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"HAHA! There have been many people who called me ‘insolent’ in the past. Well, you wanna know what happened to them? Unfortunately, none of them lived to tell the tale. The Three King Bandits at Green h.e.l.l Ancient Grounds, the Kill Rob Gang at Lolan Demon Seas… All these were infamous bandit heads who even had to call me Young Master Xuan politely at the sight of me. You guys? What? Fifteen Sand Bandits? You just sound like little kids trying to create a group. Useless!" A look of disdain took over the young man’s face.

"What Three Kings Bandits? What Kill Rob Gang? Kid, you better wisen up! Don’t think that we wouldn’t dare to chop you down just because you look like a scrawny wimp!" Sha Daotian took two axes in both arms and clanged them together loudly.

The kid before them seemed to be getting more and more impertinent. Putting aside the fact that he was suave and handsome, how dare he conduct such personal attacks? Even though No. four was stumpy and dwarf-like, there was no way he should endure such personal insults!

Chen Xuan looked at the fifteen sand bandits and shook his head regrettably. "That’s right. Even if I mention the names of such figureheads to you guys, there’s no way you would know about it. Those are people of the upper echelons of society anyways. Even the fifteen of you would need to call them Ancestors or something like that if you meet those big figures. Pitiful you guys are indeed, pitiful. Just a bunch of small wannabes."

"You d.a.m.ned lad! How dare you spout such big words as just a pericelestial upper level? Take my axe!" Sha Daotian was totally riled up right now. This young lad was simply getting overboard! How dare he just hurl insults and slurs at them with every single word he spoke?

Sha Dulong was frowning as well. This lad was c.o.c.ky indeed. The aura he was emitting was just that of a pericelestial upper-level being. He was simply courting death by being so audacious.

But the thing that unnerved Sha Dulong was the fact that this kid was being way too calm. His personal fighting strength aside, couldn’t the lad tell that everyone present was of a higher cultivation state than he was?

"Earth Crushing Axe!" Sha Daotian roared. His axes glimmered. This was a sign that his True Energy was channeling within them. Cutting through the void, it swung down towards Chen Xuan’s brains.

Looking at the mighty axes that were coming down, Chen Xuan couldn’t be less bothered.

"Hais. Ants are still ants at the end of the day." He laughed coldly before stretching out two fingers.


"How…could this be?!"

Sha Dutian’s face was filled with disbelief as he saw the lad holding off his axes with just two fingers.

"Weaklings are just weaklings. What? You thought that this wasn’t possible with just your strength level? Hehe." Chen Xuan laughed out menacingly. With a twist of his wrist, an unstoppable force emanated from his fingers.


His axes began to break apart. The moment the energy reached the hands of Sha Daotian, a loud explosion could be heard.


"3rd Brother…!"

"3rd Brother…!"

Looking at the scene before them, the Fifteen sand bandits were dumbfounded.

Sha Daotian laid on the ground, fresh blood flowing out of the side of his mouth. Both of his arms were blasted into a mixture of blood and flesh by that force, looking extremely tragic.

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! I’LL F*CK YOU UP!" Sha Miexiong was enraged right now. His dwarfish body leaped towards the direction ahead, but he was held back by Sha Dulong.

"Don’t be brash." Sha Dulong could tell that this man was definitely more than this.

Everyone within the carriages who were looking at this scene exclaimed out as well.

Listening to the amazed shouts of the people, Chen Xuan’s heart was overwhelmed with joy.

He loved this feeling.

The feeling of being adored as the limelight.

Acting as a wolf in sheep’s skin.

Seemed like his strategy of suppressing himself back at a pericelestial upper level was the right one.

To let loose a sudden burst of energy right before these ants causing them to be shocked... That was a relaxing task to do.

Within the majestic carriage, Han Mei, who was looking at this scene, let out a look of incredulity as well. To think that this young man would be this strong.

She had already thought that he was decent as a pericelestial upper level. But with that display of strength just now, clearly he was more than that.

"Oh? Seems like you must be the leader then. Even though you’re still trash, you seem better than the others. How about you join me as my servant? For people like you guys, this is practically the best shot at life you can ever get. Don’t miss it!" Standing there casually, an air of superiority erupted from Chen Xuan. One could not even gaze at his eyes directly.

"Hurry up and kill them! We’ve got to move on!" Han Mei called out somewhat impatiently. He could definitely take them down easily, so he should quit wasting time right here.

"Shut it! When a man speaks, you better just shut up and watch as a woman." Chen Xuan turned over and glared at Han Mei sharply.

While furious, Han Mei’s heart skipped a beat. What an imposing glare.

In fact, her heart started to flutter slightly. This man…!

Acting like a G.o.d, Chen Xuan placed his hands behind his back and revealed a devilish grin, as if everything was under his control.

For someone who had kept so many things under wraps, now that he was out, he must definitely put on a good show.

To Chen Xuan, how could a man who was bound to rule over the ma.s.ses do without some servants? Even though these bandits were weak, their cultivation bases were pretty decent considering that they were ants. Qualified to be his servants at the very least.

Everyone within the carriages were naturally enraged over the way he responded to their mistress. But looking at the tactics he was employing, they were shocked.

"How are your considerations holding up?" Chen Xuan looked at the bandits and asked casually.

Sha Dulong looked at the person before him cautiously. While his aura was definitely that of a pericelestial upper level, to think that he was hiding on more behind it.

At this moment, Sha Dulong definitely felt a sense of danger.

"Heh. The fifteen of you have a decent cultivation state. But a pity that your skills are pathetic. If you become my servants, I have a Heaven graded upper-level skill: ‘Destruction Sutra’, in my collection. How about it?" Looking at the group of them, Chen Xuan’s lips curled into a smile once more.

"Big brother, what should we do?" Sha Miexiong whispered.

This man was so narcissistic that they could not bear the sight of him anymore.

They were especially p.i.s.sed at that expression of his as though everything was under his control.

"I’ll go up and test the waters. You guys take the chance to back off." Sha Dulong said.

"No, Big brother! We’ll go together!"

‘Apologies, Young Master Xuan, we’re used to being free. As long as you let us off today, I, Sha Dulong, will never forget this and will owe you a favor." Sha Dulong called out.

Suddenly, Chen Xuan’s face changed. He looked angry as he laughed out coldly, "A favor from an ant like you means jacks.h.i.t. I’ve given you a chance. Since you refuse to take it, then all of you shall leave your bodies here today!"

In a moment of excitement, Chen Xuan wanted to take in these people as his servants. But to think that this guy would dare to reject his offer. That was akin to a slap on his face. For that, all of them deserved death.

Sha Dulong’s face turned pale, "Lets split up and run…!"

"None of you shall escape!" With a cold snort, Chen Xuan’s killing intent amplified.

Sha Dulong and the others were cursing in their hearts. They were going to be buried here today.

"Aiyo aiyo aiyo! How can you guys call yourselves bandits? After such a long time apart, how have you guys not made any progress at all?"

Suddenly, a voice boomed out from thin air.

The moment Sha Dulong and the others heard this voice, they found it pretty familiar. Raising their heads, all of them started to get excited.


Chen Xuan looked up the skies in contempt. His lips smiled once more.

‘Here comes yet another person courting his death.’

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