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‘Ding…congratulations on leveling Blood Sea.’

‘Ding…Blood Sea Level 7.’

Lin Fan could feel the blood within his body rumbling nonstop. The G.o.d Blood within his body rose as if it had a life of its own and began to course through his body.

All of this was in preparation for Blood Sea’s Level 9’s rebirth through blood.

Now that he was left with 35 energy grid line chains, Lin Fan did not have any intentions of stopping just yet.

To him, the Blood Demon Emperor had yet to be scalped clean. He could recall the indignance of the emperor by the way he was screaming.

Within the Blood World…

The mighty body of the Blood Demon Emperor was quivering right now. Both arms, both legs. All of them were amputated by the detestable human! No one could even imagine the state of pain he was in right now over the loss of his essence blood.

‘Why did this human have this many energy grid line chains?!? Impossible, that’s impossible!’

"ARGH…!" The emperor roared out once more. Looking at their emperor, all of the small Blood Demons were cowering in fear.

This was the first time they had seen their emperor in such a frenzy.

The Blood Demon Emperor was almost going insane.

"G.o.dd.a.m.n human! I’ll never let you off! Summon me again if you’ve got the guts!" The Blood Demon Emperor yelled towards the empty void of his blood seas.

If not for the fact that he was unable to leave the Blood World, he would have loved to go and kill the other party.

"Argh! Summon me if you dare! Summon me! I am the Blood Demon Emperor! One of the mightiest overlords of the Blood World. I swear that I will rip you into pieces and shred you up!" The emperor was maniacal right now. To think that the essence blood he had gathered over countless years would be lost in a single instant.

He would need no fewer than a few hundred years to make up for this loss!

Every single drop of essence blood was made by the emperor’s relentless effort of congealing the core essence of the blood sea within his body. To lose such a huge amount of it in such a short span of time, even as the lord of these blood seas, he couldn’t hold it in any longer.

"b.l.o.o.d.y d.a.m.ned human! I swear that I’ll never let you off!" After his final howl, the emperor calmed down. By the looks of it, this human shouldn’t be summoning him anymore.

But still, he swore that he would never let this human off. He was determined to get out of the Blood World one day and take down this human cruelly to ease the hatred in his heart.

And just as he was about to sink back into the blood sea to regenerate, that terrifying voice boomed through the world once more.

"Tribute. 10 energy grid line chains."

"Come out, Blood Demon Emperor!"

"Argh…NOOOOO!!!" The emperor was at an entire loss for words right now. He thought that this was all over. But to think that this human would make a tribute once more. Was the human truly bent on destroying him?!?!

And once more, the power of the underworld wrapped itself around the emperor.

"No, I don’t want to go anymore! Please stop!" The emperor screamed out to the sky.

But it was useless. To the power, as long as someone offered a tribute, it must complete the ritual with an equal price in exchange.

Lin Fan awaited outside br.i.m.m.i.n.g with excitement, wondering what the next part that would come out was. The moment the ritual was done, the Blood Gate slammed wide open as a blood aura flowed out.

"Who is that summons me, the Emperor?"

That imposing voice rang out once more. But one could tell that he was a little breathless now. The Blood Demon Emperor was being torn apart in his heart in pain. He no longer wanted to repeat that sentence.

Lin Fan stared at the Blood Gate in utter excitement. The moment he saw a gigantic blood-red object coming out of it, he was stumped.

"Holy f*ck! It’s a head!"

This time round, Lin Fan had summoned out the head of the Blood Demon Emperor.

That colossal, mighty head with its pair of intimidating bloodshot eyes that looked down at the rest of the world in absolute contempt.

"Human, you can’t do this! You’ve entirely riled the mighty and imposing Blood Demon Emperor! You’ll receive retribution for this!" As his head stretched out from the Blood Gate, that malevolent face of his shouted out in Lin Fan’s face.

He was truly afraid now. He had been through countless summons throughout his life but this was the first time he had seen a human like this.

Someone who summoned him not for help but to kill him!

"Hehe." Without even bothering to reply him, Lin Fan slammed down with the Eternal Axe at his neck.

"NO, NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! YOU’LL REALLY RECEIVE RETRIBUTION!" The emperor howled. Once in love with summons, he was now totally hating every single moment of this.

Lin Fan stood on the emperor’s neck and was chopping down diligently. At the same time, his Sword Wills were slicing at the neck relentlessly as well.


That t.i.tanic head finally collapsed down onto the ground. Just a look at it was enough to send anyone else shivering uncontrollably. But to someone like Lin Fan, that was nothing more than just essence blood in his eyes!

"HUMAN! I’LL F*CK YOUR MOTHER!" Right before the Blood Gate slammed shut, an interesting sentence rang through Lin Fan’s ears.

He stopped whatever he was doing and looked at the gate.

"Holy cow! What a savvy man this Blood Demon Emperor is! To think that he’s even up to date with the insults of modern humans!" This had piqued Lin Fan’s interest. But the moment he thought of how insolent the emperor was behaving, a flame of rage burned within him as well.

He had intended to end it all just like this, but it seemed as if the emperor hasn’t had enough. Seems like Lin Fan truly had to force him into submission today.

He then tossed that gigantic head into the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

Yet another eight drops of essence blood.

Towards the lifeforce of the Blood Demon Emperor, Lin Fan could not help but be impressed. To think that he was still alive even after having his head sliced clean off. Blood Demon Emperor he was indeed.

Within the Blood World…

The emperor was slamming down on the blood sea with both of his hands repeatedly, creating waves of splashes.

"G.o.dDAMMIT!" He was in a total state of frenzy right now. He had not expected something like this to happen to him in his entire life.

"HUMAN! You’ve taken every single bit of my body now. There’s nothing else you can take for an equal exchange. There’s no way you can summon me anymore. But mark my words, even if it takes me a thousand years, I’ll break out of the Blood World and curse you down to death!" He had never experienced such hatred for a human in his entire life.

And now, Lin Fan was the first.

He swore on his pride as an emperor to take down Lin Fan.

"Tribute. 10 energy grid line chains."

"Come out, Blood Demon Emperor!"

The call of a tribute rang out once more.

"B*STARD…!’ The moment he heard this voice, the emperor flew into a rage for a moment. Suddenly, he went silent before laughing out crazily. "HAHA! HUMAN! EQUAL VALUE SUMMON? I HAVE NOTHING ELSE FOR YOU TO SUMMON! YOU HAVE NO WAY OF GETTING ME OUT ANYMORE!"

The Blood Demon Emperor was laughing in deliration. It was as if it was a form of victory for him to not be summoned.

Looking at how the power of the underworld was unable to descend over him, his laughter grew even wilder.

And it was at this moment.

A tragedy occurred.

The Blood Demon Emperor’s face was beyond stunned right now.

"How could this be…!" He was completely befuddled. Sobering up, he covered his head with both hands and screamed out in terrible anguish, with a cry so sorrowful.

"Who is it that summons me, the Emperor…?"

Looking at the silent Blood Gate, Lin Fan frowned as well. Was he unable to summon the emperor anymore?

Thinking back, it had already been five times after all. The Demon Blood Emperor should have nothing much of equivalent value to exchange anymore.

The power of the underworld had not absorbed his ten energy grid line chains, as if it was stuck at this beckon of his.

But just was Lin Fan was wondering about everything, the ten energy grid line chains flew over.


The doors of the Blood Gate opened once more.

"Wow! There’s really something else?" Lin Fan was a little astonished, wondering what else could be next.

But looking clearly at the thing that was stretching out, he was frozen solid.


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