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"Human, you better stop that right now!" The Blood Demon Emperor was howling in anger within his sea of blood in the Blood World. All the little small Blood Demons were prostrating on the floor and trembling in fear.

Each time the Blood Demon Emperor got furious, the entire sea of blood would rumble. But none of this was of any help to him right now.

With the tribute being made by the human, the Blood Demon Emperor was restrained by the rules of the underworld. Even if he wanted to kill this human who summoned him, he couldn’t do anything at all against the unspoken power of the underworld.


With a bright glow, the Eternal Axe found its way cutting down onto this gigantic arm.

"F*ck! It’s not broken after a single chop?" The moment Lin Fan slammed down with the Eternal Axe, it was stuck within the meat. No matter. If one chop wasn’t enough, two chops then!

Standing on the arm of the Blood Demon Emperor, Lin Fan pulled out the Eternal Axe. Blood gushed out immediately and before disappearing between Heaven and Earth.

"Blood Demon Emperor! Seems like you’re not all talk after all. The Eternal Axe that Yours Truly is wielding is a Legendary weapon! Even though it’s in a damaged state, it can still slice through the void with ease. But don’t panic now, just deal with the pain for a bit more!" Lin Fan mumbled out confidently.

‘Sword Will!’

Lin Fan created a solid Sword Will that began slicing at the arm of the Blood Demon Emperor.


Within the Blood World, the Blood Demon Emperor was now crying out in pain. "Human! Stop! Stop! You better stop now! Your Emperor here is going to pull out your soul and cast you into the eternal doom of the blood seas!"

"Hehe, very c.o.c.ky indeed. Yours Truly shall spend more effort with you today." Clapping his hand, Lin Fan shoved down with the Eternal Axe once more.

At the same time, the Sword Will was still slicing at the wound.



After relentless effort, the arm of the Blood Demon Emperor was finally sliced cleanly off. Finally, Lin Fan let out a wide smile. Not bad, not bad.

At this moment, the doors of the Blood Gate slammed shut as the world returned to its peaceful state once more.

As for the arm of the Blood Demon Emperor, Lin Fan tossed it into the Heaven and Earth Smelt and started smelting it.

‘Ding…congratulations on smelting.’

‘Ding…congratulations on obtaining Essence Blood of the Blood Demon Emperor. 8 drops.’

Looking at this result, Lin Fan chuckled out. Opening his mouth, he tossed all 8 drops within.

‘Blood Sea’ started churning as it absorbed these 8 drops of blood.

Now that Blood Sea was at level 6 and had reached the stage of rebirth through appendages, the amount of essence blood that was required for it to progress further was ma.s.sive.

But the essence blood of the Blood Demon Emperor was still a great boon to Blood Sea. Looking at the experience points of Blood Sea flying up, Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy.

Rebirth through a single drop of blood. That was the state Lin Fan hoped to achieve. Lin Fan could not wait for Blood Sea to finally reach that point.

Within the Blood World…

The Blood Demon Emperor was howling in furious anger. He was born from the blood sea. As long as the blood sea lived, he lived. However, it was still a great blow to him to lose an entire arm.

He lost a huge amount of his essence blood, which would require a lot of essence from the blood sea to regenerate.

"Detestable human! I will never let you go!" The Blood Demon Emperor yelled. All the small Blood Demons in the vicinity were being absorbed by the emperor to make up for his loss of essence blood.

That sliced off arm had grown out once more. However, it was still weaker right now compared to how it was before.

And just as the Blood Demon Emperor was about to sink into the blood sea to recover from his wounds thoroughly, a fearsome force rained down on him from the underworld.

"Tribute. 10 energy grid line chains."

"Come out, Blood Demon Emperor!"

The moment he heard this voice, the face of the Blood Demon Emperor changed. It was this human again! He wanted to resist the summoning, but he could do nothing against the powers of the underworld that was holding onto him.

There was no way to stop the calling.

Lin Fan tossed out ten energy grid line chains once more. With the experience from the previous slicing, he now knew how to chop off the arm even quicker.

Ten swords made out of Sword Will floated calmly in the skies, awaiting the opening of the Blood Gate.

