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People from Xuanjian Sect started to stream over.

Back at Xuanjian Sect, they could feel the immense force in the distance. Under the clash of these two powerful auras, all of them felt like their hearts were being suffocated.

But that aura dissipated soon.

Everyone from Xuanjian Sect wondered what happened as well as what they should do next.

Xuan Yunxian was especially worried. Struggling against her obstruction by her Grandmaster, she left the sect and rushed in this direction. To prevent anything from happening to her, Grandmaster Xuan rushed here with the other Senior Elders as well.

When Xuan Yunxian saw the figure who stood there, she heaved a sigh of relief. As long as everything was fine.

Lin Fan was absolutely helpless right now. He had wanted to leave this place. To think that they would chase after him. His head stung even bigger when he caught sight of Liu Linfeng. If he had known that things would turn out as such, he wouldn’t have trained up that lad.

Reluctantly, Lin Fan was eventually invited back to Xuanjian Sect.

To Xuanjian Sect, Lin Fan was their savior. At the same time, this man was the person they all viewed as Xuan Yunxian’s partner.

It didn’t matter whether or not Lin Fan acknowledged this thought of theirs. To them, this was already a fact.

Xuanjian Sect…

Looking at the expression on the faces of the disciples looking at him, Lin Fan could only sigh helplessly. Just how messed up was all of this? He was even more helpless when he caught Xuan Yunxian’s gaze of longingness.

For all of this to culminate just because of those two sentences of bullsh*t back then. What sort of tragedy was this?

Night fell…

Lin Fan was still at Xuanjian Sect. Due to the overwhelming welcome by the Xuanjian Sect, Lin Fan was too embarra.s.sed to even turn them down. He then made plans to stay there for a night before leaving the next morning.

The completion rate of the energy grid of water was already at 30%. He might be able to create a single energy grid line chain by the time morning came.

Suddenly, Lin Fan opened his eyes abruptly. He could feel the presence of someone entering his room. The only thing Lin Fan could do was pray in his heart that it wasn’t Liu Linfeng, that sissy boy.

But when he saw who it was, he was stunned momentarily as his heart skipped a beat.

It was already so late at night! What was Xuan Yunxian doing here?


He could feel his heart pounding even quicker. A stray thought found its way into his mind.

Could it be that Xuan Yunxian was here to look for him for THAT?

Xuan Yunxian was not dressed in her usual sect robes, but this only served to have her look even more appealing.

Those exquisite features of hers glowed with the moonlight with the slightly tinged red lips. It was evident that she had put in efforts on her makeup.

Xuan Yunxian was propping over food and wine as she walked over briskly. Under the light of the night, she was especially careful with her steps.

Lin Fan tried to soothe his inner heart. Seemed like the enemy came prepared for tonight’s attack. Should he embrace the fight or should he run away at the final moment?

"Y-yunxian! Is there anything…?" Lin Fan asked. If he had known things would culminate as such, he would never have done that bulls.h.i.t act back then.

Xuan Yunxian was always cold and mighty usually to everyone else. But to Lin Fan, she was as shy as a girl could be. That snow white skin of hers flushed slightly red on her cheeks.

"I’ve prepared some food and wine…" She continued forward, placing the dishes gently on the table. Arranging the dishes, she then poured out some wine before sitting quietly beside the table, looking at Lin Fan with deep emotions in her eyes.

Looking at the scene while seated on his bed, Lin Fan’s heart could not help but fl.u.s.ter.

Even a man who had never tasted pork could not claim to have never seen a pig.

Just what was Xuan Yunxian’s meaning of all this?

Could the food be the appetizer to everything followed by then wine and then…and then…finish everything in the end?

That looked exactly like a possibility right now.

But Lin Fan was still finding this hard to swallow. Wasn’t everything happening way too fast?

Adding together everything, they had only met with one another twice!

But for a girl to take the initiative to this step, Lin Fan, who was meant to be a champion of this world, shouldn’t be feeling this fearful, should he?

Just as he was busy fantasizing, the words that Xuan Yunxian spoke sent Lin Fan’s world exploding entirely.

"No one will come here tonight and disturb tonight. You can have a good rest." She remarked tenderly.

