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'Ding… congratulations"Monkey Steals Peach"experience + 10000.'

The experience began decreasing, but Lin Fan already expected this to happen. In the Saint Devil sect, the disciples merely provided experience in hundreds or few thousands at the most. Now that he had been given such a grand opportunity and met such masters that were willing to provide him points, he wouldn't let this chance go no matter what.

Since stealing one peach now only provided ten thousand experience, then leveling up would require stealing one hundred times.

This amount wasn't too big or too small, but Lin Fan was worried that Yi Mo Xin would be long destroyed by then.

But Yi Mo Xin was a level seven pericelestial, so there should be nothing to worry about. The cultivation base was that high, so his body must be incredibly st.u.r.dy.

Lin Fan thus entered an endless cycle of stealing peaches.

Time gradually pa.s.sed by.

Lin Fan didn't know how many times he had stolen, and neither could he count the number of times he smacked with the brick.,Afterward, Lin Fan made a rule that after every five steals, he would smack the brick over the two's head, then continue his immersion of joyful peach stealing.

'Ding… congratulations"Monkey Steals Peach"experience + 10000.'

'Ding… congratulations"Monkey Steals Peach"level up.'

'Ding… congratulations"Monkey Steals Peach"upgraded to "Twisting Heaven and Earth".'

Lin Fan became joyful upon seeing "Monkey Steals Peach"upgrade, plus the new name also seemed very high-end to him. It was most likely very strong.

""Twisting Heaven and Earth": yin and yang for heaven and earth, reversing yin and yang…'

When Lin Fan saw the description, he instantly became stunned. How was that so, how did it become even more sinister? 'This…this completely doesn't fit my character.'

Lin Fan felt an impulse to cry, this was a completely degenerated technique.

"Twisting Heaven and Earth" level 1, experience (0/1000000).

At this moment, Lin Fan became speechless. A proper move like"Monkey Steals Peach" had been upgraded to a degenerated technique.

In the future, if he opened a clinic, would it perhaps be specialized in changing the s.e.x of males?

Lin Fan glanced at Mo Yi Xin and then sighed slightly. He then came in front of Ni Mantian.

He looked at Ni Mantian and checked her out from top to bottom.

What a beautiful woman! Such a beauty, so heavenly… such mighty presence… her beauty is like that of a celestial.

"Oh!" Suddenly, Lin Fan froze and then frowned.

"Such a beauty, yet why is she such a flat airport…hah, such a disappointment." Lin Fan stared at Ni Mantian's flat chest while shaking his head with a sigh.

The G.o.ds were unfair, giving such beauty but not a proud figure.

Currently, Lin Fan was engaged in an internal struggle.

Whether "Black Tiger Steals Heart" was dirty or not, Lin Fan felt that it was dirty. A womanizing technique couldn't be righteous in the end.

But Lin Fan believed in gender equality. Since Mo Yi Xin suffered his attacks, this woman would also not escape his wrath.

"Black Tiger Steals Heart" was a simple technique. Just like "Monkey Steals Peach", it was only one movement. Yet it was still ever-changing. If he didn't observe and study it a bit, it would be difficult to raise it to a high level.

Lin Fan then took a deep breath, his previous lax expression becoming immensely sharp.

"Black Tiger Steals Heart."

'Ding… congratulations"Black Tiger Steals Heart" experience + 100000.'

'Ding… congratulations"Black Tiger Steals Heart"leveled up.'

'Ding… congratulations"Black Tiger Steals Heart"leveled up.'

At this moment, Lin Fan was a bit sad. This one move and "Black Tiger Steals Heart" instantly rose ten levels. This speed was incomparable.

It seemed this level eight pericelestial G.o.ddess was the one who would bring rich amounts of experience.

Lin Fan wanted to take this G.o.ddess with him. That way, he could take her out whenever he wanted to level up various moves.

Lin Fan took a deep breath and awakened from his joy of leveling, then unhesitatingly attacked again.

"Black Tiger Steals Heart."

'Ding… congratulations"Black Tiger Steals Heart" experience + 60000.'

"Black Tiger Steals Heart."

'Ding… congratulations"Black Tiger Steals Heart" experience + 60000.'

'Ding… congratulations"Black Tiger Steals Heart"leveled up.'

With each level up of"Black Tiger Steals Heart", he saw that the experience gained was becoming less and less. But even so, the experience he was gaining was still vast. If it were a normal person, they would've long stopped providing experience.

This was a chance given by the G.o.ds, so Lin Fan wanted to make the most of it. There would be no next time.

As Lin Fan continually immersed himself within his attacks, he realized in horror that Ni Mangtian's original airport had now become a b.u.mpy hill.

'This…this…' Lin Fan was shocked to the point no words would come out of his mouth.

'What is this? Did they swell up from my attacks, or is it a side effect of ,"Black Tiger Steals Heart"?'

Of course, Lin Fan was not perverted to the point of ripping off the other party's clothes to check. After all, a decent and proper person like him would never do something like that.

Lin Fan checked the level of "Black Tiger Steals Heart". It was now level 14, and the experience required was around two hundred thousand.

This leveling speed was something Lin Fan had never thought of. Fast, truly fast.

Lin Fan was able to attack so ruthlessly because these two techniques weren't fatal, and these two were willing to quietly lay there and let him attack them, all thanks to the legendary weapon "Nine-Five Red Brick."

Lin Fan looked at the Nine-Five Red Brick in his hand and gave it a kiss. What a good companion, then smacked it on top of the two's head again. Lin Fan continually used "Black Tiger Steals Heart" as Ni Mantian's original flat chest became more and more bountiful and big.

'Ding… congratulations"Black Tiger Steals Heart" experience + 1.'

'Ding… congratulations"Black Tiger Steals Heart" experience + 1.'

At this time, Lin Fan's expression changed. 'What's with this? The experience was good a moment ago, why is it increasing so little now?

Currently, "Black Tiger Steals Heart"was at level 18, two more levels away from level 20. If it was on the previous pattern, then leveling up"Black Tiger Steals Heart" wouldn't be a problem.

"Hehh…" Lin Fan sighed rather helplessly. It seemed "Black Tiger Steals Heart" wasn't as simple as he thought.

But Lin Fan was satisfied. These two techniques were now cultivated to this level, so it was totally worth it. If it weren't for these two, who knew how long it would take if it were just himself.

Lin Fan took out his middle graded sword and flourished it about, then stood seriously in front of Mo Yi Xin.


At that moment Lin Fan stabbed the sword towards Mo Yi Xin's body. At that time, something happened that left Lin Fan in shock. The instant the middle graded sword touched his skin, it broke into pieces.

'Is this person's body perhaps like mine? It seems the difference in level is still far too big.'

Lin Fan originally was thinking of eliminating the two people to make his level skyrocket, but upon seeing the current situation, he knew it was impossible. Lin Fan then put away the middle graded sword and smacked the brick over the head of the two again, causing the two to faint once more, then made his preparations for escape.

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