As for Lin Fan, he was gripping the Eternal Axe tightly with both arms waiting with antic.i.p.ation as well.

"Who is it that summons me, the Emperor?" The opening speech of the Blood Demon Emperor came once more. Even though the emperor did not want to say these words, he was bound to do so each time he was summoned.

Looking at the arm that was outstretched, Lin Fan was extremely gleeful. It was the left arm this time round!

As the left arm stretched out slowly, Lin Fan could not wait for the moment when it was entirely out.

"CHOP…!" With a loud cry, Lin Fan rushed up once more.

"Human, don’t go overboard!!!" The emperor screamed out wildly. But no matter how loud he was, there was no way he could change Lin Fan’s mind of slicing off his arm.

The Blood Demon Emperor was entirely riled right now.

He was filled with indignance towards the powers of the underworld. Why wouldn’t it allow him to fight back against his summoner?!?

This wasn’t fair at all…!!!


Lin Fan’s axe had slammed down with the ten Sword Wills repeatedly slicing at his arm.

The emperor hollered out with rage, "Human, you shall die a terrible death!"


Yet another arm was sliced off.

The Blood Gate slammed itself shut once more.

Lin Fan wiped the sweat off of his forehead and broke into yet another smile. It was the best feeling to prepare for one’s own meals.

Tossing the arm into the Heaven and Earth Smelt, he allowed it to smelt once more.

‘Ding…congratulations on smelting.’

‘Ding…congratulations on obtaining Essence Blood of the Blood Demon Emperor. 7 drops.’

‘Eh…?’ Lin Fan was unhappy. Why did the left arm only produce seven drops of essence blood? But thinking again, he understood why.

No matter who it was, their right arms were definitely stronger their left. To someone like the Blood Demon Emperor, things must get awfully lonely within the blood sea after such a long time.

Swallowing the seven drops of essence blood, ‘Blood Sea’ started churning once more.

Again, the experience points of Blood Sea rose by a huge chunk once more. He was getting close to level seven now. But level seven wasn’t rebirth through blood. It was just a stepping stone level paving the way forward to rebirth through blood.

But no matter, Lin Fan wasn’t in a rush. Everything took time. One step at a time then.

He still had Fifty Five energy grid line chains in his possession. He believed firmly that he would succeed.

Within the Blood World…

The Blood Demon Emperor was burning in rage right now. The entire blood sea within his world was gushing, as though it would crash the entire place. But none of this could pacify his anger right now.

Human…that d.a.m.ned human!

After venting out his anger, the Blood Demon Emperor was in a state of anguish, about to be brought to tears. He was an overlord of the Blood World after all! Since when had he ever been subjected to such treatment?

With both arms severed, that was 15 drops of essence blood gone! 15! How many years did that require him to gather? b.l.o.o.d.y human…!

"Tribute. 10 energy grid line chains!"

"Come out, Blood Demon Emperor!"

And just then, that horrifying voice rang in his ears once more.

"ARGH…d.a.m.nED HUMAN! HOW DO YOU HAVE THIS MANY ENERGY GRID LINE CHAINS?!?" The emperor was on the brink of breaking down right now. Yet, the power of the underworld wrapped around his entire body in a beam of light once more.

"No…!" The Blood Demon Emperor screamed. He wanted to use his right arm to descend out into the world once more, but he couldn’t. The exchange had to be equivalent. That weak right arm of his right now wasn’t good enough.

"No…!!!" He cried out tragically. Under the force of the underworld, his right leg was sent stretching out.

Lin Fan stared at the Blood Gate with a wild intent. His heart was thumping excitedly. Again! Yes! What would come out this time round? The suspense was just too much!

The moment he saw that it was a leg, he rushed forth without hesitation.

The Blood Demon Emperor had always loved it when humans summoned him out through the method of tribute. To him, this signified how badly those puny humans were begging for his help.

But right now, being summoned was only the beginning of his nightmares.


Three ‘No’s.’ were all it took to represent the anguish in the heart of the emperor.

To think that that d.a.m.ned human could bring this almighty and peerless Demon Blood Emperor to such a state of despair.

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