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Lin Fan was surprised. He originally was just thinking of cooking the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound to fill his stomach, but a martial skill had dropped unexpectedly, it was quite strange.

'Ding… discovered unconventional martial skill"Black Tiger Steals Heart", learn?'


Lin Fan had now left the Saint Devil sect, but he now regretted playing around too much and forgetting to learn several techniques. Although "Black Tiger Steals Heart"was an unconventional martial skill, with "Monkey Steals Peach" as a preliminary example, Lin Fan believed that as long as he increased its level, he would be able to destroy anything.

'Ding… learned"Black Tiger Steals Heart" level 1, experience(0/100)."

'"Black Tiger Steals Heart" a self-created womanizing technique, obtained from Moon-Devouring Demon Hound."

When Lin Fan saw the introduction of the martial skill, his expression slightly changed. In the end, it turned out to be merely a womanizer technique. What a rip-off!

But Lin Fan wouldn't abandon this technique. As there was no good or bad technique, it just depended on who was using it. As Lin Fan believed he was a good person, he definitely wouldn't use it for bad purposes. After filling his stomach, Lin Fan packed up and continued heading north.

After Lin Fan had left, a Moon-Devouring Demon Hound with a slightly skinnier body jumped out from the gra.s.s. It sniffed the air, and then suddenly roared out in anger.

Along the way, Lin Fan encountered many wild beasts, but they were all defeated with one slash from his sword. His experience increased quite a bit as he was killing wild beast, making him realize that perhaps it was a wise choice to leave the Saint Devil sect.

In the Saint Devil sect, leveling up was quite hard, but on the outside, with wild beasts running amok, the experience from killing them had become quite a lot.



At that moment, the bushes shook slightly. Lin Fan frowned and stopped, as something seemed to be happening.


At that moment, a group of Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds jumped out from the bushes.

Lin Fan looked at the group of Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds blocking his way and had a general idea of what was happening. They seemed to be here for revenge. Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds were usually active during the night, and basically just slept in the morning.

But this group of Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds surrounding him had obviously tracked him by his scent.

"Woof…" At this moment, a Moon-Devouring Demon Hound with a slightly skinnier built bared its fangs, looking at Lin Fan with deep hatred. Its horse-like tail burned with fire, and the ground underneath it was burnt pitch black.

Lin Fan wanted to negotiate with them, but the other party didn't even give him a chance and attacked him on the spot. This group of Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds all had cultivation bases up to level three postcelestial. If Lin Fan didn't have the "Eternal Demon Body", he would have been long dead already.

'Ding… defeated level two postcelestial wild beast, Moon-Devouring Demon Hound, experience + 8000.'

'Ding… defeated level one postcelestial wild beast, Moon-Devouring Demon Hound, experience + 5000.'

Lin Fan slashed each hound with a sword, his movements quick and without any hesitation. Although there were many Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds and defending against all was difficult, the damage dealt by the Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds was all converted to experience by the "Eternal Demon Body".

"Hey, don't get too c.o.c.ky…" Lin Fan's sword flashed forth, and a Moon-Devouring Demon Hound was cleaved in half. But the Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds were ferocious. Even though they had lost half of their group, they refused to retreat.

'Ding… congratulations "Eternal Demon Body" experience + 1000.'

After Lin Fan eliminated the entire group of Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds, he then sighed slightly, "Why to go through all that trouble…"

'Ding… obtained intermediate rank martial skill of the light category "Immovable Imperial Fist" learn?'


'"Immovable Imperial Fist" is a imperial martial skill pertaining to the Great Yan Dynasty.'

'Ding… obtained low-rank martial skill of the light category "Psychedelic Body" learn?'


'"Psychedelic Body" is a martial skill pertaining to the Heavenly School of the Great Yan Dynasty.'

After eliminating the Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds, Lin Fan obtained two martial skills. It seemed many people of the Great Yan Dynasty died at the hands of these Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds.

Two days later, Lin Fan encountered four more attacks from Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds. At the same time, he faced many other wild beasts along the way.

After entering postcelestial stage, Lin Fan finally understood the use of true energy. Using "Psychedelic Body"or "Immovable Imperial Fist" all consumed true energy, but what troubled Lin Fan was that he didn't know how to recover true energy quickly, and could only rest up each day to slowly recover it.

