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Just as Lin Fan was about to strike once more, that gigantic patch of divine retribution began to shrink as if it were afraid of Lin Fan.

Or perhaps, it was just afraid of the Biggra now.

"Hmph! And you dare to call yourself divine retribution? What's with that weak fighting will? You're just a total embarra.s.sment and disgrace! Weren't you having tons of fun whacking out those thunderbolts earlier on? And now, you can't even let out a single fart!" Looking at the shrinking red clouds, Lin Fan sighed helplessly.

Stingy. Way too stingy!

If only this divine retribution could hold up for a little bit more, he might even be able to get his physical body state to its highest point!

But all of this had Lin Fan feeling really disappointed.

Since the divine retribution wanted to leave, Lin Fan had no other choice but to turn his attention to Chen Xuan.

Towards Chen Xuan, Lin Fan could do nothing but laugh.

Even though this fella regarded himself as someone chosen from Heaven's Will, what a tragic state he was in right now!

When bullsh*t met real sh*t, the end result would be just a thorough walloping.

But Lin Fan also knew that if only he were not the person that Chen Xuan b.u.mped into, then Chen Xuan's bullsh*tting might actually be pretty legitimate.

But what a pity that there were no 'if only's' in this world.

"How about it, Chen Xuan? Have you regained some confidence as a man after taking Yours Truly's pill?" Looking at the man who was STILL pounding the ground, Lin Fan chuckled.

Even though the medicinal herbs he used to create Biggra with were nothing special, with the booster of the system, something miraculous came out of it.

Even a powerful person with forty energy grid line chains could not withstand the power of Biggra. It was a G.o.dly pill that was G.o.dlier than G.o.d.

"YOU B*STARD…!" Chen Xuan roared out. But his face was not filled with the same anger it initially had.

To Chen Xuan, this feeling was a blend of both pain and pleasure.

A shared existence between shame and enjoyment.

"Someone of Heaven's Will? Well, you seem like nothing much to me anyways. Let Yours Truly send you along your way then. Remember not to be such a show off anymore in the future. Otherwise, you know what'll happen to you." Lin Fan continued.

Hearing this, Chen Xuan's heart was burning with boundless rage.

He was a man chosen by Heaven's Will! With a secret master, he had gone into seclusion for a hundred years till he achieved this peak in the cultivation world.

Just as he was ready to come out and tour the Dongling Continent, he b.u.mped into this fella.

d.a.m.n it. G.o.df*ckingd.a.m.n it!


Suddenly, a formidable energy appeared up in the skies once more, causing the entire skies to be ripped apart.

Lin Fan gazed over. This energy felt similar to the divine retribution.

Seemed like this was the real sh*t probably.

"Just what's happening again?!" Sha Dulong and the others were stunned once more. They barely had time to recover from all these continuous shocks.

They were already scared witless by the divine retribution earlier on. Just what was this mysterious power that was descending upon them once more?!

"Puny human! He is someone that's chosen by the Heavens! How dare you go against Heaven's Will? You definitely deserve death!" From within the cracks in the void, a supernatural voice boomed out.

This voice seemed to be bringing a threatening tone, causing everyone who heard it to shiver in fear. But to Lin Fan, this was nothing more than a paper tiger.

He gazed up back into the skies.

"Stop with your bullsh*t up there! Come down to Yours Truly if you've got the guts!"

"Chosen by Heaven's Will my a*s! If this fella is chosen by the Heavens, then Yours Truly is the Granddaddy of the Heavens!"

"INSOLENT…!" The guy who was hidden within the void seemed to be incensed by these words of Lin Fan.


A gigantic hand stretched out from the voids.

This hand was even more humongous and fearsome than the arm of the Blood Demon Emperor.

But Lin Fan suddenly realized that he wasn't the target of the arm. The arm was heading in the direction of Chen Xuan, who was STILL pounding Mother Nature!

Within a split second, it scooped up Chen Xuan. Even Lin Fan was taken aback by this frightening speed.

"Human, you have defied Heaven's Will by harming this man! You shall live the rest of your life in fear and endure a lifetime of torment!" The hand had no intentions of taking down Lin Fan. All it wanted to do was to take Chen Xuan and leave.

