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Back on the city walls, old man Mo’s face was calm on the surface, but his inner heart was like the raging seas. The skies were filled with red clouds in the distance, an ominous sign.

The beast stampede was approaching from the distance. Before long, all h.e.l.l was going to break loose.

No one within the Long Yuan dynasty had any confidence towards defending against this beast stampede. In the previous few stampedes, they still harbored hope of life. But there wasn’t any single bit of hope this time round.

"Kid, if you’re afraid, you can go and hide first. Otherwise, when the stampede finally arrives, it’ll be too late for you." Looking at Lin Fan standing there in a relaxed manner, old man Mo said in a displeased tone.

This kid was seriously someone who would only cry if he were really stung. To think that he would still act and put on a strong front against the incoming beast stampede. Or, could it be that he was p.i.s.sing his pants right now at the sight of the fearsome stampede?

Old man Mo had already thought it through in his head. If things were to go south, or a greater celestial middle level beast and above were to appear, he would just turn tail and run.

After all, he had spent 100+ years training to this greater celestial cultivation base. How could he just die at some place like this?

Neither the t.i.tle of Marquis nor the princess was enough for him to remain at this place. His own life was the most important thing naturally.

"No matter. I’ve heard that these beast stampedes have caused ma.s.sive harm to the Dongling Continent in recent years. Now that the Long Yuan dynasty is facing such a threat, there is no way I can just sit idly by as well." Lin Fan chuckled before taking Chicky out from his storage.

"Cuckoo…!" The moment Chicky came out, he began to call out in happiness. But immediately after, he was stunned by the incoming menacing aura from a distance. He used his head to bang against Lin Fan’s cheeks, as though complaining, ‘Goodness Christ, it’s always for nothing good when you get me out!’

"Ha! What an interesting person you are indeed! To think that you would rear a chicken!" Looking at Chicky who was resting on Lin Fan’s shoulders, old man Mo let out a laugh.

Looking at Chicky, Princess Long Yuan revealed a look of disappointment too.

What sort of powerful being would rear such a useless creature? This was an animal that only common folks would rear, wasn’t it?

"Cuckoo!!!" Chicky cucked back in a retaliatory tone. Towards this old man’s opinion of him as a chicken, he was extremely riled.

‘Yours Truly is an Ancient Beast, the Phoenix!’

Lin Fan patted Chicky’s head consolingly. Even though Chicky was the descendant of the Phoenix, there should have been a mutation in his genes to cause him to look like this.

Of course, these people wouldn’t be able to tell anything special about him. In fact, if Lin Fan hadn’t witnessed Chicky coming out of the Phoenix egg, he might not have believed it himself.


The ground shook as though everything was about to collapse.

From the forest in the distance, the trees began to topple down one after another. The loud roars and howls of these beasts sent a ma.s.sive shockwave towards the direction of Long Yuan dynasty. In fact, some of the soldiers could not even remain standing still in the face of this incoming force.

The shadows from a distance grew ever denser as they approached. They were clumped together like ants, like a gigantic black hole. It was as though this was the mouth of a humungous divine beast that was waiting to devour the entire Long Yuan dynasty whole.

Compared to the beast stampede back at Green Ridge County, this was practically King Kong.

Seemed like there must definitely be someone commandeering these stampedes.

Long Yuan dynasty was a huge place with a population ten of times more than Green Ridge County. Presumably, the mysterious force behind the beast stampede also understood the power of Long Yuan dynasty in comparison. Hence, it gathered a larger group of beasts for this oncoming onslaught.

Looking at the scene, everyone from Long Yuan dynasty was extremely horrified. This was way more ma.s.sive than before. Way more.

The soldiers who had lost their balance from the sonic wave stood back up from the ground. But when they saw the sight before them, they shuddered in fear as well. Some of the weaker ones were literally peeing their pants as they squatted on the city walls bawling in tears.

"F-father, do we stand a c-chance…?" Princess Long Yuan asked while trembling.

The emperor did not reply. His gaze was fixated at the stampede before him. At the same time, the hand which was wielding the sword of the emperor was starting to shake as well.

Old man Mo took in a deep breath. Towards this hair-raising sight, he was starting to break out in cold sweat as well.

