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Mother of sweet chickens…!

Lin Fan did not want to say anything anymore. What could he do now? He couldn’t just push her away, neither could he allow her to continue hugging like this!

If he pushed her away, that would be akin to him telling everyone that he was just making a fool out of her, and for her to not take it to heart.

But that didn’t sound right the more he thought about it. How heartbreaking would that be?

‘Forget it. Yours Truly’s body, she can hug as much as she wants to then. It isn’t worth much money anyways.’

But wow, wasn’t Xuan Yunxian plentiful to the max? Lin Fan had not noticed carefully from the start. But the moment she started pressing her body against his, he could clearly feel 2 tender and soft mounds pressing against his chest.

Just then, Xuan Yunxian leaned her head on Lin Fan’s shoulders and asked tenderly, "Won't you hug me too?"

The moment he heard this, Lin Fan’s body shuddered momentarily. ‘T-this woman’s request is…is too much!’

"This…What sort of sinful act is this?" Looking at this outrageous scene before her, Grandmaster Xuan was filled with anger.

She had to bring a break to all of this! Xuan Yunxian was the disciple she had painstakingly groomed to be the next Grandmaster! How could she be flirting around with a man right here?!

No matter what, even if Yunxian would hold a grudge against her, she had to do it!

"Grandmaster, do not get angry. I’ve already had a disciple go and fetch that kid, Liu Linfeng. As long as he doesn’t agree to this, I’m sure Yunxian would spare a thought for him." One of the Senior Elders said.

"Seems like that’s the only way." Grandmaster Xuan nodded her head, placing all her hope on that kid, Liu Linfeng.

She knew that Xuan Yunxian had an extremely close relationship with Liu Linfeng. This kid had been brought up since she was a child by Yunxian, and he had always regarded her as a mother. If Linfeng disagreed to this, Yunxian would definitely spare a thought for him. They would then sit down for a good talk, and hopefully be able to change Yunxian’s current thoughts.

"Senior Brother, just in front!"

"Yes. I have to see just what sort of b*stard would dare to dirty my master!" Liu Linfeng was enraged right now. To him, no other man in this world was more befitting for his master than himself.

Even if there were any man, it could only perhaps be that man who had whipped him into shape.

But to this day, that man had abandoned him, and Liu Linfeng had no idea where that man had disappeared.

"Senior Brother, take a look! It’s that man!" The female disciple pointed ahead.

Looking at the crowd of people, Liu Linfeng wanted to pull out his blade and slice this man cleanly into 2. But just as he caught sight of the man’s face, he was stumped.

"Grandmaster! Look! Linfeng that kid is here, and he looks as though he’s ready to pick a fight with that person!" One of the Senior Elders remarked.

"Yes. What a kid, Linfeng, what a kid! Seems like we haven’t wasted our efforts doting on him." Grandmaster Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. Seemed like there was still a strand of hope.

"Yunxian is very bothered about the emotions of this kid, Linfeng. As long as this kid objects, everything will be fine." Another Senior Elder replied.

"Seems like you made the right decision in allowing Yunxian to adopt this kid all those years ago, Grandmaster. To think that he would come in useful right at this moment."

"Alright, it’s all up to this kid, Linfeng now!" Grandmaster Xuan’s face finally let loose a smile after everything.


Liu Linfeng, on whom everyone had placed their hopes, rushed towards Lin Fan with an excited look. Along the way, he was so rushed that he even landed on his knees and was practically gliding towards Lin Fan, in front of the dumbfounded looks of everyone watching.

"Daddy…!!!" The moment Liu Linfeng arrived by Lin Fan, he hugged Lin Fan’s thighs tightly in tears. Those tears flowed down from his eyes, as if they were free like tap water.

And just then, the entire world fell silent.

Grandmaster Xuan’s jaws dropped apart. Just what the f*ck was this?

All the Senior Elders were so shocked they could not stop trembling.

All the disciples were rooted frozen solid on the spot.

What the f*ck? Could someone explain everything to them?!?

Wasn’t it agreed upon that Liu Linfeng would object this?!? Why was he so emotional upon meeting this man then? In fact, even calling him daddy?!?!

