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"Boss, he seems like he’s in need of our attention." Sha Dulong who had been watching Chen Xuan all this while commented. That person seemed to have turned really helpless without anyone paying him any bit of attention.

"Then, YOU go pay him some attention." Lin Fan was too busy right now to bother with that Chen Xuan.

There were a lot of people in this world who posed as sheep but were actually wolves. But this was the first time Lin Fan had encountered such a situation.

If not for the fact that he had the Eternal Arm, he might not have dared to let the other party complete his unsealing process. But since he did, he couldn’t really care any less.

The only thought on Lin Fan’s mind right now was to wait for this guy to complete his unsealing before taking him down. With the experience points on hand, he could still smelt this guy for more energy grid line chains to summon the Heart Demon Emperor.

By then, Blood Sea would benefit the most… Hoho!

"Let me go!" The pygmy Sha Miexiong took on the heavy task of paying attention to the other party. Twerking his backside, he ran forward to the other party. Under the mighty aura of Chen Xuan, Sha Miexiong could hardly breathe. But since his Boss was here right now, he was naturally not afraid at all.

"Even though you’ve insulted me as a dwarf, I shall forgive you since I’m magnanimous. Since no one else cares about you, let me care about you!"

"Woah! What a strong aura you have! My tiny little frame is trembling badly under your tremendous aura!"

"Hey! What are those chains that are coiling around your body? Could those be energy grid line chains that are told through legends which could only be gathered by greater celestials and above?"

"Wow! Scary! You’re a really scary person…!"

Even though Sha Miexiong was the size of a midget, he was just being a little b*tch right now. Despite the look of fear on his face, everyone could tell that he was actually just taunting the other party.

"B*stard…!" Looking at this man who was playing the clown before him, the flame within Chen Xuan’s heart burned furiously. In the process of unsealing, Chen Xuan could not attack anyone. Vice versa, no one could break his defense.

But hearing these jeering words from the mouth of this midget, Chen Xuan was extremely agitated. Since when could a midget be so insolent towards him?

"What a weird person you are! When my Boss and the other people are ignoring you, you get mad. Now that I’m giving you some attention, you get mad as well. What a tough nut to crack!" Sha Miexiong looked at Chen Xuan and said in displeasure.

But in actual fact, he could feel uneasy within his heart. The aura was simply too formidable! It was so strong that he could almost feel his heart giving way.

But at the same time, he knew that he had nothing to worry about. The Boss that he so revered was present right now. Therefore, no matter how fearsome Chen Xuan grew, Sha Miexiong wasn’t going to fear him at all.

"Hmph, since that’s the case, I can’t be bothered too. My Boss said that he’ll teach you a good lesson after you’re done unsealing." After giving Chen Xuan a look of disdain, Sha Miexiong turned tail and ran all the way straight back to Lin Fan.

"Boss! That person is just being difficult to handle!"

Looking at Chen Xuan who was still in the process of unsealing, Lin Fan’s lips curled into a smile.

"All you b*stards! I want all of you to die!" Chen Xuan was so enraged that his aura rose up once more.

A beam covered Chen Xuan and shot up into the skies as all forty energy grid line chains coiled around one another like snakes. The aura was so intimidating that it encompa.s.sed the entire surroundings.

This was the first time he had unleashed all his powers.

"ARGH…!" With that loud roar, Chen Xuan descended down like a G.o.d on Earth, surrounded by a boundless amount of lightning-like energy.

The void around him seemed to be twisting and contorting with the lightning-like energy being emitted.

"Boss, that fella seems really powerful!" Sha Dulong whispered.

While none of them were as confident as Lin Fan, they remained equally calm under the backing of Lin Fan. But this was all a farce; their hearts were thumping harder than anyone else right now.

That aura was beyond their wildest imaginations. If not for the fact that Lin Fan was around, they might even be scared to death right now!

Han Mei, who was just robbed clean, stood where she was rooted as well. She stared at this imposing figure wide-eyed.

Just who in the world was he?!

Why was he so strong?! Just the aura alone made her feel like giving up any form of resistance1

Even the Grandmaster of Heaven Sea Sect might not have this strength that he was emitting right now!

This was the first time she had experienced such power.

But at the same time, Han Mei was gloating at Lin Fan and the others. She wanted to see their faces which should be taken aback right now.

But when she looked over to Lin Fan, she was equally shocked.

Was this man a fool?! Couldn’t he feel this intimidating aura?!

This was a devastating aura that no one could hope to resist!

"B*stard! You’ve successfully riled me up!" Chen Xuan howled. His eyes shone with a golden light, as if they were able to see through everything in this world.

"Go and die…!"

Fully unsealed, Chen Xuan was like a ghostly deity. With lightning surrounding both palms of his, a frightening aura erupted from his body.

"Die!" Instantly, Chen Xuan traveled through the void and reappeared right before Lin Fan. Striking at Lin Fan with his palm, that palm strike contained both his fury and the energy of Heaven and Earth within.

The void before Lin Fan seemed to be torn apart layer by layer.

"BOSS! TAKE CARE…!" Sha Dulong exclaimed out loudly upon seeing this.

But Lin Fan was still motionless, totally indifferent to anything Chen Xuan was doing.

Looking at the motionless Lin Fan, a sinister smile curled on Chen Xuan’s face, "Hmph. Scared witless, aren’t you? But it’s all too late. Even if you kneel down and beg me right now, you can’t escape death anymore!"

‘Heaven and Earth Destruction!’

A limitless giant seemed to appear within Chen Xuan’s palm strike as he struck out, splitting everything in his path.


That strike landed squarely on Lin Fan’s chest.

A cold smile appeared on Chen Xuan’s face. This strike would send everyone who had disregarded him into the abyss of h.e.l.l.


The powerful aftershock rippled across the entire place. Sha Dulong and everyone else, carriages and horses, were all blown away by this aftershock. It was simply too strong for them to resist.

Lin Fan frowned. Seemed like it was still somewhat difficult acting strong. But with the booster of Blood Sea and Eternal Immortality, he could still withstand the strike without any fatal injury.

‘Ding…’Eternal Immortality’ experience points +200,000,000’

"HAHA! DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S FEAR NOW?" Chen Xuan laughed maniacally. That jade white face of his was ever more venomous right now.

He loved the feeling of eating up the sheep after revealing his true self as a wolf. But when he saw Lin Fan standing where he was, he was completely dumbfounded.

"How could this be…?!"

Suddenly, a loud thud appeared in Chen Xuan’s ears.

‘True Origins Crushing Kick.’


Suddenly, the skies changed color and time stood still.

Lin Fan had slowly raised his leg and kicked it towards Chen Xuan’s crotch.

Ever since b.a.l.l.s Kicking had evolved, he hadn’t used it ever since.

But now, Chen Xuan would be the first tester.


"IT’S CR*SHED! THEY’RE ALL CR*SHED!" That mighty face of Chen Xuan suddenly changed entirely. He could feel an important part of his body changing entirely.

"AHHHHH…!" A tragic cry rang out across the world.

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