He had witnessed beast stampedes before. But this? This was the first time he was seeing something like this.

Millions? Tens of millions? Probably even more.

And just as everyone was worrying, a single sentence of Lin Fan had everyone looking down on him as a person. In fact, some people even began to loathe him.

"Chicky, what a feast this would be, don’t you think? A pity that they’re mere beasts." Looking at the scene before him, Lin Fan was a little astonished as well.

Just where were these beasts coming from? How come he hadn’t come across such a large number of beasts before from anywhere?

For a beast stampede to form, these beasts must not have been able to gather from all directions. Otherwise, someone was bound to have found them out. Seemed like there’s still quite a number of things that he did not know.

"Kid, enough is enough. Stop with the big words. Even if there was no greater celestial beast, just the sheer number of them is enough to shred us into pieces." Old man Mo looked at Lin Fan while stroking his beard. He had not expected this kid to continue with the bulls.h.i.t even at the brink of death.

Princess Long Yuan looked at this man before her with eyes of hatred. She was getting irked by this man. If she had known that things would be as such, she wouldn’t have agreed with letting him come along.

To the princess, this man probably could not kill even a single beast.

Taking a look at old man Mo, Lin Fan smiled without replying anything. He then looked into the distance and said, "Eh? This is weird! How come the strongest beast there is only a lesser celestial full cultivation beast?"

"What? Just a lesser celestial full cultivation beast?!?" Old man Mo was about to continue, but upon hearing Lin Fan’s words, he looked into the distance in disbelief. That wrinkled face of his then revealed a look of happiness.

"HAHA! Princess Long Yuan, seems like the Heavens do not want to smite you down just yet! To think that their leader would just be a lesser celestial beast! This old man here shall try to take a shot at taking down their leader straight up!" Old man Mo heaved a sigh of relief. If this was only a lesser celestial, he would definitely be able to take it down.

Lin Fan looked the exchange between old man Mo and the princess, and he shook his head. What a fool! Obviously, things wouldn’t be so simple. How could there be just this lesser celestial leader for this large a stampede?

But no matter the cultivation base of the beasts that came, they were all the same to Lin Fan.

Even if the Eternal Arm was not the most powerful existence in the world, it was definitely overpowered in the Dongling Continent.

Just as Lin Fan was contemplating about these things, old man Mo shouted out loudly and leaped towards the stampede. He flew towards the lesser celestial beast with a murderous intent.

Even though old man Mo was a greater celestial lower level with just a single energy grid line chain, he was an unsurpa.s.sable force for beasts of this level.

With the thin energy grid line chain coiled around his body, old man Mo dashed towards the stampede with the power of the energy grids rumbling around. Even though he killed a large amount of them with a single strike, it was nothing more than a small dent in their ma.s.sive numbers.

The lesser celestial full cultivation leader within the stampede roared in anger as it engaged old man Mo in a ma.s.sive cutthroat battle.

Hiding in the distance, all these vagrant martial artists were extremely excited at this development as well.

"Old bro Mo is fit as a bull even at his age! Great sword w.a.n.g Wu is impressed!"

"Holy s.h.i.t! That Twin Dragon’s Ball Play skill of old bro is as grand as it can get!"

"What bulls.h.i.t are you guys even spouting!? I, Spear specialist, Zhao Xiaoliu, has used the spear for over 20 years. The moment old bro struck, I saw that level of his skill! It’s a state whereby he could even easily summon a spear out of just the spirit of the spear in his heart! Impressive. Impressive indeed…!"

And just as old man Mo was engaged in the battle with the lesser celestial beast, everything changed.

"Not good, I’ve been tricked! This isn’t a lesser celestial full cultivation beast!" Stimulated by the battle, old man Mo suddenly realized the ma.s.sive growth in the beast to his dismay.


With a single swipe, the beast sent old man Mo flying towards the dynasty’s walls.

"It’s over…it’s over…!" Managing to regain his composure, old man Mo spat out an entire mouthful of fresh blood as he exclaimed. He had wanted to put on a good show in front of everyone. But to think that the beast wasn’t a lesser celestial full cultivation!

By now, an air of dread encompa.s.sed everyone within the Long Yuan dynasty.

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