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It was completely dark in the forest, and scary sounds would ring out occasionally. Lin Fan was generally fearless, but he still felt a bit scared of the eerie forest. If a ghost were to suddenly emerge, it would really be scary.

"I have been walking for a few hours. It should be far enough already from the Saint Devil sect. Let's take a good rest and head north tomorrow." Lin Fan found a spot and placed some tree leaves on the ground. He lied down, closing his eyes and preparing to rest up.

As for whether this forest was dangerous, Lin Fan couldn't really say. Back when he was in the sect, he had only heard some rumors. The rumors said that this forest was very dangerous…as for what precisely was dangerous about it, he didn't really understand since he had never experienced it before.


The surroundings were quiet. Lin Fan lied underneath a huge tree, his breathing light. In a patch of dark gra.s.s, a pair of red eyes flashed by. This pair of red eyes was filled with a vicious blood-thirst, but the sleeping Lin Fan didn't sense the gradually approaching danger.

The owner of those pair of red eyes was a wild beast. The height of this wild beast was around half a human, with a horse-like tail, four rough and powerful legs, sharp curved claws, and two strands of red hair standing upright on its back. The row of sharp teeth seemed able to tear anything apart. From the front, looked somewhat like a dog.

The Moon-Devouring Demon Hound was a common wild beast around the vicinity of the Saint Devil sect. If postcelestial or precelestial disciples were to run into one, they would definitely die.

The Moon-Devouring Demon Hound stood mightily on the ground, its red eyes glaring at the human underneath the tree.

It was previously interacting with another beautiful Moon-Devouring Demon Hound under the moonlight and was now exhausted, when it suddenly caught the scent of a human. So it naturally didn't hesitate to come over.

Although wild beasts are cruel and bloodthirsty, they were still somewhat intelligent. The Moon-Devouring Demon Hound had been observing from the shadows for a long time. Its sensitive nose was able to detect the enemy's weapon and tell from the smell of a person whether they were strong.

The Moon-Devouring Demon Hound had smelled Lin Fan for about a minute and came to the conclusion that this was a free dinner.

The Moon-Devouring Demon Hound moved forward step by step. When it was just a few steps away from its prey, it bent its hind legs and pounced forth savagely.


The Moon-Devouring Demon Hound's sharp teeth bit forth mercilessly towards its prey, but the unexpected happened.

A snapping sound was heard, and the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound's teeth began chattering.

'How was this possible? Once bitten by it, it's prey would normally reveal its soft and delicious flesh, but what was this current situation?

At that moment, the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound became enraged. Its prideful sharp teeth couldn't even tear through a mere human, it was a complete disgrace.



Bite… chomp…

'Ding… congratulations 《Eternal Demon Body》 experience + 1000.'

'Ding… congratulations 《Eternal Demon Body》 experience + 1000.'

The stream of system notations sounded and the sleeping Lin Fan felt his head almost explode from the racket.

"So noisy." Lin Fan sat up disgruntled, but he was startled seeing the creature in front of him.

'Where did this dog come from?'

'Ding… discovered level one postcelestial wild beast, Moon-Devouring Demon Hound.'

Lin Fan was surprised. It was not like he had never heard of wild beasts before. When he became an outer sect disciple, the booklet provided by the sect had an introduction of wild beasts.

They were ferocious and brutal creatures that roamed the earth, and even the weakest wild beasts were at the postcelestial stage. Aside from that, the postcelestial wild beasts held an advantage over similar cultivation level humans.

Currently, the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound was becoming more and more violent, biting relentlessly onto Lin Fan's arm as if it were fighting him to the death.

"Woof woof.."

The Moon-Devouring Demon Hound then realized the human had woken up and gave a fierce howl.

Lin Fan looked at the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound and blinked. Who would've thought that even a wild beast biting him would provide experience for 《Eternal Demon Body》? Just that drool was a bit smelly and disgusting.

"Woof woof…"

The Moon-Devouring Demon Hound became even further enraged. The black horse-like tail suddenly erupted into black flames, as if it wanted to burn this human alive.

"A brick to the head."

Lin Fan took out the legendary "Nine-Five Red Brick" from his bag without another word, and smacked it onto the head of the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound.

The previously ferocious Moon-Devouring Demon Hound instantly fainted.

Then Lin Fan brushed off his body, 'Too dangerous, way too dangerous… this sleeping habit still hasn't changed. Once I sleep, it's nearly impossible to wake me.'

Lin Fan dragged the leg of the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound while looking for a vine. If nothing else, at least he had breakfast for tomorrow.

During his search for vines, whenever the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound woke up, Lin Fan would smack the brick over its head.

When the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound woke up again, it began howling and prepared to rush forth to shred Lin Fan into oblivion. But then the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound realized it was unable to move it's limbs.

"Shut up! You're tied up to a tree, so do you really think you can still move?"Lin Fan couldn't help but admire the beauty of nature. The vines he had found were strong to the point where even a postcelestial like him could not break them, quite st.u.r.dy indeed.

The sky gradually became lighter. Lin Fan was completely awake now as he glanced at the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound tied to the tree, carefully observing it.

Black fur covered its entire body, but the area around the stomach was white, and it was a male.

"A day can't be wasted. Since you took the liberty of delivering yourself, I will use you as practice." Lin Fan rolled his neck, warming up in advance.

The Moon-Devouring Demon Hound looked at the human in front of him, his heart pounding rapidly. What was this human trying to do? Why was his stare even eviler than his own?

"Woof woof…" The Moon-Devouring Demon Hound howled, warning the human to not act too arrogantly.

Lin Fan came in front of the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound, his eyes locked directly onto the bottom middle part of Moon-Devouring Demon Hound, and then he took a deep breath.

"The training begins…"

Under the ferocious stare of the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound, Lin Fan moved. The movement was completely natural, and although it was only one move, it was gradually reaching the path of true mastery.

"Monkey Steals Peach!"


Suddenly, a piercing cry rang through the entire forest.

'Ding… congratulations《Monkey Steals Peach》experience + 500.'

The moment the system notification sounded, Lin Fan smiled pleasantly. It was just like he thought, 《Monkey Steals Peach》was a G.o.dly technique. Any male opponent of the world would suffer greatly from it.

"Monkey Steals Peach."

'Ding… congratulations《Monkey Steals Peach》experience + 500.'


Then Lin Fan began his path of experience farming.

The Moon-Devouring Demon Hound's body trembled, its ferocious eyes looking confused and regretful. The bursts of piercing yelps told just how much pain the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound was in.

It was getting bright. A ray of sunlight shone through the tree leaves onto Lin Fan's face.

Lin Fan looked at the data panel. The experience of 《Monkey Steals Peach》 was now at 40,000, about 10,000 points away from leveling up.

Lin Fan brushed off his hands, 'Let's end it here for today,' then looked towards the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound and sighed, 'For experience, I can't even let this mutt go… it's quite heartless…'

"Woof…" The Moon-Devouring Demon Hound was now deeply regretful. How did it turn out like this? It then looked at the human in front and wailed loudly.

Lin Fan took out a middle graded sword from his bag and looked reluctantly at the Moon-Devouring Demon Hound.

"Brother Hound, I will return today's favor in the future."

"Ding… defeated level one postcelestial wild beast, Moon-Devouring Demon Hound.'

'Ding… experience + 5000.'

'Ding… dropped unconventional martial skill 《Black Tiger Steals Heart》.'

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