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"Finally here."

After several days, Lin Fan was standing atop a mountain peak, looking at the Xuanjian Sect in the distance.

The first time he caught sight of Xuanjian Sect, he was somewhat stumped. Xuanjian Sect was built on top of the surface of a gigantic long sword. This sword seemed to have descended from the skies, plunging onto the surface of the Earth at a 45-degree angle. This sword’s mighty size was astounding to behold.

A dense and thick Sword Will was being emitted from that sword.

Sharp. Honed.

Because of this, Xuanjian Sect was filled with vigor as well.

This was indeed a sight of a land from a fairy tale on Earth.

Looking at it, Lin Fan was feeling tinges of envy. It was a women’s sect indeed. They definitely knew how to enjoy life.

Thinking back on his own sect back at home, he could not help but sigh exasperatedly. How it paled in comparison!

Intimidating. Tender. Beautiful…All of these qualities were blended together in a perfect package.

Lin Fan presumed that the Grandmaster of Xuanjian Sect should be hundred plus years old right now; a granny caliber woman. If she were younger, Lin Fan might not have minded having a more intimate form of contact with her for future purposes.

Shaking his head at the thought, Lin Fan made his way down to collect what he came for.

"Hold up there. This is the Xuanjian Sect. No random outsiders are allowed here." A pretty good looking girl stopped Lin Fan in his tracks.

This girl glared at Lin Fan with caution.

"Young girl, I’m not just any outsider. I’m here to discuss some matters with your Grandmaster." Lin Fan had intended to break his way through inside. However, looking at the disciple with only the cultivation base of a precelestial middle level, Lin Fan could not bear to do it.

He was the strongest person within Glory Sect right now. He could not bring himself to commit such acts of bullying the weak…

And most importantly, his purpose here was to request for something. Things would get a little sticky if he injured anyone.

"Insolent! Who are you?" Looking at the man before her being so brash, the girl called out angrily while pulling out her long sword.

Lin Fan shook his head. Ignoring her, he walked straight through ahead.

"Hold up…!" Looking at how the other party disregarded her, the girl rushed at him in anger.

"D-despicable man! If you dare to continue forth, don’t blame me for being rough!" This girl had been in the sect for quite some time, but this was the first time she had met with something like this.

Even though Xuanjian Sect was not any major sect, n.o.body would come around to create trouble usually. Therefore, the girl was at a loss towards her next course of action.

Lin Fan did not reply her and continued walking forth quietly.

At the same time, he grumbled in his heart. ‘Why did all these sects have to make the barrier of entry into the sects so d.a.m.n b.l.o.o.d.y high!’

"Despicable man! Take my sword!" To think that this man would totally ignore her warnings. The girl was so enraged that she pierced in the direction of Lin Fan’s arm.


"How could this be?" Looking at her long sword which had shattered into pieces, the girl’s eyes turned red as she stood rooted where she was in shock.

"M-my sword…!" After a long time in the sect, this girl had finally built up some contributions to the sect and exchanged them for this longsword she had set her sights on for a really long time now. But to think that it would be broken in just a few days’ time!

Looking at this girl who was bawling on the spot, Lin Fan could not help but shake his head. He picked up the shards on the floor and began smelting them for a bit.

A long sword with an intimidating aura was pierced into the ground.

"Alright. This is your compensation. I have something to discuss with your Grandmaster." Lin Fan did not want to ask anything from her and just made his way forward.

The girl who was wailing her eyes out looked at the longsword pierced into the ground in shock. She then moved forth and touched it.

Light Grade Middle Weapon…!

"Thank you, Senior!" The disciple instantly knew that the man before her was a Senior. To think that he could craft a graded weapon with just mere shards! What horrifying strength he had!

Lin Fan couldn’t be bothered with anything else other than a legendary weapon.

From time to time when he was bored, he would try his hand at crafting random stuff again in hopes of obtaining yet another legendary weapon. But reality was cruel. He got jacksh*t.

Along the way, Lin Fan attracted the gazes of many female disciples. After all, it was strange for a male to suddenly appear here. Some of the disciples ran off secretly to inform the Elders of the sect of this man’s presence.

Reaching the top of the sword where the top of the sect was, Lin Fan let out a grin.

There were already people from Xuanjian Sect awaiting him there.

"Who is this sir here? What do you seek here at Xuanjian Sect?" The person who spoke was a normal Elder of the sect.

"Lin Fan from Glory Sect requests an audience with your Grandmaster." Lin Fan disregarded her question and declare his ident.i.ty. Even though his voice wasn’t extremely loud, it permeated the entire Xuanjian Sect.

Within the Grandmaster’s Hall…

The Grandmaster of Xuanjian Sect was in the midst of a discussion with some of the Senior Elders of the sect. Upon hearing this voice, she was shocked. Exchanging glances with the other Senior Elders, she rushed out immediately.

Things outside were a little tense. Lin Fan’s calm demeanor had led the Elder who spoke to him to be in a fit of anger.

No one had dared to be so impertinent in the few thousand years of Xuanjian Sect’s history.

Regarding Glory Sect, she naturally knew about them. But no matter how she looked, Lin Fan did not resemble someone who would be from that sect.

"Take down this man!" The elder ordered in extreme displeasure.


Those people who were surrounding Lin Fan right now turned around upon hearing this voice to their utter shocks.

"Greetings, Grandmaster!"

"Senior Elder…!"

Following behind the Grandmaster, Xuan Yunxian’s beautiful eyes found themselves looking at Lin Fan who was standing there. Her face changed into a look of disbelief.

She had not expected that it was him!

The scene back in Fiery h.e.l.l flashed through her mind once more.

He didn’t die! Yes! That was great!

But…why was he here?

Could it be that he was here for her?

Xuan Yunxian started fantasizing in her mind right now. Those last words of this man to her on that fateful day were still etched deeply in her heart.

She would feel that same numb stinging feeling in her heart daily, secretly hoping that this man could still be alive. But she told herself that it was impossible.

After all, that sea of flames in the Fiery h.e.l.l was something that even she could not have escaped from.

But to find this man standing before her once more, Xuan Yunxian’s heart which was gradually beginning to find peace was once again crashing like the raging seas.

Just as Lin Fan was about to speak his mind, his heart skipped a beat. He had discovered a gaze locking onto him. And when he saw who the owner of that gaze was, his b.a.l.l.s felt a sting as well.

‘Holy f*ck. s.h.i.t! This is a problem!’ Lin Fan exclaimed in his heart as he recalled what happened in the Fiery h.e.l.l once more.

Unable to control his itch to act, he had put on a big show and had even made a heartfelt confession at the end of it.

But from this gaze, Lin Fan was certain that this person definitely remembered his words. And also, she seemed to have been truly moved by him!

Steady…He needed to keep steady now!

Lin Fan warned himself to stay calm and continued.

"Grandmaster Xuan, I am Lin Fan from Glory Sect. I seek a favor from you."

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