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One thing Lin Fan could never understand was why the beasts would gather into stampedes and rain down destruction on human civilizations. Perhaps he might finally know about the secret from this Flame Overlord right here.

The Flame Overlord looked at the human before him in absolute fear.

Who in the world would have imagined b.u.mping into a freak of a human with such supernatural regeneration abilities? It was as if he were feeling nothing at all after the chase that took days and nights!

"Big brother, as long as you let me go, I’ll tell you everything you want to know!" The plump face of this kid Flame Overlord was now filled with a look of submission.

Lin Fan looked at him with a look of contempt, "What? To think you’re a beast. Do you not have any backbone? Or, do you mean to tell me that beasts only dare to bully the weak and fear the strong?"

"N-no, big brother! This was taught to me by my mum! She said that if I were to meet a human that I cannot fight against, I should wisen up and obey his words, so that he will find me pitiful and let me go!" The Flame Overlord replied honestly.

Lin Fan could not help but be impressed with his human mother. Just what sort of method did she use to get herself impregnated with a beast’s child? And, what if that beast wasn’t someone who could transform into human form like this one here? Unless…unless…?!?

Lin Fan did not dare to continue down that train of thought. All he could say was that…everyone had different fetishes.

"Your mother is an interesting woman indeed. If I ever get the chance, I would want to know her.’ A woman like her should be worth knowing. After all, the reason why Lin Fan came out to the outside world was to look at all sorts of strange things.

Suddenly, the look of seeking forgiveness from the Flame Overlord turned into sadness with a tinge of vengefulness, "Big brother, I doubt you’ll be able to. Both of my parents are dead."

Lin Fan looked at the Flame Overlord and said nothing else. He wasn’t foolish enough to trust the words of a beast. He then continued with the important questions.

"Where did you come from? What’s with the beast stampedes? Why are you guys bent on taking down human civilizations?"

"I come from the Beast Spirit World. The beast stampede was instructed to us by That Man. As to why he wants to take down human civilizations? I do not know."

He truly did not understand why they had to bring ruin to the humankind. After all, the humans and beasts had rarely meddled with one another’s businesses. But That Man was an extremely powerful being, who had already taken control over the entire Beast Spirit World. Whoever defied his orders would have their entire souls sucked out and be left with dried up corpses.

"Tell me every single thing you know. I can promise to let you go." Lin Fan was deep in his thoughts.

He had thought that something was amiss since the very first beast stampede he encountered.

The beasts were also not creatures with nothing better to do. Why would they attack these civilizations for no reason? No matter the reason, Yours Truly’s detective skills would tear down this mystery one layer after another.

Naturally, the Flame Overlord did not dare to withhold any information, and told every single thing he knew.

The more Lin Fan listened, the tighter his brows frowned.

A mysterious person clad in black robes.

His body size was extremely miniscule compared to the beasts.

But he possessed boundless strength. So much so that no one in the Beast Spirit World could resist him.

Lin Fan knew that there was a natural boundary that existed between the Beast Spirit World and the Xuanhuang World. This meant that neither could enter the other world. But this mysterious person clad in black robes appeared in the Beast Spirit World a few hundred years ago. Using extremely vicious methods, he killed off every single beast who resisted him, and gained total control over the entire Beast Spirit World.

As for the Flame Overlord’s parents? They were part of the resistance.

Few hundred years later, this mysterious man had managed to create a pathway between the 2 worlds, allowing the beasts to be transported over. He had a single goal: the destruction of human civilizations.

"Big brother, can I leave now?" The Flame Overlord asked warily. He had already told everything he knew. There was really nothing else he could say.

Lin Fan sized up the Flame Overlord carefully. A beast with 16 energy grid line chains, even Glory Sect’s Grandmaster may not be able to take it down. If he could train it up and recruit it to Saint Devil Sect…then, this would be yet another great step in the path forward to building up the mighty Saint Devil Sect.

Looking at the sinister look on Lin Fan’s face now, the Flame Overlord shuddered and collapsed onto the ground.

"Big brother! My mother told me that humans are the most trustworthy! You must not lie to me! I’m a half human too!"

Shameless. No backbone. Submissive. Tactful. Mixed breed of human and beast. Great research value.

Not bad. All of these characteristics were extremely fitting for a Saint Devil candidate.

"Since you said that the Beast Spirit World is in bad shape under the rule of the black clad man, how about following me instead? What do you think?" Lin Fan decided to employ some soft tactics first. If this little fatty did not give him face, his whip would then come in real handy.

"I wish, big brother, I wish! But if I do not return, he will kill off all the innocent residents under my care! Big brother, please let me off! I really mean no harm to humans! When I was attacking the city, I only meant to scare them for a little. I’m always friendly towards humans! I believe that friendship is the most important thing…" As if he had already memorized these words, the Flame Overlord spouted them out immediately.

Looking at the fatty before him, Lin Fan was in a dilemma right now. So, should he take in this beast or not?

Looking at the other party falling silent, the Flame Overlord prostrated himself on the ground.

"Tell me how to get to the Beast Spirit World then."

"You need to break through the barrier between both worlds."

F*ck! That was as good as saying nothing! To break the barriers between both worlds, one must first have the required power level to do so!

"Any other methods?" Lin Fan asked relentlessly. This Flame Overlord must have been sent here by the black clad man as well.

"I’ve got no idea. There shouldn’t be anything else. But That Man said that he would definitely be able to break over to here completely by 3 years. By then, he would be able to descend here from the Beast Spirit World and rain down chaos on all the humans."

Upon hearing this, Lin Fan was taken aback immediately.

At most 3 years?!? Didn’t this mean that he could succeed anytime in between now and 3 years later?

"That Man you are talking about… how strong is strong?" Lin Fan had landed himself in the midst of a terrible secret.

"Extremely, extremely strong! My parents along with all the various overlords of the Sealed Grounds were all ma.s.sacred by him without any single room for resistance." Thinking back to the past, the Flame Overlord revealed a look of horror.

Lin Fan stood up. He had an idea brewing.

If he hadn’t known about this, he might not have considered it. But now that he did, then things weren’t going to be so simple.

If Lin Fan weren’t the person who was matched against this Flame Overlord, the entire Dongling Continent might have already suffered a great loss.

And if what he said was true…

Then within 3 years…

The entire Dongling Continent. No, in fact, the entire Xuanhuang World might very well be destroyed by then.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! He had to adapt to this really quickly. Thank goodness he was still able to have this warning beforehand. If he were to lose everything he cared for once more, he would have no reason to live any longer.

Lin Fan grabbed the wrist of the plump fatty and dragged him towards the woods.

"Ah…big brother! What are you doing? I’ve already said everything I have to! Why are you still dragging me into the woods!"

"No…big brother! Not there…please…!"


And an extremely strange cry rang out across the entire woods…

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