Just as he was about to dig in with the food right beside his mouth, he could only stammer out softly, "Y-yes…"

There was a hint in those words!

And the hint was clear indeed.

‘No one will come here and disturb tonight. You can have a good rest.’

Didn’t that just mean that no matter how noisy they got, no one would hear them and he could just enjoy to his heart’s extent?

With the words of Xuan Yunxian, Lin Fan’s heart was like a horse stampede right now.

He had no idea what the both of them were talking about thereafter. His mind was in a complete state of chaos, as his hormones rocketed up rapidly.

The only thing in Lin Fan’s mind right now was positions of all sorts.

Xuan Yunxian was pretty indeed. Not only that, her disposition was extraordinary, and she had a relatively good position.

And Lin Fan understood that she was truly, deeply in love with him.

Even though he didn’t have many feelings for Xuan Yunxian in return, Lin Fan firmly believed in these words: ‘Love develops with time’.

Thinking back to Grandmaster Yan, before he was the Grandmaster of Glory Sect, he was also a Casanova who left fleeting emotions across the lands. Finally, he kept his heart to himself and ascended the seat of the Grandmaster of Glory Sect.

Senior Elder Wuya was the same. When he was young, he was suave and charming. A number of princesses of different dynasties had left their hearts with him.

Looking at himself now and all he had done, he was far too different from them.

Lin Fan looked at Xuan Yunxian’s features. Under the influence of alcohol, his heart was wavering.

But at this point, Lin Fan held it in. The night was long, so he needn’t rush this moment. For such an exquisite moment, he had to do his best to savor every single moment of it.

After the meal was done, Lin Fan rubbed both hands and took in a deep breath to soothe his rampaging heart.

Everything that was about to happen was all within his expectations.

"I’ll take these dishes away. You have a good rest." Xuan Yunxian said as she stood up.

"Yes…" Lin Fan’s heart was thumping with rage.

The moment Xuan Yunxian left his room with the dishes, he got up to pace around his room.

His mind flashed. He had to do something about it.

This was definitely going to be a fearsome battle tonight. He had to make some preparations!

Taking out some valuable medicinal herbs, his right palm lighted up a flame.

Pills Through Thought.

‘Dragon’s Essence Weed. Something that would be a great booster. Okay, great.’

‘100-year-old Ginseng. Something for his Qi. Not too bad either.’

Lin Fan picked up dozens of herbs and tossed them all within the flames.

He needed to finish this before Xuan Yunxian was back!

A fragrant aroma spread out as a white pill landed in Lin Fan’s palms.

‘Ding…congratulations on successful cultivation.’

‘Complete Booster Pill: Great in boosting Qi and firming up of the foundation. One’s battle power will be unparalleled.’

Without hesitation, Lin Fan tossed the entire pill into his mouth.

‘Ding…convert to experience points or absorb the effect?’

The only way he would not be taking the effect right now would be if his brain were r.e.t.a.r.ded.

Instantly, Lin Fan could feel a torrent of heat surging through his entire body. He could feel his blood pulsating through his veins, as if it were about to burst out of his body.

Lin Fan hurried to take in a deep breath, trying to suppress this heat. Now was not the time for it to work yet!

For the great battle tonight, Lin Fan had to ensure that he was prepared on all fronts. He took out a single pill of Biggra. Looking at that fabulous pill, he hesitated slightly, not daring to swallow it whole. Eventually, he sc.r.a.ped out a bit of it with his fingernails and swallowed it.

He was all prepared right now. All he needed was to wait for her arrival.

Lin Fan’s face was flushed pink as his heart thumped furiously, lying on the bed, waiting for her arrival.

The night was silent…

One hour later…

Lin Fan realized that something was amiss.

‘b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, didn’t she give me a hint? Where is she…?’

Lin Fan’s face was like the b.u.t.t of a baboon right now. The blood that was coursing through his veins was already boiling like hot water. Even that small portion of Biggra was unleashing its utmost potential right now.

If not for the fact that his cultivation state was high, he would already have been piercing the floor right now.

But where in the world was she…?!?

At this rate, he was going to die…!

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