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‘N-no! I cant wait any longer! Any longer and Yours Truly’s first time would be donated to Mother Earth!’ Lin Fan’s face was entirely flushed. He could not go on like this any longer!

With the combination of the Complete Booster Pill and Biggra, the effect was so tremendous that Lin Fan could no longer hold it in!

If not for the fact that his cultivation state was now at a greater celestial and that he had only taken in a portion of Biggra, there was no way he would even be maintaining his current composure. Especially not so if he had taken the entire Biggra!

Lin Fan jumped down from the bed and headed out of the house without any bit of hesitation.

However, upon leaving the house, he realized that he had no idea where Xuan Yunxian even stayed!

Dammit, he truly f*cked up this time around!

Lin Fan was deeply regretting his choice to pop those pills right now. Why did he do it! Why couldn’t he have had more confidence in himself?!?

But it was all too late. What was done was done.

‘Senior Brother Liu, that scent on your body is great! What rouge did you use this time round?’

Just then, Lin Fan caught sight of Liu Linfeng under the moonlight exchanging tips on makeup and rouge with some other junior sisters. For someone to not sleep in the dead of night just to discuss stuff like this, he could be considered a talent in some ways indeed.

But now that things had come to this, Lin Fan could not be too bothered.

The moment Liu Linfeng caught sight of Lin Fan, his heart leaped with joy. Ignoring his junior sisters around him, he ran up to Lin Fan with his backside twerking left and right, shouting in his sissy voice, "‘Daddy…!"

Lin Fan grabbed ahold of Liu Linfeng immediately. There was no time to waste for nonsense! He had no time to spare right now!

The moment the effects of both pills mixed with one another completely, that would be his doomsday!

"Cut the c.r.a.p, where’s your master?" The moment Lin Fan opened his mouth, a breath of hot air came out. After coursing through his body for some time, the effects of the pills were beginning to leak out.

"Ah…Daddy? What’re you trying to do?" Feeling the hot air, Liu Linfeng was confused as well, wondering what this all meant.

Looking at this cheap son of his wasting time being wishy-washy, Lin Fan was thoroughly exasperated, "Hurry up and tell me, and I’ll acknowledge you as my son! From now on in the Xuanhuang World, Daddy will watch over you!"

The moment he heard this, Liu Linfeng was overwhelmed with joy, "Daddy! Just right ahead! Turn left, and you’ll see a fake mountain. Turn right from there and head on straight!"

The moment Liu Linfeng finished his words, Lin Fan disappeared entirely.

Liu Linfeng was left standing alone, absolutely bewildered. However, the moment he thought back to his Daddy’s guarantee, he smiled in happiness.

"Senior Brother…?" The junior sisters came and asked curiously. Their Senior Brother Liu’s skills in terms of makeup were impeccable. Even they could not hope to match up with it. Hence, they cherished every opportunity to exchange tips with him.

"Sisters, let’s continue our discussion…!" He chuckled happily before carrying on the prior topic.

Lin Fan’s shadow was like a ghost darting around the curving paths. Some of the Xuanjian Sect disciples who were still awake could barely feel a shadow breeze past them.

After that, each of them headed back into their houses in fright and tried to sleep it off.

By now, most of the disciples were preparing to head to bed.

The place where Xuan Yunxian resided was close to the Grandmaster and the Senior Elders. The other disciples were spread out spa.r.s.ely.

With the directions from Liu Linfeng, Lin Fan found Xuan Yunxian’s residence before long.

Standing outside the door, he took in a deep breath. He had to slow down! He mustn’t hurry! No!

Knock knock…

Xuan Yunxian was seated at her table within, her head propped up by her hand and staring blankly, as if she were thinking about something.

When the sudden knock came, she was shocked. Who could it be?

The moment she opened her door, she stopped breathing immediately. To think that it was him!

"Why are you here?" Her voice was gentle even though she could not hide her surprise.

But just then, a single action by Lin Fan caused her to tense up. She had not expected this.

He placed his hand gently on her cheek.

Xuan Yunxian could not have imagined this happening.

All of this was simply way too fast for Xuan Yunxian.

With the light of the moonlight and from within her house, she could make out the man’s pa.s.sionate expression. She could even feel a heat wave being emitted from him.

Lin Fan huffed heavily. Catching Xuan Yunxian totally unaware, he hugged her and walked in, kicking the door shut along his way. He then walked in the direction of the bed with her.

Xuan Yunxian’s heart was thumping faster than she had ever been. Her voice was shaky, "I-is it too fast? I can’t see in your eyes…"

"Strike while the iron’s hot. Love develops with time…" Lin Fan cut her off mid-speech. Without giving any chance, she placed her on the bed.

The moon was bright, and a soothing light emanated from it.

Grandmaster Xuan was headed towards Xuan Yunxian’s place at this moment. She had something on her mind she wanted to ask Yunxian. But just then, she stopped in her tracks as she looked at that dimly lit house.

Gentle voices were coming out of the house. But in the silence of the night, these sounds were extraordinarily booming.

Grandmaster Xuan was already over a 100 years old. What did she not know? But she had not expected such sounds to come out of Xuanjian Sect.

"This…this…!" She was evidently shocked as she turned around back where she came from.

To think that Yunxian was with that man. Doing…doing…!

If it were any other disciple, Grandmaster Xuan would have smacked down that entire house outright.

But she acknowledged this man…

But what she was exasperated about was that, no matter what, they should have been mindful of their surroundings!

‘Yunxian, you’re the next Grandmaster of the sect! How could you make such shameful sounds! What would the other disciples think if they heard it?’

Within that dimly lit house, two bodies were joined together as one.

A fragrant aroma formed from the mixture of sweat and juices was being emanated from the house, causing a sweet scent to float around.


"Ah, I’ll be gentler then."

"N-no! Do it like…just now…"

"Wasn’t it painful?"

"Not anymore…"

Piak. Piak. Piak.

The disciples of Xuanjian Sect were ready to enter their slumber and recharge themselves for the challenges of the next day. But just as they were about to fall asleep, a series of weird noises permeated their ears.

They frowned. What was that sound?

It was a combination of a male and female voice…

And it seemed to be coming from the direction of Senior Sister Yunxian’s place…

Even though the sound was a little dull, there was a mysterious force behind it that seemed to be causing them to feel a little…hot.

Grandmaster Xuan and the other Senior Elders were at their own houses right now. They were used to the sound. But as time went on, the sounds seemed to be growing more and more outrageous.

They might have been able to hide it off at the start. But right now, the sounds were absolutely unbridled, as if everyone within the world had disappeared in the eyes of those two.

"It’s been 2 hours…!" Grandmaster Xuan was counting the time, feeling horrified.

"That child, Yunxian, can she endure it?" She muttered worriedly.

She then sat crosslegged, trying to enter cultivation mode. But the sounds were like a demon’s calling, sucking them in and taking away their concentration.

Just then, an extremely high pitched scream rang out through the dead of the night.

Everyone from Xuanjian Sect jerked up at that scream.

"They’re not gonna let us sleep…are they?"

Everyone asked the same question in their hearts. Just when was this going to end?

Were they ever going to be let off?

Piak piak.

Piak piak piak.

Piak piak piak piak.

That melodious harmony of two bodies slapping against one another rang through the entire Xuanjian Sect for the entire night.

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