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Ancient Battlefield…

A cold breeze blew across the entire place.

The Ancient Battlefield was a battlefield that had existed in Dongling Continent since time immemorial. The place was vast and wide, filled with a solemn and grim aura.

Two men were standing opposite to one another at both sides of the battlefield. The atmosphere was extremely tense, as if a fight could break out at a moment’s notice.

"Old dog Song! Your sect’s disciples have killed my sect’s inner sect disciples! The reason I asked you out is to settle this once and for all!" On one of the slopes, an old man stood there with his aura boundless like a flowing river.

"Hmph, old dog Yang, your disciples have been rude to me. So what if my disciples killed them? They had it coming!"

"Fine. We shall have a death bout today then!"

These two were Grandmasters of small sects respectively. Over some squabbles of their disciples, their disgruntled feelings of one another rose up till the deathmatch today.

"All disciples listen up!"

"All disciples listen up!"



Just as both sides were ready to rush at each other’s throats, the ground shook as a horrifying aura spread across from the distance.

"Hey guys, look! What’s that!"

Looking over, everyone’s faces turned pale as a sheet. A gigantic body was rushing towards them.

"Old dog Song, how dare you look for external help?"

"Old dog Yang, how dare you look for external help?"

Both Grandmasters lashed out at one another immediately. However, their faces changed as they looked over. The entire skies had changed color altogether. The void was rumbling, with the energy grid line chains coiling with one another, emitting an extremely terrifying aura.

"That’s a sinister beast which has gathered 16 energy grid line chains!" Both of them were dumbfounded as they looked over.

The both of them were merely greater celestial middle-level beings with 2 energy grid line chains each. If they were to clash with the beast, both of them would disappear immediately like ants being squashed.

The 2 of them glanced at one another before waving their hands and beckoning, "Hurry up and hide!"

Bam! Bam!

The earth was trembling as the beast approached nearer and nearer. The both of them glanced at one another once more, ‘We’re screwed…’

Feeling the aura, the disciples of both sects curled themselves up into b.a.l.l.s on the ground, shivering in fear. In fact, some of them were so scared that their feet were frozen solid, and they couldn’t even move a single inch.

The skies darkened as the gigantic feet of the beast hovered right above them, as though it was preparing to crush them into nothingness.

With the grim reaper waiting for them, all of them could only shut their eyes tightly, awaiting the arrival of death.

It was at this moment that they knew that they had f*cked up. Why did they have to come here for a deathmatch for no reason at all? If they hadn’t gotten into an argument, they wouldn’t be meeting with this beast right now!

"You better leap over! Yours Truly swears that I’ll rip your tendons out if you squash them to death!"

Just as the ma.s.ses had lost every single bit of hope, a voice rang in their ears. But to them, these words were nothing more than a joke. Why would a beast of that caliber obey such a command from anyone?

And it was at this moment that they knew, they f*cked up again.

The beast took into a leap and skipped them over indeed.

Everyone stayed where they were with their jaws agape, in total disbelief of what just happened.

And just then, they saw a shadow following closely behind the beast.

And what was even more incredible? 

This man was holding on to a whip and whipping the beast’s backside!!!

Grandmaster Song and Grandmaster Yang’s eyeb.a.l.l.s were popping so far out of their sockets right now that they could almost fall off. How could a beast with 16 energy grid line chains be whipped by someone from the back?!?

"What are you guys still doing here? Hurry up and get the h.e.l.l lost!" After a single crack of his whip, Lin Fan looked down at these people and continued to give chase.

Looking at one another, Grandmaster Song and Yang broke out in cold sweat and tumbled down onto the ground, lying there in exasperation.

Scary…too scary!

Just who in the world was that? To think that a terrifying beast with 16 energy grid line chains was scared away by him!


Lin Fan was totally enraged right now. This Flame Overlord was just a big p*ssy! He had intended to level up using this fella. But to think that he would only be bothered about running away!

