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Their features looked similar indeed. In fact, they were practically identical.

But it was at this moment that Lin Fan realized that the person before him had an entirely different disposition compared to the Heaven Queen, just like Heaven and Earth.

One was cold and acted as though everything was within her control. The other was saintly and elegant with a dignified aura.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt a frosty feeling rising from the bottom of his toes all the way up to his head.

Did he b.l.o.o.d.y whack the wrong person?!?

Well, that wouldn’t be an issue normally. Wasn’t it just a fight? And he didn’t cripple this person as well.

But right now, it was an entirely different situation.

He had wanted to thoroughly humiliate this person. Hence, he tore up her clothes into pieces. But…wasn’t this just wrong?

S-steady now! No matter what, he wasn’t someone who could just turn back on anything he had done. He definitely couldn’t falter now.

Even if he were to admit his wrongdoing now, so what? What was done was done!

"Yes, I’ve made a mistake indeed. Hurry up and wear your clothes. Now that you’re out nude in the open, that’s some really indecent exposure by the way." Lin Fan stood there commenting without a single bit of shyness.

The woman whose clothes were torn apart by Lin Fan stood there with rage burning in her eyes. Wasn’t he the one who tore up her clothes?!?

But right now, she could only reply coldly, "Could you turn your head around."

Lin Fan frowned, "What? Turn around for what? You’re nothing but air to me. A body is nothing but a vessel. I’ve seen tens of thousands of women bodies. Even though you’re pretty decent, you’re not at the stage where you can move my heart.:

The moment Lin Fan decided to bulls.h.i.t, Heaven could move and the seas could dry up. No one in this world could match up to that.

Looking at Lin Fan, the women bit on her lips gently before eventually pulling out a long robe.

But the moment she let go of her hand, Lin Fan shuddered within his heart and muttered out, "So fierce…"

This was it. Her eyes were totally flushed red with rage right now.

"Just a single ‘I’ve made a mistake,’ and you expect to let this tide over just like this?!?" She looked at Lin Fan filled with indignance.

She had reincarnated multiple times, but this was the first time she had encountered such humiliation. If he weren’t accountable for this, there was no way she could let this go in her heart!

Lin Fan’s heart skipped a beat. G.o.ddammit! He should have known that women were petty. Although, he had to admit that this woman was the strongest being he had ever seen with a full seventy energy grid line chains under her name.

But despite that, a woman was a woman. She was going to bear a grudge until this thing eventually got explained.

But he was somebody who hated ha.s.sles. How could he have the spare time to argue with her?

"Then what do you want? I asked if you were the Heaven Queen, yet you refused to reply. Goodness, over the years, there have been tons of people who were mistaken and beaten to a pulp by me, but all of them accepted it willingly. This is the first time I’ve come across somebody who’s so petty about it! Gosh!" Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back and replied without a single bit of concern.

"You…!" This was the first time the woman had encountered someone who was this shameless! She wanted to ask: ‘Have you EVER given me a chance to speak from the start?!?’

"You what you! So what if I were mistaken? You sent people down to Xuanjian Sect to destroy them. Now that I am here talking to you nicely instead of taking your life is something you should be grateful for already! Don’t go overboard now!" Even though Lin Fan had no woman in his life, but could someone who was a vegan in their entire lives claim that they hadn’t seen meat at all?

Hence, Lin Fan knew that the way to deal with a woman was to show them who was the boss. Otherwise, she would get all over one’s head, gosh!

The woman was close to exploding right now. That elegant disposition couldn’t even begin to hide that amount of resentment that was boiling within her. Furthermore, that wound on her back still stung from time to time, causing her to feel that same pain.

And from the sound of it, it seemed like he expected her to thank him for everything!

"When have I ever mentioned destroying Xuanjian Sect?" The woman asked while holding in her wrath.

At this point, Lin Fan raised his palm and stopped the woman, "Alright, alright. Whether or not you want to destroy it is none of my business. The main point was that striking me is just asking for death."

