Hmm?" Grandmaster Sun frowned, evidently displeased. "What do you mean?"

All the other surrounding Elders stood there as well.

"YOU MURDERER!" The small girl beside Lin Fan lashed out at Grandmaster Sun with boundless hatred in her eyes. She then looked at Lin Fan anxiously, hoping that this man could fulfill his promise to her.

Looking at the shouts of this little girl, Grandmaster Sun was not really bothered. What trouble could a child cause?

He had to get his hands on the Heaven and Earth’s Five Thunder Strike. He didn’t know if it were true, but it was rumored to be a Heaven graded upper-level skill.

All the surrounding elders stood there awkwardly as well. They did not take part in the destruction of the small sect, but they knew about what happened.

Even though they had their misgivings about destroying a sect so cruelly, what was done was done, and regretting it would salvage nothing.

"You are Heaven Sea Sect’s Grandmaster?" Lin Fan stood forth and asked, pretty much disinterested.

Grandmaster Sun was a greater celestial full cultivation being, but he only had five energy grid line chains to his name. This was nothing spectacular to Lin Fan.

"That’s right. You are?" Grandmaster Sun looked at Lin Fan and asked, puzzled.

This man had no aura at all, like any mere mortal. But, Grandmaster Sun could tell that something was amiss.

"Kill yourself." Lin Fan replied casually. He wasn’t too interested in killing someone like this. Lin Fan could tell that Heaven Sea Sect was a middle-sized sect at best, nothing much.

"What?!" Grandmaster Sun was taken aback, as if he had misheard Lin Fan. He then laughed maniacally, as though he had heard the greatest joke of this century.

Lin Fan shook his head. Pointing his finger, an intense Sword Will pierced through Grandmaster Sun’s body. The frenzied Sword Will wreaked havoc in the Grandmaster Sun’s body without any inhibitions.

In a split second, the man who was still laughing moments ago collapsed onto the ground without a single sign of life.

Everyone who witnessed this could feel their blood run cold.

O-one move! He used just one move!

"How? Are you satisfied?" Lin Fan looked at the little girl and asked.

The girl was rooted to the spot, stunned as well. She had not expected this to be over so quickly.

"Killing others for their valuables, I don’t have any comments on that. But destroying an entire sect and leaving not even a single fowl? That’s going overboard. Yours Truly is the Peak Master of Glory Sect’s Nameless Peak. If you’re indignant, you can come look for me at Glory Sect. But you shall bear the consequences yourself." Lin Fan said casually.

Turning around to Sha Dulong and the others, he beckoned gently with his hand, "Let's go."

"Hold on…!" A Heaven Sea Sect Elder called out while trembling uncontrollably.

"What’s up?" Lin Fan looked at the Elder who had opened his mouth.

The moment the Elder caught sight of Lin Fan’s unwavering expression, he felt as though he was being pierced by a thousand swords through his body.

He had only said that out of reflex. But looking at the expression of this man, his heart was fl.u.s.tering non-stop.

Glory Sect…That was a ma.s.sive grand sect!

Sha Dulong and the others were ever more impressed with their Boss right now. Coming to someone else’s sect and killing their Grandmaster followed by asking them ‘What’s up?’?! Of course, they were looking for revenge…!

Boss! Could you not be so calm?!?!?!?

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