"Extraordinary indeed." Lin Fan could tell that the gigantic arm was almost at par with the Eternal Arm in terms of power.

In fact, the speed in which it scooped up Chen Xuan was so fast that even Lin Fan could barely react to it.

"How dare you take away this person in front of Yours Truly? You're taking Yours Truly as a pushover?!" How could Lin Fan let this hand take Chen Xuan away that easily?

Someone that much of a show off was just nothing more than experience points and energy grid line chains in Lin Fan's eyes.

"Hmph! How dare you be so impertinent in front of Yours Truly? You better leave a piece of yourself behind then!" Lin Fan had taken an interest in this mysterious arm as well.

Since he had already sowed these seeds of vengeance, he had no fear of agitating them further.

If Chen Xuan was really taken before his very eyes, wouldn't he have no face left?

"Leave him here!"

Suddenly, the aura from Lin Fan exploded. Gathering the energy of the Eternal Arm, he burst up towards the direction of the mysterious arm.


The voice boomed out once more. The arm that was holding on to Chen Xuan turned translucent suddenly as a bright light gleamed out through the entire arm.


Heavens and Earth shook. A ma.s.sive aura encompa.s.sed the entire place, as the void were ripped apart by a boundless amount of energy.

"So strong." Lin Fan frowned. The strength level of this mysterious arm was far beyond Lin Fan's imaginations. To think that he couldn't even touch it with a single strike of the Eternal Arm.

"Eh?" The voice was surprised as well, as though it was shocked that a human such as Lin Fan could possess such strength.

Floating in midair, Lin Fan's face was tense right now. This mysterious arm did have some capabilities indeed.

"Hmph. Hurting someone chosen by Heaven's Will? Not long after, you shall pay the price for your sin."

"Are you looking down on me?" Lin Fan snorted.

"In the eyes of the Heavens, everyone is an ant. Even though you've got some strength, you're still an ant after all. Just wait patiently for the destruction that's coming for you."

Looking at that perfectly fine mysterious arm, Lin Fan took in a deep breath.

d.a.m.n it. G.o.ddammit.

'"Alright, you forced my hand. I shall let you know what a terrifying mistake you made by angering Yours Truly!"

"Come out, Eternal Donger!"

The moment Lin Fan hollered, the Eternal Donger which was kept in his storage appeared out into the voids.

Lin Fan had always despised this thing because it was simply too ugly. But humans were despicable creatures. No matter how much he resisted it, he couldn't help but take it out in a moment of need.

If he didn't teach this mysterious arm a lesson, Lin Fan swore to have his name spelled backward.

The Eternal Donger floated gently in the skies, emitting a pure glow. This was the origin of all life, an existence beyond explanation in the world. Now that it had been through the Heaven and Earth Smelt, it was no longer the same as before. But, it still gave off a pretty disgusting feeling.

"Unleash your ultimate move!" Lin Fan lashed out. Instantly, a burst of energy erupted out from that Eternal Donger, causing the skies to be filled with bright spots like stars.

'Time Elapse!'

Under the effect of Time Elapse, these bright spots eventually grew into miniature Eternal Dongers.


The skies were instantly covered with a blanket of Eternal Dongers. Glowing brightly white, each of these little dongers channeled their energy towards the Eternal Donger for its ultimate move.

"Eternal…This belongs to the Ancient One…!"

Suddenly, the voice boomed out from the skies once more. But this time round, it was evident that there was a hint of fear in the voice.

"Human! You're courting your own death!"

"Hmph! Whether or not Yours Truly dies is none of your business! Today, you shall stay here with Yours Truly!" With a cold snort, Lin Fan took out his Eternal Axe.

"The Firmament…!"

The True Energy within Lin Fan began churning at a crazy speed as the Eternal Axe glowed brightly.

"Holy sh*t! What in the world are all these?!" Sha Dulong and the others were completely dumbfounded. Everything that was happening right now was causing them to question their very existences.

Was this still the same world they had lived in?

How could there be so many dongers floating in the skies! They must be seeing things! That was right!

Seeing things!

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