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"Oh, there’s always a risk to showing off. That’s why you’ve got to proceed with caution. You think you’re really good at bullsh*tting? Now that you’ve met with some real sh*t, you know how it feels, eh?" Lin Fan slowly retracted his feet.

True Origins Crushing Kick was the evolved form of b.a.l.l.s Kicking.

Anything else, b.a.l.l.s Kicking was almost impossible for someone to bear, to begin with. Hence, one could just imagine the sort of destructive power that True Origins Crushing Kick wielded.

"ARGH…!" The suave and elegant Chen Xuan was kneeling on the ground. He no longer had the disposition of someone who possessed forty energy grid line chains. Instead, he was bending over, hands at his crotch and rolling all over.

‘Ding…congratulations on defeating greater celestial full cultivation being Chen Xuan.’

‘Ding…experience points +300,000,000’

Lin Fan shook his head in disappointment. The difference in experience points for defeating and killing someone was just worlds apart. This meager amount of experience points could barely amount to anything!

Han Mei’s devilishly beautiful face was just dumbstruck right now. She had not expected that mighty looking Chen Xuan to fall just like this.

Energy grid line chains! That was a powerful being who possessed those incredible chains!

Though she hadn’t counted them carefully, by the looks of the numerous amounts, there were at least 30+ chains right there!

Even though the Han Family wasn’t an enormously powerful family or anything, Han Mei knew what energy grid line chains were due to their close relationship with the Heaven Sea Sect.

And for someone that powerful with more than 30 chains to fall just like that, no one could have any explanations for a scene like that.

At the same time, just who was Chen Xuan? Why would someone that powerful want to enter Heaven Sea Sect?

And also, who was this man?! How could he be this demonically strong?!

Sha Dulong and the others got up with a mouthful of blood after being sent flying by Chen Xuan’s ma.s.sive eruption, feeling jittery all over.

Strong! That was some inhumane strength!

But when they saw Chen Xuan who was bending over with hands on his crotch, they were equally shocked beyond words.

What the h.e.l.l was going on right now?

How did that mighty imposing Chen Xuan turn into this state in the blink of an eye?!

"Boss, what happened to that guy?!" Sha Dulong asked.

Lin Fan smiled widely, revealing rows of sparkling white teeth, "Alright, don’t ask so much now. Today, your Boss shall show you what it means to get a lucky break in robbing! We’re going after a rich man now! Gather up and watch carefully, boys!"

Lin Fan walked beside Chen Xuan. With a single foot on him, he held Chen Xuan down while awaiting Sha Dulong and the others to gather around.

"So…obedient! This guy was so c.o.c.ky earlier on! How does he look like he’s dying right now? Our Boss is the Boss indeed! Extraordinary!" The pygmy Sha Miexiong said with a look of respect.

"Alright, alright! Do you need to lick the Boss’s a*s anymore? We can all see his strength right here!" Sha Daotian was still a little heartbroken over his broken axes.

"Alright, you guys, hold up his hands and feet. This guy isn’t too good a target when he’s rolling all about!" With Lin Fan’s order, a group of people gathered around Chen Xuan.

"Oh ho!" Sha Miexiong chuckled out while gripping Chen Xuan’s leg tightly.

But just as someone was about to grab hold of Chen Xuan’s hand, they met with a tremendous resistance.

It was as though someone would pay for the price of taking Chen Xuan’s arm off of his crotch right now.

"Boss, he’s fighting back!" Sha Daotian reported.

"Fight my a*s! Give him two tight slaps to get him to wisen him up!" Lin Fan was sizing up Chen Xuan carefully. Gosh, he reeked of treasures.


"Oh." Sha Daotian nodded his head. Taking in a deep breath, he rewarded Chen Xuan with two tight slaps.

"Wow, well done. Do you know what that guy’s cultivation state is?" Looking at Sha Daotian slapping down, Lin Fan asked in a calm voice.

"Huh? What’s his cultivation state?" Sha Daotian looked at his boss in a confused manner.

"Heh. Let me tell you then. This fella here is a greater celestial full cultivation being with 40 energy grid line chains." Lin Fan chuckled.

"Ah…!!!" Sha Daotian was not the only person in shock. Every single one of the other bandits was equally flabbergasted.

