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"Human, how dare you taint the Ancient One? You will definitely regret your actions one day!" The voice boomed out once more. It sounded especially angry at ‘taint the Ancient One’.

In fact, the voice carried a tone of warning.

"Regret your b.a.l.l.s! You’ll just stay behind here for Yours Truly!" With his roar, the power of the miniature dongers was boosted. At the same time, a rainbow streak was being emitted from Lin Fan’s Eternal Axe.

These two devastating forces were combining and fusing with one another.



The combined beam of these two powerful forces seemed to break through the river of s.p.a.ce and time, piercing through the void towards the mysterious arm.

"Hmph, a puny human dares to pit himself against the Heavens!" The voice replied in rage. The arm shone brighter than ever, as if it were endowed strength by the Heavens itself, ready to defend against anything in this world.


The Heavens shook fiercely as the combined beam of Lin Fan finally reached the mysterious arm. Lin Fan frowned. How could this heaven-defying power that he was emitting fail to even break the defense of the mysterious arm?

Being held in the grips of the mysterious arm, Chen Xuan howled out malevolently, "Just you wait! JUST YOU WAIT…!"

Chen Xuan was working himself up into a fury in the sky. He had never been so humiliated.

He was a man chosen by the Heavens, cruising through life with the blessings of the Heavens. To think that this puny human would dare to ridicule him as such! Unforgivable!

Lin Fan was stunned at how strong this mysterious arm was. To think that it was still unharmed!

"Human! Give up on your futile attacks! Even with the power of the Ancient One, there is no way you can pit yourself against the Heavens!" The voice was now filled with disdain.

Floating in midair, a cold smile curled on Lin Fan’s face, "Good… Very good! You have successfully riled Yours Truly indeed. Yours Truly was keeping a move that Yours Truly didn’t want to show. But since you’ve given such hurls time and again, it’s time to show you the true horror that awaits you."

Lin Fan was truly incensed right now. To think that this mysterious arm would truly see itself as invincible and think that he could insult Yours Truly over and over and over again.

‘Fair enough! You shall get to know what true horror is then.’

The reason why Lin Fan had learned so many skills was not because he was a greedy man. The most powerful skill of all came from combining all of them together and complementing one another.

Looking at the Eternal Donger in the air, Lin Fan took in a deep breath.

"Let loose, Eternal Donger. Yours Truly shall buff you."

‘True Origins Crushing Kick.’

Even though True Origins Crushing Kick was the evolved form of b.a.l.l.s Kicking, it still retained its miraculous usages.

With a good control over his strength level, Lin Fan aimed his kick at the Eternal Donger.

Since the Eternal Donger has already been smelted by his Heaven and Earth Smelt, there were no experience points to be gained here.

But what Lin Fan was looking for right now wasn’t experience points. What he wanted to do was to unlock every single last drop of hidden potential within the Eternal Donger, allowing it to unleash its dormant strength.

"Has the Boss gone crazy?" Sha Dulong and the others were crippled on the floor right now when they saw what was happening. To think that Boss would turn against the very thing he had let loose that looked like a Donger.

Even if he couldn’t break the defense of the other party, was there a need for him to vent his anger as such?

But just as they thought that, an unbelievable thing happened.

The Eternal Donger jerked uncontrollably as green veins popped up all over its shaft, looking extremely thick and fierce.

The c.o.c.ky mysterious fella also let out a gasp of surprise, as if he were shocked by what just happened.

"Hmph, this is just the beginning. What happens next is the main point." Looking at the mysterious arm coldly, Lin Fan patted his storage and out danced countless number of Biggras.

"Go crazy, Eternal Donger! Unleash your sleeping potential! Let loose!" With a single roar of wrath, the Biggras exploded, as a thick mist covered the Eternal Donger within.

As if it had sniffed something good, the Eternal Donger sucked in every single last bit of this mist.

Looking sacred and solemn, the snow-white Eternal Donger suddenly flushed blood red like a volcano.

It was steaming so badly that the void around it was being evaporated.

"The origin of life! An existence which defies the world! Even if you’re the Heavens, Yours Truly shall let you know the consequences of picking a fight against Yours Truly!" Lin Fan gazed at the mysterious arm with an unparalleled combat will.

The tougher the opponent, the more excited it made Lin Fan.

The aura of the Eternal Donger rocketed ma.s.sively. Having taken a large amount of Biggras, the already strong Eternal Donger was now harder and stronger than ever.

This was an energy to behold that was churning within the Eternal Donger right now.

"What? You want to run now?" Lin Fan noticed that the mysterious arm was trying to make a break for it. But how could Lin Fan let them off this easily?

"Mythical Parasol Tree! Hold them here!"

Clapping his palms together, the Mythical Parasol Tree within his body appeared in the sky.

"T-the Mythical Parasol Tree! How could that be? I-impossible!" The voice exclaimed out in total disbelief.

"Hmph, even though the Mythical Parasol Tree is just a seedling right now, it is more than enough to hold you here." With a cold snort, the dense roots of the Mythical Parasol Tree expanded out rapidly and curled around the mysterious arm, as if they were filled with boundless lifeforce of their own.

"B*STARD…!" The voice boomed out. Struggling against the power of the roots, the mysterious arm tried to pull away, tearing away countless roots in the process. But the moment they were torn off, countless roots grew out again, rooting the mysterious arm tightly in its place.

Lin Fan looked at the Eternal Donger. By now, the Eternal Donger’s aura was causing Lin Fan’s heart to flutter as well. Even with the Eternal Arm, he did not have the utmost confidence that he could defend against this shot of the Eternal Donger that was going to come out.

Extremely horrifying!

Indeed, with the booster of skills and pills, the Eternal Donger was expending a never before seen amount of energy.

This amount of energy was definitely able to pierce through the Heavens and Earth.


The Eternal Donger gave a strong jerk. At the entrance of the Eternal Donger, a white light gathered. This white light possessed an infinite amount of life energy.

This should probably be the strongest move ever of the Eternal Donger.

"HUMAN! YOU SHALL SUFFER DIVINE RETRIBUTION!" The voice seemed to be getting really afraid of the aura that the Eternal Donger was emitting.

"HAHA! Divine retribution? That’s the thing that Yours Truly is the LEAST afraid of!" Lin Fan laughed wildly.

Finally, the Eternal Donger was done channeling.

"Destroy them!"

With Lin Fan’s roar, the Eternal Donger shot it out. That thick shot of white light pierced through everything as it shot towards the mysterious arm.

Even Lin Fan’s heart was captivated by this shot. So strong! So…dazzling!



A tragic cry rang out across the skies.

The mysterious arm was successfully penetrated by the Eternal Donger’s shot.

Ripped apart, the arm pummelled down upon the ground.

Lin Fan hurriedly kept the Mythical Parasol Tree back within his body.

"HAHA! How about that? Your arm shall be the price you shall pay for taunting Yours Truly!" Lin Fan’s maniacal laughter continued.

As for Chen Xuan who was held by the mysterious arm, he was completely bewildered.

He had not expected this man to be this strong!

‘A*SHOLE! MANKIND SHALL PAY THE PRICE FOR YOUR ACTIONS!" The voice hollered wildly in the skies. Suddenly, another arm appeared before sweeping up Chen Xuan and disappearing into the void.

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