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On Dongling Continent, there existed an islet which was isolated from the rest of the world. This islet was shrouded in a mist of turbidity.

On this islet, a gap was ripped apart from the void as a shadow stumbled out of it.

This was the person whom Lin Fan had mistaken as the Heaven Queen.

The girl’s face was slightly pale, with bloodstains at the side of her lips. Even though she was filled with anger at what happened earlier, she was pressed with other stuff, so she did not bother staying.

An altar on the islet…

In the middle of the altar laid a stone coffin. There wasn’t even a single speck of dust on the coffin. Covered with runic markings, four old people surrounded the coffin on all sides. They sat cross-legged, as if they were rooted on the spot. Beams of light were being emitted from these 4 people onto the coffin, suppressing whatever evil the stone coffin contained deep within.

The girl went up the altar and came beside the four old people, reporting to them about some stuff.

Expressionless, all four of them sighed gently. Looking at the stone coffin in the middle of the altar, a look of worry spread through their faces.

Seemed like they had failed after all. The Ancient One was already out…

Within a forest…

Lin Fan shrugged his head. Now that he had leveled up, the system obtained a new function as well.

Opening up the panel, Lin Fan was pleased when he saw the function of the energy grid lines. At the same time, he frowned. Seemed like now that he was a greater celestial, he would have to place focus on gathering energy grid line chains as well.

Lin Fan sat down crosslegged, trying to feel and grasp the power of the energy grid lines between Heaven and Earth.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt his consciousness seemingly leaving him to float between Heaven and Earth. Bright spots floated around him. Curious towards this, Lin Fan stretched out his hand trying to grasp at these light spots.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering energy grid of Metal. Congeal it?’

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering energy grid of Water. Congeal it?’

Looking at these colourful spots, Lin Fan began to understand.

All of those energy grid line chains were made of these bright spots being concentrated and congealed together. And these bright spots varied in colors and shapes. It took time for one to slowly build them together.

‘Congeal energy grid of Water.’

‘Ding…congelation of energy grid of Water has begun. Progress 1%.’

Lin Fan could feel the different sorts of energy grids and bright spots moving towards him from all sorts of direction. Fusing together, that energy of Heaven and Earth surged within Lin Fan as well.

He frowned. The moment this energy of Heaven and Earth entered his body, they were rampaging within like beasts without an owner, colliding with everything else in his body vigorously. It seemed as though they were bent on breaking out of his body before finally being suppressed by the system.

A smile curled on Lin Fan’s lips. Seemed like it wasn’t so easy to form an energy grid line chain after all. This was because one had to slowly suppress all these different and varying energies even after they entered one’s body before even arranging them in order. It was like a DNA helix.

But to Lin Fan’s pleasant surprise, the system worked to suppress all these energy grid light spots as they entered his body, saving him a lot of time compared to everyone else.

Thinking back, even Grandmaster Yan and the others had to spend 100 years et cetera to only create tens of energy grid line chains. This was evidently not an easy task.

The strongest system was the strongest system indeed. Just this function alone was a heavenly defying existence.

One hour later…

Lin Fan opened his eyes with a weird look on his face.

‘Energy grid of Water, 5%.’

Wasn’t this way too fast?!?

Lin Fan was totally stumped by the speed of congealing. With just a single hour, the energy grid of water had progressed to 5%! If this were the case, then he wouldn’t need too long to create an energy grid line chain!

If he were to create one per day, he could end up with 300+ chains by the end of a single year!

Who the f*ck would still be his opponent? Everyone should just surrender right then and there!


Lin Fan stood up and just felt these energy grid spots automatically. He didn’t have to work on it intentionally, and just let the congelation progress on its own.

What a life of cheating! He couldn’t even feel a single bit of satisfaction over a successful cultivation.

The only thing he could feel would be the eventual happiness of ruling over everything.

Having smelt a number of people, Lin Fan had a total of 75 energy grid line chains in his storage. He wanted to see if he could just absorb all of these but found that it was not possible.

But this fact helped Lin Fan feel fairer as well. If one were able to absorb the energy grid line chains of others, then why would he bother with cultivation? He could just kill to absorb their energy grid line chains to grow stronger.

Since he couldn’t absorb these 75 energy grid line chains, he might as well put them to good use.

‘Blood Gate, come out.’

Lin Fan took out the Blood Gate from within his storage. That mighty gate filled with blood energy floated gently in the skies.

On the gate, all those vengeful spirits howled bloodily, as if they were going to devour the entire world and end all life.

Looking at the Blood Gate, Lin Fan grinned, ‘I had thought that you were a useless object. But seems like it’s time for you to start being useful.’

‘Tribute 10 energy grid line chains.’

‘Blood Demon Emperor, come out!’

The 10 energy grid line chains coiled around one another and a sinister force from within sucked all 10 of them into the Blood Gate.


The tightly shut doors of the Blood Gate opened wide. A red beam of light, as if was filled with a life of its own, coiled around the Blood Gate.

‘Who is it that summons me, the Emperor?’

"It’s Yours Truly. Hurry up and come out!" Lin Fan’s eyes glinted with antic.i.p.ation.


A sea of blood seemed to rumble above on the skies as a gigantic red hand began to stretch out slowly from within the Blood Gate.

The five fingers of the arm were extremely sharp and huge, like small mountain peaks on their own. Just a single arm was enough to give off a devastating aura, so powerful that it could cause one to lose any will to even resist.

Within the Blood Gate…

Blood World…

The whole place was a sea of blood with no boundaries to it. The Blood Demon Emperor was born from this sea of blood and possessed an incredible power.

Right now, he was seated on this throne that was made up entire of blood from the sea of blood as well. That mighty and imposing frame of his was extremely domineering, as his b.l.o.o.d.y eyes looked down with contempt at the rest of the world.

Small little Blood Demons were coiled around his gigantic feet in the sea of blood.

The Demon Blood Emperor was one of the overlords of the Blood World.

Right now, he was feeling pretty excited over this mysterious force that he could feel summoning himself.

It had been a long, long time since he was summoned.

Although he was pretty p.i.s.sed off that his arm was threatened to be ripped off the previous time he was summoned, he knew that he couldn’t fight against that level of strength of that person.

But even then, the Blood Demon Emperor still knew no fear. He had to let his name travel across the different worlds and have everyone bow down and serve before him, respecting him.

The tribute of 10 energy grid line chains was far from enough for the Blood Demon Emperor to present his entire body. But with just a single arm, he knew that he could suppress all other beings.

Looking at the slowly outstretching arm, Lin Fan was extremely excited as well. He took out his Eternal Axe immediately and began to sharpen it. This blood red arm was his prey!

"You puny human who dares to summon me, the emperor. What do you want?" The imposing voice of the Blood Demon Emperor boomed out from beyond the Blood Gate.

"Chop!!!" Just at that instant, Lin Fan gripped his Eternal Axe tightly and leaped into the skies, cutting down in the direction of the arm.

"What are you doing! Human!" The Blood Demon Emperor was furious when he felt the aura of the human who summoned him striking at himself. But he was bounded by the rules of the underworld that he could not attack the person who summoned him. Hence, he could only watch as this happened.

"Chopping off your arm, duh!" With a loud roar, Lin Fan’s aura exploded.

The Eternal Axe glowed brightly as it chopped down cleanly.

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