Out of rage, Lin Fan decided to take out his whip of love and chase after this beast in reverse. He hoped that this would serve as motivation for the Flame Overlord to turn around and whip him back.

But in fact, the Flame Overlord was just crying internally right now. Just where the h.e.l.l did this human come from? How was he even scarier than these beasts?!?

It had been 2 days and 2 nights since this began!

What sort of nonsense was this for a Sealed Ground Overlord such as himself to be chased by a human for 2 days and 2 nights without even any room for retaliation?

As for the energy grid line whip, the Flame Overlord had truly tried his best. Even though he was a beast, he was also feeling fatigued after these past 2 days of whipping.

When he saw a bunch of humans just now, he truly wanted to stomp them to death to make himself feel better. But upon hearing the voice of the man chasing him, he was shocked out of his wits, and decided to leap past them eventually.

"Piece of trash! How dare you slack off after whipping me for just a single night! You wanna be lazy? Let Yours Truly tell you… No way!" Lin Fan scolded as he whipped the beast from behind.

The Flame Overlord was truly in tears now. To think that he would end up having such a horrifying experience with his first time leading a beast stampede for an extermination expedition.

His only thought right now was to return to where he was and never come back here ever again.

Lin Fan was speechless to the max. His Eternal Immortality had only reached level 4, quite a distance from what he intended for it to be. How could the beast stop now?

Yet another day pa.s.sed…

The Flame Overlord’s speed was getting slower and slower. Eventually, he could run no longer and came to a stop.

Looking at the Flame Overlord coming to a stop, Lin Fan stopped too, glaring at it from midair.

The gigantic body of the Flame Overlord was shaking tremendously. Raising his ma.s.sive arm, his palm signaled for a stop in a motion of surrendering. He then bent over, arms on his knees and breathing heavily, huffing and puffing.

Those malevolent eyes no longer had their intimidating look. In its place was a look begging for mercy.

"I truly can’t run no more. What do you want?" Suddenly, the Flame Overlord spoke.

"You speak human language?!?" Lin Fan was taken aback. What the f*ck? He had not expected this!

"Yes, I do. In fact, I can even turn into human form." The Flame Overlord was terrified of this human to the core of his being.

The moment Lin Fan heard that, he was even more shocked. A beast that could turn into human form?!? But why was it written in the records back in the sect that beasts did not speak the human language then?

"Transform for me to see then." Lin Fan said in curiosity.

The Flame Overlord looked at Lin Fan. With a bright glow, he gradually shrunk smaller.

"Holy…!" The moment Lin Fan saw what the Flame Overlord had turned into, he could not hold back his bewilderment.

To think that that ma.s.sive being would turn into a small kid! And a plump and round one at that! Other than the 4 flaming wings behind it’s back, there was exactly no difference between it and any other human beings.

"How could you beasts know how to transform into human form?" It was as if Lin Fan had discovered an entirely new world.

Even though the heart of this Flame Overlord transformed child was feeling extremely distasteful of that comment, he did not reveal that feeling.

"My mother was a human and my father a beast. That’s why I can transform into human form. As for the rest of the beasts, I do not know if they can."

Even though the Flame Overlord was replying Lin Fan’s questions truthfully, the only thought on his mind was how to escape later on.

"How old are you?"

"600 years old."


Suddenly, Lin Fan’s whip cracked beside the Flame Overlord, "You’re thinking of how to run, right?"

"N-no! Big brother, please tell me what I should do for you to let me go! I’m only a kid!"

"600 years old and you call yourself a kid! Y-you…!"

"To us beasts, we’re only considered one year old for every 100 years! Therefore, I’m only 6 years old right now in terms of human age!" The plump little transformed kid was crying.

"Alright, let me ask you some questions then. You better answer me truthfully. Or else…oh well, you know what’ll happen anyway." Lin Fan laughed coldly.

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