"Don’t be too much. No one has ever dared to speak to me in this manner." Listening to this, she was thoroughly incensed.

"Oh, spare the c.r.a.p, please. If you’re unhappy, then come at me, simple as that. No one has ever dared to give me that acting strong bullsh*t and still managed to live till now. You’re the first, so feel grateful for that." Lin Fan looked her straight in the eye. He was determined to get the upper hand of this situation.

"You…!" The woman clutched at her chest. It was as if she had nowhere else to channel this rage. Opening her mouth, she spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Hmph, don’t try to play the victim in front of me. I’ve told you, you’re not at the state whereby you’re so beautiful that I would feel pity for you." Lin Fan flicked his robes with a look of disdain.

"You…you…!" She was flushed entirely red. Finger pointing at Lin Fan, she couldn’t even continue speaking right now.

"Alright, alright. You can leave now. I’ll spare your life for today, but I hope that you keep your behavior in check from now on. Even though you’ve got seventy energy grid line chains, if I truly want to kill you, all it would take is a simple move." Lin Fan said calmly.

The woman felt that her mental state was breaking down right in front of this man. She could barely restrain herself from acting like a wild beast and chewing this man to death.

"Alright, let me ask you. Why do I sense an ancient aura coming from you?" She asked after taking a deep breath.

Lin Fan was stunned momentarily. This was the first time he heard someone sense the aura of his Eternal Arm. This was curious indeed.

"None of your business." Even though he was a little rude now, he just wanted to be rid of this woman. Everything that had happened today was exasperating enough.

First, he had gotten somebody who was falling head over heels for him just over a single act of bullsh*t. And then she even brought a son for him.

Just thinking about it was enough to give him blue b.a.l.l.s.

Even though Xuan Yunxian was really pretty, this girl before him had her own merits in terms of features. But to Lin Fan, no matter what happened, there had to be an emotional foundation.

Otherwise, once they got to the stage of a more intimate form of interaction, he wouldn’t be able to unlock more stances with them due to the lack of connection. That would make things really boring now.

"Can you just talk properly? This concerns the future of the entire Xuanhuang World." The woman was riled up once more.

"None of your business."

"You’re going overboard…!"

"None of your business."

"You…!" Before she could even finish, she was cut off.

"None of your business."

"Urgh…!" She was so enraged with this ‘None of your business’ that she spat out another mouthful of blood once more.

"Alright, since this is the case, all I can tell you is to not a.s.sume that it’s a good thing having that ancient aura. You will definitely regret it. I won’t return to Xuanjian Sect, but I hope that the next time we meet, you’re able to maintain the same calmness." The girl locked her gaze with Lin Fan before ripping the void up and prepared to leave.

"Oh, your b.o.o.bs are uneven. One’s big and the other’s small. You’ve got to take care of it, man."


Right before the gap in the void closed, Lin Fan could see the woman puking out another few mouthful of blood. She was wobbling as though she could fall at any moment.

At this, Lin Fan swept his robes aside. Raising his head, he looked up into the distant sky and sighed.

In the past, Zhu Geliang could cause someone’s death by berating him, and in modern times, Lin Fan’s ‘None of your business’ could cause others to puke out blood as well.

No matter what aspect one challenged Yours Truly in, one would truly just lose out.

Finally, she was gone…

As the woman made her move, Lin Fan finally let loose a smile. But what he couldn’t understand was how this girl was so strikingly similar to the Heaven Queen. Was it truly just a coincidence or something more…?

And what did she mean by saying that it was not a good thing to maintain that ancient aura?

The reason why Saint Devil Sect was destroyed was due to that single drop of G.o.d Blood.

Even though that G.o.d Blood was already fused within his body, he had no idea what to do with it, or what it could do.

Even though Lin Fan knew that all these ‘Eternal’ items might not be that good, they were smelted by the Heaven and Earth Smelt after all. There really shouldn’t be any issues.

But Lin Fan still felt that it was of utmost importance to get himself stronger right now. Anything else could all wait.

The only way to ensure that he could protect everything was when he was invincible.

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