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"Holy f*ck, what a despicable beast!" Lin Fan stared at the beast in the distance speechlessly.

Using his system to check it out previously, it was evidently a lesser celestial full cultivation beast! But to think that his cultivation base would explode up instantaneously.

Lin Fan knew that there was no way the system could be wrong. Therefore, this beast must have been hiding something one way or another!

The beast in the distance tilted its head up into the skies and roared. Using both of its claws, it pierced into its own body and ripped it apart, tearing its fur into twp.


The skies changed color as a beam of light shone down from the Heavens, encompa.s.sing the beast within it as its aura rocketed still.

Greater celestial lower level.

Greater celestial middle level.

Greater celestial full cultivation.

Within the void, 16 energy grid line chains coiled with one another, raining storm and lightning down where the beast was. At the same time, a gigantic void was ripped apart above the beast.

Humanoid beast?

Lin Fan looked at the scene with a fixated gaze. This was the 2nd humanoid beast he had seen so far. Behind it were four pairs of flaming wings. Boasting a height of a few thousand feet, he stood upright and mighty within the beasts. With an intimidating aura, his presence caused everyone to shiver.


The humanoid beast roared into the skies once more. Its razor-sharp teeth looked ready to tear through any piece of the void. A pitch black beam was sucking in energy repeatedly within the mouth of the beast.

"s.h.i.t. It’s over! That aura is something of a greater celestial full cultivation state!" Old man Mo screamed out in a frenzy. Disregarding everything else, he wanted to escape out of this place through the void immediately.

But something happened that caused his blood to curl.

The void he opened up had been sealed up.

"I-impossible! I can’t just die here…!’ Old man Mo was panicking right now. He had not expected this beast to be this strong! There was simply no room for resistance!

As for the vagrant martial artists hiding nearby, they were completed confounded.

"Old bro is going to die!"

"This beast stampede has already reached a state of invincibility! No one is going to be able to stop this! The humanoid beast’s aura is simply too scary! Look at that black ma.s.s of energy that’s gathering within its mouth! That looks absolutely destructive!"

"Holy s.h.i.t! You guys are still going to discuss? How about thinking of a way to get out of this place! I think we’re also in the vicinity of the blast radius. At this rate, the Long Yuan dynasty is not the only thing that’s perishing today! We’re gonna die here too!"

"HA! That beast has already sealed this entire place up! Look at the screen! There’s no way we’re going to be able to escape!"

"Boo hoo! Great sword w.a.n.g Wu doesn’t want to die yet! I have yet to lose my virginity!"

"Even though Xiao Liu’s specialty is in spears, I’ve yet to spear through a black hole to experience that epitome of pleasure in the human world! I don’t want to die yet!"

Lin Fan looked at the beast. 16 energy grid line chains on a single beast… This beast could practically be unstoppable in the entire Dongling Continent!

But why had he not heard of such an existence before in his life? This is strange indeed. Definitely strange.

Lin Fan was determined to capture this beast alive for a thorough interrogation.

Old man Mo was seated in a crippled position with a look of despair on his face, nowhere befitting of a greater celestial being’s demeanor. He recalled back to the arduous amount of training and tribulations he had been through to finally achieve the state of a greater celestial at the age of 100.

But now, everything was about to vanish into the air. He would disappear without a single trace left in this world under this beast stampede.

Princess Long Yuan stood rooted where she was, stoned as well. In her eyes reflected the ma.s.sive number of beasts in the stampede, as those flaming wings of the beast surged with lava flames.

The 16 energy grid line chains brought forth a devastating aura, causing one to feel suffocated as it gushed down like a tidal wave.

"KID, DO YOU REGRET IT NOW? WE’RE ALL DOOMED!" Screaming at Lin Fan, old man Mo was filled with indignance towards this world.

"What doomed and what not? Princess Long Yuan, I told you. Not a single soldier shall come to harm. All I seek for compensation is that thing on your waist." Lin Fan replied casually.

