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"Boss, are you alright?" Looking at their Boss shudder, Sha Dulong and the others headed up with concern. The battle before was simply way too intense! Was their Boss shocked silly by that fight?!

They doubted that they would ever see something as fearsome as what they had just witnessed in their lives.

That was a battle that defied the Heavens, something that mere humans could not even hope to engage in.

Just what sort of existence was their Boss to create ripples on the entire Earth with just a single wave of his hand? That was a strength beyond words!

Han Mei and the others were still crippled on the floor, at a loss for words.

As a member of a distinguished family, Han Mei had her fair share of general knowledge about this world. But what she just witnessed had her no longer knowing what was real in the world anymore.

Just that aura of Lin Fan alone was enough to have her breaking down.

"I’m fine. Did you guys watch clearly? That’s the peak of robbery. Even that guy who thought that he was really tough had to be robbed by me and leave his arm behind. You guys have a long way to go on the path of learning from now on." Lin Fan regained his composure.

That battle just now was world-shaking indeed.

Sha Dulong and the others could not help but nod their heads in agreement. They had no doubts about the words of their Boss. Towards the profession of robbery, they were ever more confident now.

It was as if a bright future were awaiting them at the end of this path.

"We’ve paid close attention, Boss! We would definitely inherit the spirit of robbery and make this trade glorious, and reach new heights!" Sha Dulong and the other bandits exclaimed out.

"Good." Lin Fan nodded his head, feeling heartened. No matter what, the trade would not go extinct.

Lin Fan came before Han Mei and the others. He did not have any intention of doing anything to these guys.

That battle just now had long soothed his frustrated heart.

Looking at the man before her, Han Mei could not help but shiver. This was a really horrifying person.

"S-sir…!" She lowered her head humbly, not daring to be rude any longer. If she had any thoughts of resistance during the robbery earlier on, they were all blown out of her mind right now.

In her heart, Lin Fan was way too scary. Just too scary! This was the sort of fear that could cause one to lose all hope in life.

"We only take valuables and not lives. You guys may leave." Lin Fan waved his hand dismissively.

"Y-yes! Thank you sir!" Han Mei nodded her head hurriedly.

She didn’t dare to harbor any intentions towards this man. There was no way she could plot anything against people of such strength.

"Pull open those black sheets and show me what’s beneath." Lin Fan continued.

"S-sir…" Han Mei hesitated for a moment. Even though it was nothing precious within, Han Mei was worried that this powerful man would suddenly feel benevolent and request for her to release the person within. If that were the case, they would have worked for nothing all this while.

"My Boss asked you to open it up! What question do you have about that?" Sha Dulong strutted up in displeasure and pulled open the black sheets.

When he saw what was within, Lin Fan frowned.

"Sir, this is someone that the Heaven Sea Sect requires. We’re only responsible for ferrying the person over." Han Mei explained.

Lin Fan did not reply as he headed up to take a closer look.

Within the jailed carriage was a small girl. By the looks of it, she was seven or eight years old at best. She cowered in a corner with her eyes filled with fear, as if she were extremely afraid of Lin Fan.


When Lin Fan caught sight of an accessory on the girl’s neck, his heart leaped with joy.

"Supreme Being’s Token Shard."

He had not expected to meet with yet another token shard! Now that he had three of them, if he got this, that would make four!

As for the Supreme Being’s Token Shards, there were only six in total.

If he gathered all of them, he could piece them together to piece up the entire Supreme Being’s Token.

"Come over." Lin Fan beckoned towards the small girl.

Shivering, she continued to cower in her corner without budging an inch.

"Sir, she’s just a normal child…" Han Mei stepped forth cowering as well.

"Shut up. Cut your c.r.a.p." Lin Fan snorted coldly. ‘Yours Truly is speaking to the small girl, what are you interrupting for?’

The moment she got snapped at by Lin Fan, gooseb.u.mps rose all over Han Mei’s body as she did not dare to speak another word. Looking at how Han Mei was chided by Lin Fan, the helpless eyes of the small girl twinkled with a light of hope.

"A-are you with them…?" The small girl spoke up.


Upon hearing this, the small girl crawled slowly towards Lin Fan.

By the look of her tattered clothes, Lin Fan garnered that she must have had it rough.

As the small girl reached Lin Fan, Lin Fan took hold of the accessory in his hand.

"N-no…!" The moment she saw this, the girl’s small, tender hands gripped onto the accessory on her neck firmly. "Don’t take it away!"

Lin Fan frowned.

This was going to be troublesome.

Yours Truly’s strength went beyond this world and was someone destined to champion this world. Naturally, there was no way he would s.n.a.t.c.h something from a small little child.

"Hey, you little thing! Don’t you dare be impertinent…!" Looking at how reluctant the small girl was, Sha Dulong was getting enraged.

"Go one side and keep quiet." Lin Fan glanced at Sha Dulong with the side of his eye and ordered.

Looking at his Boss’s huffy reply, Sha Dulong stood one corner without speaking anything obediently.

"Little girl, this thing is really important to me. Big brother here isn’t someone who would s.n.a.t.c.h it from you. Let’s make a trade, how about it? Tell me anything you want, and I’ll do it for you. But the price will be this accessory on your neck. How about it? Does that sound fair?" Like a big, bad wolf, Lin Fan was trying to tempt this little red riding hood.

The girl was already seven-eight years old, and her mentality was slowly growing up. Looking at the gazes of everyone who stared at Lin Fan but was helpless against him, her little brain started tinkering.

"Are you strong?" She looked at Lin Fan and asked.

"Hey, Child! My Boss here…" Looking at the small girl doubting her Boss, Sha Dulong wanted to rebuke her, but he stopped instantly with yet another glare from Lin Fan.

"You shut up." Lin Fan lashed out again. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! This Sha Dulong wasn’t so talkative normally. How was he filled with words today?

He then turned to the small girl with a benevolent smile, "Little girl, big brother here is really strong!"

She looked at Lin Fan and nodded her head, "Okay! Help me take revenge, and I’ll give you this!"

"No problem." Lin Fan nodded his head without a single bit of hesitation.

Upon hearing her request, Lin Fan did not think that there was anything wrong with it.

But this girl’s background did seem a little pitiable.

Her entire family was ma.s.sacred just for a single skill.

This girl’s father was the Grandmaster of a small-time sect. Under a fateful coincidence, he came into possession of a skill: ‘Heaven and Earth’s Five Thunder Strike’.

But since he wasn’t too interested in the skill, Lin Fan did not ask for the details. But he couldn’t help but feel that this story was a little contrived.

The enemy of this small girl was none other than the Grandmaster of Heaven Sea Sect.

"Small girl, do you want to destroy the entire sect or just kill him?" Lin Fan asked casually.

"I only want him dead. Everyone else is innocent. I won’t hate them." The small girl replied.

Lin Fan looked at this girl with an impressed look. Wow, this girl had quite the wisdom for her age.

‘She has all the potential to be a main character!’

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