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The humanoid beast’s anger was boundless right now. He was considered a champion among the beasts. This expedition to destroy this so-called dynasty should have been something he could do with a sweep of his hand. He wanted to return to the Sealed Grounds in glory, stained with human blood up to his arms. But to think that he was being stopped by a mere human right now?

And the most intolerable thing was the fact that this b.l.o.o.d.y human was looking at him with a smile on his face. It was a smile so creepy that the beast could feel his own a.n.u.s tightening up.

Old man Mo had gone through a series of emotions. From shock to breakdown, and now back to shock once more. This triple blow to his mental self was enough to carve a heart so strong he should no longer by fazed by anything in the future.

But what in the h.e.l.l was this scene before him once again?!?

Even if this powerful man were extremely mighty, he should really consider what was happening before his eyes! His Sword Will was running out, but the beasts continued to swarm towards the dynasty.

The humanoid beast did not move at all. Those flaming eyes just glared at his own army of beasts as his malevolent face let out a smile.

It was as though he was taunting Lin Fan, ‘Your Sword Will and Faceless Sky Demons are going to be overrun by my beasts soon.’

On the city walls, Chicky was seated with his backside straight down. Flapping his wings, he cried out loudly. Towards the situation with the stampede, he wasn’t bothered in the slightest.

Princess Long Yuan’s face let out a look of worry as she said, "Father, please have the soldiers ready to stand guard! The stampede is approaching our gates!"

Towards the man floating in the skies, she no longer had any words she could say to him.

To think that the beast stampede would be filled with dead bodies after just one move from him. This was power that she had never seen before in her life.

"Old bro, how’s the battle going!" Just then, the vagrant martial artists rushed over from a distance and asked in excitement.

"Wow! The powerful man’s back view is really mighty indeed!" Xiao Liu looked up at Lin Fan in the skies and could not help but exclaim out in praise.

Old man Mo sobered back up as he gripped Xiao Liu’s wrist tightly, "You guys came in the nick of time! The void around here has been sealed up, and no one is able to escape! The powerful man can deal with the humanoid beast, but we have to defend against the oncoming beast stampede as well!"

Looking at the ma.s.sive wave of beasts, w.a.n.g Wu gulped and replied, "O-old bro! Do you think we can hold against that?"

"Hmph, w.a.n.g Wu, we must hold on even if we cannot hold on any longer! Xiao Liu here shall shoot my spear out of the water and kill until I become like a G.o.d!" Xiao Liu waved his spear around causing some ripples in the air, with a look of confidence on his face.

"More like you become a ghost."

"Trust me. We’ve had a deal, remember? If I ever marry and get a wife, I’ll retreat back into the woods to live, and we’ll be neighbors!" Xiao Liu was filled with dreams and hopes towards his future. How could he die here?

Everyone was filled to the brim with confidence right now. Now that the humanoid beast was going to be handled by the powerful man, they should have a chance against the rest of the beasts.

However, everyone knew in their hearts as well that this would definitely go with some casualties.

Old man Mo slowly regained his breathing as he was recovering from his previous wounds. Thankfully, the blow from the beast wasn’t too tough. Otherwise, he would have turned into dust with just that single blow.

"Powerful man, the beast stampede has arrived. Please leave it to us." Old man Mo said after maintaining his silence for a moment. It had been a long time since he had worked together with anyone else in a party.

At this, old man Mo could not help but reminisce back to his youth.

That was a…

Upon hearing old man Mo’s voice, Lin Fan who was floating in the skies felt somewhat awkward.

To think that he had just performed a wonderful act just now, but something as such would crop up.

He had underestimated the number of beasts in the stampede, resulting in his Sword Will and Faceless Sky Demons lacking in number.

To a perfectionist of the art of bulls.h.i.t, this mistake was extremely intolerable.

Even at this point where the issue had already cropped up, he must work hard at solving the matter!

Sobering up, old man Mo began to command the people present. "w.a.n.g Wu, you head there to a.s.sist the princess. Xiao Liu, bring some people along with you towards the soldiers."

"What about you, old bro?"

"As the highest cultivation base here, this old man shall fight alone. Remember, even though the powerful man is extremely powerful, these beasts are far from ordinary. We must do our best to not let the powerful man be distracted!" Old man Mo replied.

"Sure, old bro! Once we tide through this, I’ll treat everyone here to drinks!"

"Yes! To have the honor of fighting together with this powerful man shall make it a tale for the ages!" Old man Mo replied with vigor, as though he had turned younger by dozens of years.

Even if he were to brag about it, this would make a great topic in the future.

Floating in the skies, Lin Fan could feel his limelight being swallowed away by these guys. He looked at the oncoming beast stampede with extreme displeasure. He had wanted to leave their bodies for the reaping. But fine. Since they did not cherish it, he would then just make them disappear entirely.

"Brothers…let’s go…!" Just as old man Mo was about to give them a pep talk, a voice rang through his ears.

"Hmph, I had intended to let you guys die with a whole body at first. Since you guys do not know how to cherish the chance I gave you. Then you can all turn into dust!" Lin Fan was riled as he raised his palm.

Suddenly, the skies changed, as there was a gigantic suffocating aura in the air.



A gargantuan palm strike descended down from the skies, ripping the void entirely apart. Due to its colossal size, the entire skies were covered momentarily. However, even that moment was stuck in everyone’s minds.


The ground vibrated as the entire Long Yuan dynasty shook. In fact, it wasn’t just Long Yuan dynasty, it felt as though the whole world was in a tremor right now.

Covering hundreds of miles in that single palm strike, everyone from the Long Yuan dynasty was scared silly.

Driven and raring to go, old man Mo was confounded by the sight of that palm strike. He gripped onto the railings by the walls as his body shivered under the intimidating aura. The image in his eyes was burnt straight into his mind.

"Hmph…all of you deserve it." Lin Fan swept his robes, hands behind his back.

These people were not the only ones trembling. The humanoid beast started to shiver at the sight of this as well. Those flames burning in his pupils bounced up and down rapidly.

Suddenly, he broke into a run. Realizing this, Lin Fan shouted out.

"Chicky! Take him down!" Lin Fan gave chase towards the dense forest immediately.


Chicky leaped up from the city walls and jumped into the skies. Suddenly, a red light erupted from Chicky as a pair of glowing red wings glided across the skies, following his master.

"I…I…" Old man Mo did not even know where to begin. Especially after witnessing Chicky’s transformation, he collapsed onto the ground with a loud thud.

Wielding his spear, Xiao Liu stood rooted where he was, his jaw dropping down.

Great sword wielder w.a.n.g Wu had pulled out his great sword in a striking pose ready to strike. But at this moment, he was just frozen solid in that silly pose.

Princess Long Yuan and the emperor were equally still.

After a long time…

"Can anyone tell me…what just happened?" Old man Mo spoke first, his mind in an entire whirl.

"And that chicken…. was that really a chicken?!?"

"Old bro, the powerful man seemed to have merely raised his hand before slapping down…" Xiao Liu started.

"After that slap…the entire Earth quaked." w.a.n.g Wu continued.

"After the earthquake…the beast stampede disappeared…" Xiao Liu carried on.

Everyone was slowly recovering from their shock. One by one, their eyeb.a.l.l.s popped out in disbelief.


"Powerful man…all I wanted to do was to fight alongside you! Why wouldn’t you even give me that chance…?" Old man Mo screamed out like a vengeful widow, looking at that disappearing back view of Lin Fan in sorrow.

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