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Next day…

Like a ghost, a shadow disappeared from the grounds of Xuanjian Sect entirely.

Travelling through the void, Lin Fan’s legs were wobbly right now. Last night was simply way too tiring!

To think that he had underestimated himself?!

Not satisfied with just the Complete Booster Pill, he added on Biggra to his body. That was a life-sapping combination indeed.

Those dumb pigs who said that virgins could last no longer than a split second should stand right in front of Yours Truly right now to be whacked up like dogs.

The moment Lin Fan recovered, he left Xuanjian Sect immediately. After all, he realized that the commotion he had caused last night must have been ma.s.sive.

If he were to leave during the day, there would be nowhere for him to hide his face from the gazes of the disciples of Xuanjian Sect.

Therefore, due to all these considerations, Lin Fan chose to leave the sect before daybreak to avoid this needless awkwardness.


As the skies brightened up, Xuanjian Sect looked like a fairytale land. Each day when morning rose, birds would circle around the vicinity of the sect and chirp melodiously.

After a tough night of battle, the worn-out Xuan Yunxian opened her beautiful eyes. However, when she woke up to an empty bed, that fatigued look on her face gained an additional tinge of sorrow.

Seemed like he still left…

Her long braids were spread down like a waterfall as she hid that pet.i.te face of hers under the sheets to hide her nude self.

That snow white skin of hers was still a little pink right now. Evidently, the color had not faded from the roughness of the night before.

The flowers were fragrant, as the rivers flowed with little red plums on it with a pretty shade.

Thinking back to the events the night before, Xuan Yunxian’s face flushed bright red.

She had never expected something like this to happen in her life one day.

The more she thought, the more she realized. They made such loud noises last night that she was sure that Grandmaster Xuan and her other junior sisters must have heard it as well.

But now that the man had left without a single word, she felt a little lonely. It was as if there was a part of her heart that went missing.

"Eh? What’s this?" A flash of gold glimmered under the sunlight.

It was a golden bracelet. Under the bracelet was a note.

Xuan Yunxian’s fingers were smooth like jade, tender soft and exquisitely long. The moment she looked at her long hands, her face blushed once more.

She couldn’t help but begrudge slightly. How could that man last night cause her to do such shameful and shy things…

Xuan Yunxian took up the note. The handwriting was messy, and there were even a number of wrong words.

Ever since he came to the Xuanhuang World, Lin Fan was pretty exasperated with the words here. The language was the same which he knew how to speak, but it was difficult for him to write them out.

Just like the contents of this note right now which contained many misspellings of words, but Lin Fan garnered that one should be able to understand still.

"Xian Er, I’ve got something pressing that I need to leave and deal with first. I’ll definitely see you again. This Lao Fengxiang bracelet here is my family heirloom which I shall leave with you."

The contents of the notes were not much, with just those few sentences.

Even though they didn’t contain anything important within their context, there were two words which caused Xuan Yunxian’s heart to leap with joy.

‘Family heirloom’.

Ever since Xuan Yunxian entered Xuanjian Sect, she had not thought about things like these. But she was still knowledgeable about the culture of the outside world.

The family heirloom was an important object that one gave to someone they loved.

Xuan Yunxian folded the note before keeping it in her storage preciously. She then took up the golden bracelet.

She wondered what material Lin Fan had used to make this bracelet, but the design was the most beautiful that she had ever seen in her life.

And the moment she wore the bracelet on her wrist, something shocking happened.

The bracelet glowed brightly with a gentle light before dimming down again.

This Lao Fengxiang bracelet was handcrafted by Lin Fan.

With his current state of weapons cultivation, it was an easy task for him to cultivate something good.

This Lao Fengxiang bracelet was something he created using the remaining energy grid line chains he had. In fact, he even infused it with Chicky’s essence blood as well as all sorts of valuable ingredients.

Even though it wasn’t a Legendary weapon, this bracelet was powerful and mystifying on its own.

This bracelet had a crazy amount of defensive capabilities.

Crafted from Lin Fan’s impeccable skills, this bracelet could fully withstand the blow of a being with up to 18 energy grid line chains. This was as good as an indestructible barrier for the wielder.

Looking at this Lao Fengxiang bracelet, Xuan Yunxian’s face looked like a pet.i.te woman filled with satisfaction.

Towards Lin Fan’s departure without a second word, she could understand.


She tossed up the blanket, revealing her nude body in its fullest glory.

Those tender, long legs, that pet.i.te waist of hers... This was a perfect work of art crafted from the Heavens. This was the body which countless men in this world had fantasized about.

Washing up, she cleaned up the sweat from the previous night and donned a set of fresh clothes.

At this moment, the disposition of Xuan Yunxian had changed slightly from the night before.

This was the disposition of an adult.


Grandmaster Xuan and the other disciples were waiting anxiously.

They had not rested a single wink through the entire night. Even after the noises had stopped, they still couldn’t get to sleep. The moment they closed their eyes, all they could hear were those sounds.

It was hard for them to imagine that those sounds came from their Senior Sister Xuan.

That sound caused their hearts to flutter furiously.

Looking at the house, Xuan Yunxian emerged from it slowly.

Her legs were wobbly. That area of hers was sore. But to her, there was something she had to tell the Grandmaster.

"Grandmaster…" The moment Xuan Yunxian caught sight of the Grandmaster and the others who were waiting outside her house and recalled the events of last night, she was a little embarra.s.sed.

"Eh? Do you guys think that Senior Sister Xuan seems a little different from before?"

"That’s right! The air around her seems to be somewhat different!"

"Senior Sister Yunxian, what did you do to change your entire aura as such?"

"She’s even more beautiful right now! She was already so pretty to begin with, but she just looks ever more radiant right now!"

As they looked at Xuan Yunxian, the disciples of the sect were rife in the discussion. This looked incredible to them!

Grandmaster Xuan’s heart was in a frenzy, wondering what she should say.

Looking at the change in Yunxian, she then asked, "Where’s he?"

"Left…" Xuan Yunxian replied.

Grandmaster Xuan’s face changed into one of incredulity. Was that guy going to run right after slurping up this meal?!?

"Grandmaster, he left because he had something on. He left this behind for me. It is not what you think it is." Yunxian continued while rubbing the bracelet on her wrist.

Even though the Grandmaster said nothing, Xuan Yunxian could catch the anger burning within her eyes.

Grandmaster Xuan had wanted to chide her disciple for being silly. What did a bracelet mean anyways? But upon clearer inspection, her heart skipped a beat.

"This bracelet…!" She walked over and held up Yunxian’s wrist for a closer look. The more she looked, the wider her eyes grew in shock.

"He truly left this?" To Grandmaster Xuan, this bracelet was beyond her wildest imaginations. Even the greatest craftsman of this era could not possibility create something like this!

She could feel the fifteen energy grid line chains within the bracelet. At the same time, there was a mysterious essence blood that was coursing through the bracelet.

Something like this definitely cost him a lot…!


At the same time, Grandmaster Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. Seemed like that man had Yunxian in his heart after all.

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