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Lin Fan just could not stand watching this any longer. Why was there so much incessant chattering just for such a simple mission?

Even if he had not discovered the Supreme Being’s Token Shard, he might have decided to throw in his a.s.sistance given how much of a fuss this was causing.

To think that a man whose age was practically enough for him to be the grandfather of the grandfather of this girl, he would dream of l.u.s.ting for her as such. What a speechless scene!

Furthermore, now that he had found out about the existence of the token shard with Princess Long Yuan, Lin Fan did not mind making a trade out of this.

The moment his voice rang out, everyone’s gaze turned towards Lin Fan.

Princess Long Yuan did the same. However, the moment she caught sight of who it was, her face looked disappointed.

"HAHA! Is this kid high or what?!?"

"Hey kiddo, don’t bite off more than you can chew man! The beast stampede is not as easy as you would think of it to be!"

"I think this kid’s sharing the same thoughts as our old bro. Even if he were to die, he must get his hands on this beauty before him.’

"What do you have to say about this, old bro? There’s only one princess to be given away. Unless you wanna share with this guy?"

The old man was sizing up Lin Fan as well. Even with his strength of a greater celestial, he could not make out Lin Fan’s capabilities. The thought of him being unable to tell Lin Fan’s strength because the other party being stronger than him did not even cross his mind.

To the old man, strength was something that was acc.u.mulated with time. Even the genius disciples of the various sects could not possibly be stronger than him at their young age.

"Well, you had better give up on those dreams, lad. You won’t be able to get the princess with just mere dumb guts to die. Given your fragile and pathetic body, you won’t even be enough to fit between the teeth of the beasts." The old man continued laughing, "No matter what, this old man here is a greater celestial lower level. There’s no way you can compete with me."

Ignoring everyone’s words, Lin Fan pointed at the token shard, "All I require for compensation is that thing. I can guarantee that the Long Yuan dynasty will not lose even a single weakest soldier."

The moment his words came out, the crowd roared in laughter.

"Holy f*ck! I, the great sword wielder, w.a.n.g Wu, has traveled the Pugilistic World for 40 years now, and this is the first time I’ve come across someone with such brash confidence!"

"Old bro, seems like you’ve got a match right here! The words of this kid are practically like slaps across your face right now!"

"F*cking h.e.l.l! As a spear user of 20 years, I, Xiao Liu, have yet to see such a braggart. This is the first time I finally caught sight of one!"

"If the sects were to hear this load of bulls.h.i.t here, they might even spit out their blood entirely! Even they would not dare to promise that not even a single soldier will be lost. And yet, here we have someone with such big words! I gotta say that’s pretty impressive!"

"Old bro, in fact, you’re not even a match for this guy! His ability of bulls.h.i.tting goes all the way up to a greater celestial full cultivation being level! You’ve got to bow down to that man!"

The inn was unusually noisy right now. Everyone was in bouts of laughter over Lin Fan’s apparent ignorance.

Not even a single soldier? What a big joke this was!

"Princess Long Yuan, what do you have to say about my terms? I can help you tide through this predicament without even a single soldier dying. All I ask for is that thing on your waist." Lin Fan repeated.

Princess Long Yuan touched the black thing on her waist as she frowned, wondering what this man wanted to do with it.

This thing had remained within the royal family’s treasure vault since an ancient era. Back when she entered the treasure vault, she was intrigued by the design and imprint of it, so she hung it on her waist casually. To think that someone would want something like this.

But to the princess right now, she would rather place her hopes on that old man than Lin Fan.

After all, the age difference between them was clear.

Even though a greater celestial lower level being might not be able to protect the dynasty, there was still a strain of hope.

As for Lin Fan, the princess had zero hopes at all.

Just then, the old man spoke up, "Princess Long Yuan, take this kiddo along. I have to see just what sort of capabilities he has to be able to blow that horn of his. I no longer want you as compensation. I’ll just do my best based on the situation. If we fail the defense, I’ll protect my own life first. If we manage to hold on, give me the t.i.tle of Marquis and that’ll do."

"Okay." Princess Long Yuan nodded her head.

The old man then tossed Lin Fan a side glance, "Kid, don’t p.i.s.s your pants when the time comes."

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, praising his own lucky stars. Seemed like he just had to offer a slight favor and he would get yet another token shard in return. Lady Luck was definitely on his side!

"Go, lets head to the dynasty right now!" The old man beckoned with his hand. As he pa.s.sed by Lin Fan, he let out an audible snort.

He was someone who liked to tear apart the mask of braggarts.

All the surrounding vagrant martial artists followed behind them. Naturally, the would not take part in the defense for their own safety. They would just hide somewhere far away and observe.

After all, they might be able to scalp some valuable treasures after the Long Yuan dynasty was destroyed.

Those sects had avoided anything to do with this. There were some martial artists within the Long Yuan dynasty that had thrown in the towel and escaped earlier for their own lives.

Even those who were remaining were of a limited strength level, and of not much use.

At this time, all the vagrant martial artists were gathered around Lin Fan and deep in chatters.

"Kid! Where’re you from? To think that your bragging skills even exceeds our old bro’s!"

"There’s still time for you to regret now! Once the invasion of the stampede starts, there’s no way you can run away then!"

Looking at these vagrant martial artists, Lin Fan chuckled and decided to tease them as well, "Don’t worry man! The beast stampede’s nothing much! I can turn them into dust with just a single palm strike!"

"Sweet mother of G.o.ds, this braggart just does not let down on his lies!" A martial artist carrying a big metal bar raised his thumb up.

All the other vagrant martial artists burst out in laughter once more. This kid was just a walking riot!

Even though the words might not be that funny themselves, but judging by his age along with the context, everyone could not help but continue laughing.

One day later, they arrived at the Long Yuan dynasty.

Naturally, Lin Fan was left forgotten while old man Mo was welcomed warmly.

The emperor of the Long Yuan dynasty was only a lesser celestial upper-level being. But that was more than sufficient for him to lead the dynasty.

As the princess relayed the events of the previous day, the emperor did not pay much attention to it. But he was still grateful to Lin Fan nevertheless.

After all, anyone who would offer their help at this juncture was treated as VIPs.

As for the residents of the dynasty, most of them had retreated to hide in their underground bas.e.m.e.nts.

This was the only way to reduce casualties against the oncoming beast stampede.

Next day…

On the city walls…

The soldiers of the dynasty stood atop the walls, weapons, and shields mounted on their arms. Their faces were grim, as they prepared for the oncoming stampede.

Old man Mo’s face was stern as well. Even though he was a greater celestial lower level, he had only gathered a single energy grid line chain. If the beast stampede was really too deadly, he would have no way against it himself.

The emperor and the princess were extraordinarily nervous, wondering how they should defend against this beast stampede.

Somewhere secluded and far away from the Long Yuan dynasty, the vagrant martial artists were hidden and rife with discussions.

"What sort of beast do you think will come in this stampede?"

"I’ve got a hunch that it’ll be a greater celestial upper-level beast!"

"I think it’ll be greater celestial full cultivation!"

"Oh man, seems like old bro Mo is gonna have a tough time man!"

"Don’t worry, old bro Mo’s already a greater celestial. It’ll be easy for him to escape if things go south!"

"Alright, enough with old bro Mo. I’ve got to see that braggart lad who promised no harm to even a single soldier!"

"F*ck you, brother. You actually believe that fool?"

"F*ck you too, brother. Do you think I’m really dumb? If I trusted his words I’ll be more r.e.t.a.r.ded than r.e.t.a.r.ded!"

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