Grandmaster Xuan could not figure out for the sake of her life. The indignance was swelling so badly in her heart that she could just die of a heart attack right now.

In fact, some of the disciples with fertile imaginations were even coming up with horrifying faces. Could Liu Linfeng be the b*stard child of this man and their Elder Xuan Yunxian?!?

Otherwise, why would she have fought so hard back then for their Grandmaster to take in Liu Linfeng?

But, what was even scarier was when they thought of Liu Linfeng’s age!

Did Elder Xuan Yunxian give birth at the tender age of 14?!?

If only Lin Fan knew what these girls were thinking right now, he would definitely puke out all his blood and die of blood loss.

But the people from Xuanjian Sect were not the only ones in shock. No one was in greater shock than Lin Fan himself.

Holy f*ck…! How was there even a son right now?!?

And looking at the person hugging his thighs, he recognized this person immediately. Wasn’t this the sissy he had tied up and whipped back then?!?

"Oi! Oi! Stop calling me anyhow as you like! Since when was I your Daddy?" Lin Fan was about to let loose his flood of tears right now. Why couldn’t anything be normal?!?

What sort of sins had he been committing to always b.u.mp into things like these?!?

"No! You’re my Daddy! I’ve always viewed master as my mum! Now that you’re with my master, you’re my Daddy!" Liu Linfeng refused to let loose of Lin Fan’s thighs.

"Master, do you think he’s my Daddy?"

Listening to her dear disciple’s words, Xuan Yunxian’s face flushed red. In the end, she nodded shyly.

"See, Daddy! Master nodded her head too!"

He was reminiscing about the event from before right now.

Because he was disobedient, he was dragged into the woods and given a good whipping by Daddy. That feeling was something he could never forget.

Even until now, he was craving for Daddy’s whippings of love…

If Lin Fan knew what was going on in Liu Linfeng’s head right now, he would definitely puke out all his blood and die all over again.

Based on his knowledge of ‘Trainer’, he thought that he could only have the other party be submissive towards him. To think that he would totally train up the mindset of the other party as well.

No matter the skill, as long as it underwent strengthening by the system, it would no longer be the skill it once was.

And since Lin Fan had not taken the time to really look through the system, naturally he did not know about this.

And right now, Xuanjian Sect was experiencing it’s most heartbreaking scene over a few thousand years.

It was also at this point that Lin Fan realized that he f*cked up by coming to Xuanjian Sect.

"Let go first." Lin Fan said to Liu Linfeng. He felt like he needed to have a good talk with these people.

Wasn’t he here just for the Supreme Being’s Token Shard?!? Was there a need for all of these? If he were someone with a weaker heart, he would have long died of shock by the scene before him.

"No, Daddy! I won't let go!"

"Let go."

"No, Daddy!"

"Let loose."

"No, Daddy!"

"Let loose of Daddy’s leg!" Lin Fan was about to explode right now. His entire viewpoint of life had crumbled down to the core. Yours Truly was still a virgin! How could he have gained a kid so big so soon!

"Yes, Daddy!" The moment Liu Linfeng heard this, he let loose of Lin Fan’s leg and stood at the side happily.

"Yunxian, please let loose first. We’ll slowly hug more in the future." Lin Fan had to diffuse this situation right now first. Otherwise, there was no way he would be leaving her today.

"It’s okay if you call me Xian Er…" Xuan Yunxian replied tenderly.

Lin Fan took a deep breath to soothe his fl.u.s.tering heart. He would rather have yet another duel with the Eternal Donger than face this situation ever again.

"Alright, Xian Er, please let loose first…" Lin Fan was extremely helpless right now. But so what if he was? This was all caused by his moment of acting.

And Lin Fan truly understood.

Bulls.h.i.ting had its consequences. One ought to tread with care.

"To think that this day would come. My eyes are really peeled wide open to be able to witness such a scene! HAHAHA!"

Suddenly, someone ripped through the void above Xuanjian Sect. A few shadows stood and laughed maniacally at the sight below…

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