Princess Long Yuan gave out a cold laughter. Taking the token off her waist, she tossed it over to Lin Fan.

"Ha. This thing? So what if you take it now? None of us are getting out of here alive anyways."

Receiving the token, Lin Fan’s lips curled into a grin as he tossed it into his storage. That made two now.

The emperor of Long Yuan dynasty was already lost before this even began. His sword of the emperor was lying on the ground beside him, fallen from his hand as he had lost all will to fight.

In the face of absolute power, resistance was futile.

A great dynasty hundred years in the making... To think that it was going to fall in the face of a beast stampede. He was filled with resentment. But there was nothing he could do about it.


With a final roar, the humanoid beast fired the ball of dark energy he had been gathering in his mouth towards Long Yuan dynasty, storming everything in its way.

Wherever it pa.s.sed, the earth was ripped up as only chaos laid in its wake.


Everyone gave up on defending as they closed their eyes shut in despair. Why should they bother wasting any more energy in the face of certain death?

The dark light encompa.s.sed everything as it grew ever larger in everyone’s face. One could even see the waves of pandemonium that was approaching from the ball.

"You know, looking down on people may bring slaps across your own faces at certain times?"

Just as everyone was in a state of absolute despondency, they heard Lin Fan’s voice.

Everyone chuckled out within their hearts. They did not know why, but they hoped that this man could retain this cheery demeanor even through his oncoming death.

"So what if it’s a greater celestial full cultivation beast? So what if it has 16 energy grid line chains? In my eyes, it’s still just a mere beast." Lin Fan stood calmly above the city walls, waiting for the quickly arriving energy ball.

"HAHA! Kid, kid, kid. This old man here salutes you indeed. To think that you can still maintain that att.i.tude in the face of death. I’ll admit that I’m inferior to you in that regards." Old man Mo laughed out in irony.

"Old man, this is not an att.i.tude. This is a fact. In the face of something stronger than itself, everything will disappear into dust. Just as how you guys look at it as something strong. In reverse, I see that thing as nothing." Lin Fan turned around and smiled gently.

Looking at Lin Fan’s smile, old man Mo’s heart skipped a beat as well.

"Princess Long Yuan, even though you’re pretty beautiful indeed, but you have personality issues with a bad temper. You would do well to improve on that aspect of yourself in the future." Lin Fan gently raised his right hand.

"You…!" The moment the princess heard these words, she was burning with rage. But she laughed mockingly soon after. After all, they were all going to be dead soon. Why should she be bothered with what this man says?


Just then, a crisp, clean sound permeated the entire dynasty.

Old man Mo, Princess Long Yuan and everyone else opened their eyes wide in shock, unable to believe the scene before them.

"How could this be…!" Looking at the sight before him, old man Mo’s gooseb.u.mps raised throughout his body.

Princess Long Yuan found herself stumbling, struggling to stand still as well from the shock of it all.

What did they see exactly?

To think that this person whom they had been looking down on…he had stopped the entire energy ma.s.s with just a single lift of his finger!

And by the looks of it, it was really nothing much to him!

The energy ball had destroyed everything in its path all the way here. But under Lin Fan’s finger, it could not even move a single inch forward.

"How about now?" Lin Fan asked calmly.

Looking at Lin Fan, old man Mo suddenly yelled out into the skies.

"P-powerful man…!"

"Are you finally satisfied?" Lin Fan laughed and asked. This old man Mo was an interesting old man indeed.


‘Do you want to live?’

"Yes! I’m dreaming of it right now!"

"Well, let me hear something nice then."

"Powerful man! You’re the man that this old man has already been dreaming of in his sweet dreams!" Tears flowed out of old man Mo’s face as he screamed without any restraint.


With a gentle flick of his finger, Lin Fan sent the energy ball flying back towards the beast stampede at a much faster speed than it arrived with.

Looking at the rebounded energy ball, the humanoid beast with 16 energy grid line chains opened its eyes wide in shock as well.

But before it could even react, it was swallowed whole by its own energy ball…

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