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'Cucuckoo!’ Chicky streaked in a beam of red light and landed back on Lin Fan’s shoulders, glaring at the humanoid beast that was running away right now.

Lin Fan left a rainbow light trail behind him as he chased after the humanoid beast. He wanted to see just how this humanoid beast was going to leave this place.

Against the previous humanoid beast, Lin Fan did not manage to give chase and enter that void of darkness. The main reason was because he was too weak back then. Therefore, it would have been too dangerous to do that.

But now that he met another humanoid beast, he was definitely not going to let this one off that easily. Furthermore, the looks and fighting strength of this current one were way stronger than the previous one back then.

A single step of the humanoid beast got it a few thousand feet into the distance. This was his maximum speed, but he still couldn’t shake off that detestable human behind him.

He was extremely p.i.s.sed off right now. He was the Overlord of the Flames. Back in his Sealed Grounds, he was a superior being with no one above him. To think that he would be chased by some puny human. This was extremely intolerable!

Frantically running away, the Flame Overlord turned around to look behind him. The human was chasing him with reasonable ease! This fact shocked him a little.

His mind started tinkering with ideas as well.

He had to think of a way to get rid of this human!

The Flame Overlord had never once in his life thought of an impractical problem such as a human being chasing after him for his life.

He was ordered to lead this beast stampede by That Man. To think that the entire army of beasts would be vanquished by this human as well. How utterly horrifying!

"You piece of big rock in front! Stop running! I’ve got something I wanna say!" Following at the back, Lin Fan realized that this beast seemed to have a pretty high intellect. He was insisting on shaking off Lin Fan, totally unlike the previous humanoid beast who was bent on fighting him to the death.

‘ROAR!’ The Flame Overlord screamed in a frenzy as all 4 flaming wings shuddered momentarily. Energy grid line chains descended from the sky like whips, and lashed out towards Lin Fan.

Looking at these whips, Lin Fan just kept Chicky within his storage and took them head-on, with no intention of dodging them at all.

The Flame Overlord was still a greater celestial full cultivation existence with 16 energy grid line chains. Hence, the moment these whips lashed out, Heaven and Earth trembled under the tremendous pressure.

Looking at how the human did not even bother to dodge, the Flame Overlord’s malevolent eyes twinkled. He was going to test out just how far this human could go.

Coiling together to form a single gigantic whip, the 16 energy grid line chains pierced through every single layer of void and brought with it a ma.s.sive force towards Lin Fan.


As the whip landed on Lin Fan’s body, a potent force leeched at Lin Fan’s body.

‘Ding…’Eternal Immortality’ experience points +10,000,000’

In its frantic escape, the Flame Overlord was overwhelmed with joy when he saw how Lin Fan’s body turned into a mess of meat and blood the moment the whip hit at him.

Seemed like this human was only this strong. There might even be a chance to kill him after all!

Just as the celebrating Flame Overlord was about to stop in his tracks to turn around and fight Lin Fan, he realized that the mess of blood and meat had now recovered entirely.

How could this be…?!?

Undergoing yet another round of shock, the beast shivered and hastened once more.

Lin Fan was the one in joy right now. Seemed like Blood Sea was indeed a b.l.o.o.d.y sick skill once it was leveled up.

If not for the fact that the 6th level of Blood Sea allowed him to recover from just appendages, he might not have dared to receive the whip head on.

Even though the whip had dealt significant damage to his body, he was able to recover from it just nice with the booster of Blood Sea and the lifeforce from the Mythical Parasol Tree.

"Your whip is b.l.o.o.d.y painful! But seems like that’s all you can manage eh? A single whip on Yours Truly." Lin Fan hollered as he continued giving chase.

The Flame Overlord was panicking right now. Just what the h.e.l.l was happening? Why was this man’s recovery speed so b.l.o.o.d.y fast? That was even faster than a beast!

But the Flame Overlord also realized that this human’s speed had decreased after that whip landed on him.

With that, the menacing mouth of the Flame Overlord curled into an evil smile.

Even though Lin Fan could only see the back view of this Flame Overlord, he guessed that the latter must be secretly excited right now. After all, he was sure that the beast must have noticed his purposeful act of slowing down his own speed.

If he truly wanted to escape, he wouldn’t be stopping right here now.

Indeed, just as Lin Fan was contemplating about it, the Flame Overlord gathered his energy grid line chains once more. The whip was filled with an immeasurable aura and force. Even if a greater celestial full cultivation being were to receive the whip, he would have been smacked to dust if his physical body state were strong enough.


Once again, the whip lashed out from thin air.

‘Ding…‘Eternal Immortality’ experience points +10,000,000’


As the whip landed, Lin Fan’s body was torn once again. The cut was so deep that even his bones beneath could be seen. And just as he recovered from it, Lin Fan made sure to drop his speed momentarily at the same time.

Observing the man behind him, the Flame Overlord was forming his own ideas.

At first, he had intended to injure this man to a certain extent before fighting him. But thinking back on that devastating palm strike from the Heavens, he shook off the thought immediately.

He wasn’t confident enough to think that he could survive that destructive palm strike.


And just like that, the man and beast pa.s.sed through the dense forest into a desert.

At the same time, the Flame Overlord would pace the whipping from time to time to slow down Lin Fan’s speed. Ever since he had evolved to ‘Eternal Immortality’ from ‘Eternal Demon Body’, Lin Fan rarely had a chance to allow it to level up.

Now that the opportunity had presented itself, Lin Fan would not mind it.

Regarding the Heaven and Earth Smelt’s way of leveling up, Lin Fan had considered it as well. But the mental torment was simply unbearable.

It wasn’t something mere mortals could endure.


‘Ding…congratulations on leveling up Eternal Immortality.’

‘Ding…Eternal Immortality Level 2.’

‘Ding…Experience points (0/300,000,000)

‘Ding…Physical Body State: Greater celestial middle level.’

Lin Fan was leaping with joy in his heart right now. This way of effortless leveling up was the best!

The day and the night exchanged places…

The Flame Overlord was on the brink of breaking down. He could not figure out for the life of him why this human was regenerating at such an insane speed.

An entire night pa.s.sed…

This human had chased him throughout the night.

He was a mighty overlord amongst the beasts, with an immense amount of stamina. Even with this entire night of running and whipping the man, he wasn’t tired in the least bit. But why the h.e.l.l wasn’t the human chasing behind him tired at all either?!?

In fact, the man seemed to be getting more and more energetic. No…The beast a.s.sured himself that he must be overthinking things. How could any man be so perverted?!?

Lin Fan’s gaze was glimmering brightly. This flaming beast was a good piece of training material indeed. But what displeased Lin Fan was the fact that his speed of whipping was starting to get slower. In fact, he would only whip once every two hours now.

Lin Fan felt that it was time to exert some pressure on this beast now.

A single level of ‘Eternal Immortality’ was far from enough for Lin Fan.

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