"Ah, what ah? So what if he’s that? He was still whooped over by Boss. Acting surprised for no reason. Right, Boss…?" Sha Dulong gulped down his saliva and acted as though he still had his composure.

Everyone looked at Sha Dulong with a look of awe. Big brother was big brother indeed! Exceptionally calm!

Even though they had not reached the state of a greater celestial, they had some understanding of them based on the legends.

Sha Daotian especially was trembling right now. He had not expected to be able to whack a greater celestial being smack right in their face! Now, he could end this life without any regrets!

"Boss, what should we do now?" Everyone asked.

To them right now, the Boss’s orders were everything.

Lin Fan rubbed his chin and remained silent for a moment, "Strip him first. These clothes are far from simple. They’re definitely some form of great defense. It’s like when you spin silk out of a coc.o.o.n, you mustn’t let anything go at all!"

Everyone nodded in agreement to their Boss’s wise words.

Han Mei looked at the bandits who were surrounding Chen Xuan, and shot her guards a look. She wanted to make use of this commotion to make her escape, but she dared not to make any big movements in front of this powerful man.

"Oh, don’t even think about leaving. You can leave when Yours Truly allows you to. Otherwise, don’t blame me for anything that happens."

Just as Han Mei was in the midst of contemplating, Lin Fan’s voice rang over. She shivered through her entire body and nodded immediately, not daring to try anything funny anymore.

For something such as stripping, Lin Fan naturally did not have to do it himself. Each of the fourteen sand bandits were pros in stripping others. In the blink of an eye, Chen Xuan was stark naked.

"Aiyo! Boss! What happened to this fella’s little brother?!"

"Holy f.u.c.k! That’s right! Both of his b.a.l.l.s seem to be deflated!"

"Even that sausage seems to be swollen! It seems to be leaking out water right now!"

"Eww, this is the first time I’m seeing something like this. And he calls himself a martial arts master? How could he be so disgusting?"

"I don’t want these clothes anymore! Who knows if he’s got some incurable disease!"

Lin Fan was a little exasperated. These guys were like clowns!

But with this, he had a greater understanding of True Origins Crushing Kick as well. This was definitely way stronger than b.a.l.l.s Kicking!

This was because Lin Fan could feel a mysterious energy coursing in that area around Chen Xuan, causing him to feel pain over and over again.

"You…you guys…!" Chen Xuan had not fainted over. He knew exactly what was going on. However, the pain was so unbearable that he was almost breaking down, let alone say anything out.

"These clothes are worth a fortune! If I’m not wrong about it, these clothes could allow one to block a complete blow of someone from a greater celestial full cultivation state!" Lin Fan commented.

"Woah! That’s strong!"

"I couldn’t tell at all! Seems like these clothes are totally tarnished by a guy like this!"

"Whoever said they didn’t want these clothes, give it to me! I don’t mind!"

Before long, everyone started rummaging through Chen Xuan’s belongings once more.

Looking at the items within his storage, Lin Fan could not help but sigh out. What a rich man indeed! There were quite a number of precious valuables within his storage!

Only, Lin Fan did not know where this man hailed from. How could someone like that exist within Dongling Continent?

Weird. It was totally illogical.

If there were people like him all around, how could Glory Sect remain as one of the greatest sects against such terrifying powers? Seemed like there was a deep mystery that was awaiting him right here.

"Sha Daotian, didn’t you say that your axes are broken? There are two pretty decent axes here. You can have them." Lin Fan said while ransacking Chen Xuan’s storage rings.

"Thanks, Boss!!!" The moment Sha Daotian caught sight of the axes, he beamed widely.

"Oh, what’s this Destruction Sutra skill? You guys can go train if you’ve got time. It looks pretty decent."

"Eh? There’s a bottle of pills here that seems good as well. You guys can have it."

The fourteen sand bandits were trembling in their hands as they received the items from their Boss. This was the first time they had robbed someone so affluent in their entire lifetime of robbing!

With just one look, everyone could tell how precious these items were!

One could hardly turn into a wealthy person with just a single thought or notion.

But someone as rich as Chen Xuan who met this demonic Lin Fan had turned into a pauper overnight.

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