Lin Fan also felt that the utilization of true energy also had something to do with the mental cultivation skill. It seemed there was a need to obtain a mental cultivation skill if he had the chance.

Lin Fan also discovered something new about the Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds; they were a group of fierce beast that would actively seek revenge. Because of the Moon-Devouring Demon Hounds, Lin Fan's cultivation base had also risen, and was now a level two postcelestial.

The true energy had also doubled.

After three days, Lin Fan felt that he should be close to leaving the dense forest. He wondered if the Great Yan Dynasty was outside it. Lin Fan didn't have a clear goal and didn't know what to do. His current goal was just to raise his cultivation base and go back to the Saint Devil sect to give his fellow brothers a big surprise when he became stronger.

Currently, Lin Fan was sitting underneath a tree. He had used "Psychedelic Body"repeatedly to quicken his pace, so the amount of true energy consumed was great. But the effect was not bad, as his usage of "Psychedelic Body" had made him move at ten times his normal speed.

Right now, "Psychedelic Body" was already at level five, and "Immovable Imperial Fist" was at level three.


Suddenly, Lin Fan felt the earth shaking violently. Lin Fan was startled and immediately stoop up, 'Did something perhaps happen?' But the moment Lin Fan stood, up a majestic sense of energy came surging over like waves.

"What the heck! What's that?"Lin Fan was utterly stunned, 'Just which great G.o.d did this presence belong to? It's incredibly intense.' Lin Fan then realized that the sky in front was darkening as if it was the end of the world.

Lin Fan ran forth, it would be better not to get involved in such a dangerous situation. But still, he was curious. So, Lin Fan decided to go sneak a peek, after all, nothing bad should happen from that, right?

Lin Fan began creeping forth stealthily.

"Mo Yi Xuan, hand over the treasure map of the seventh saint and I will let you live."

Currently, up in the sky, two figures were engaged in a chase, the surroundings completely desolate.

"Haha, I didn't think a member of one of the twelve righteous sects, Lianlong Sword sect, would commit something like murder." The back clothed male who was being chased twisted his face in disdain but didn't dare stay.

"Hmph, the treasure map of the seventh saint is an artifact of the ancestral seven saint, hand it over now."

"The other side."

Suddenly, a flash of light surged forth. The area in front of the black clothed male distorted and a momentous ancient stone bridge appeared from the air, cutting off the black clothed male's path.

"Hand it over." The one stopping the black clothed male was an astonishingly beautiful female with a mighty aura about her.

Mo Yi Xuan looked warily at the woman in front of him, his hand clutching an ancient looking scroll.

"Ni Mantian, do you really want to fight me to the death?"Mo Yi Xuan asked warily.

"Just you alone?"Ni Mantian laughed coldly, "Cycling Sword."

Lin Fan hid afar, watching the situation ahead while being completely dumbfounded. This was way too insane. If this were him over there, he would have been cut to death long ago.

But at this time, something that puzzled Lin Fan occurred. They seemed to have fought too ferociously, the two who were previously just engaged in an intense fight seemed to be at their limits and stood motionless.

But even so, Lin Fan didn't dare go over.

"Haha, Ni Mantian, experience comes with age. Although you are one of the top of this realm, you lack experience in actual combat." Mo Yi Xuan laughed, his face turning pale like dirt.

"Hmph… underhanded." Ni Mantian didn't speak anymore and closed her eyes to heal up.

"We don't know who will be the one to die today. I do admit that the Lianlong Sword Sect is number one when it comes to swordsmanship, but when it comes to healing, they are dead last. Both of us can't move now, so I'd like to see just what you can do to me." Although Mo Yi Xuan talked big, he was also scrambling to recover.

Lin Fan, who was far off in the distance, perked his sharp ears while listening in. What they said previously wasn't important, but there was one sentence of utmost importance.

"Both of us can't move now."

"They can't move…" Lin Fan muttered, then his expression changed.

"F*ck, what's the point of watching if they can't move. Granddaddy is coming!!!!" Lin Fan's eyes lit up at that moment as he ran towards the two people.

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