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This mission didn’t sound too tough indeed. Just a while back, Lin Fan had resisted a beast stampede for an entire county. In fact, he even b.u.mped into a humanoid beast whose cultivation base was pretty decent. Just that the beast had managed to escape by self-mutilation just as Lin Fan was about to take it down.

To Lin Fan, that was quite a deep regret of his.

This girl in shawls was opening quite attractive terms as well. t.i.tle of a Marquis. To a vagrant martial artist, other than working on improving their cultivation bases, obtaining wealth and power was pretty important as well.

But the surprising thing was that no one in the crowd would take on this task. This was pretty suspicious.

For them to not take on such a lucrative and easy mission, were people really so greedy these days?

The shawled girl looked down at the crowd nervously. When she realized no one was taking on the mission, her snow white complexion started flushing red as well.

"Princess Long Yuan, I think you should stop with recruiting for this mission. The beast stampede that the Long Yuan dynasty is going to face this time around is definitely not going to be easy."

"That’s right, whoever accepts this mission is probably doomed."

"If I recall correctly, this should be the Long Yuan dynasty’s 6th beast stampede, right?"

"A greater celestial level beast appeared during your last beast stampede alone. Out of those who accepted your mission, barely a few of them survived. And out of those survivors, all of them were crippled and disabled."

Listening to the comments of the crowd, Princess Long Yuan was a loss for words as well, "Everyone, please, I implore you to lend us your a.s.sistance. The Long Yuan dynasty will do its best to fulfill any requests you have."

"Princess Long Yuan, this old man here has a piece of advice for you. You should try seeking help from those sects once again." The old man who had remained silent the entire time finally spoke up.

The moment Princess Long Yuan heard that, her face was entirely dismal, "We’ve tried approaching the sects as well, but none of them would help!"

"Then this old man here has nothing left to say." The old man sighed.

The surrounding crowd began to break into the conversation as well.

"Of course, those sects wouldn’t help them!"

"That’s right! The only reason they survived the previous beast stampede was due to the help of these sects. But that greater celestial beast even cost them quite a number of casualties. I doubt they’d want to send anyone else anymore as well."

"The fact lies that the beast stampede only grows stronger with every wave. Even though the t.i.tle of Marquis is attractive, one has to be alive to enjoy it."

"That’s right. Perhaps if the princess offered herself up for grabs, there would be more willing takers?"

"Hehe. Of course. The princess is rumored to be a great beauty. If she were to throw herself into the deal as well, there would definitely be takers!"

The guards standing guard by the princess stepped up momentarily and shouted, "Impudent…!"

"What? You guys wanna pick a fight…?!?" The moment the guard even started speaking up, these giggling vagrant martial artists stood up one after another and glared back at these guards.

Princess Long Yuan held back these guards to keep them quiet. Taking a deep breath, her face was resolute as she continued, "Fine, I included."


The princess did not reply as she looked down at the crowd. "t.i.tle of Marquis. And you can have me as well."

The vagrant martial artists below looked at one another. They were just joking about it. To think that the princess would agree to it for real.

But none of them were fools. The beast stampede this time round would definitely be even stronger than before. Even if they accepted this mission, they wouldn’t be alive to enjoy the rewards.

The princess decided to give it her all as well. She knew that the beast stampede this time round was extremely treacherous. Based on the rules of the stampedes, as long as the dynasty wasn’t destroyed, they would only grow stronger wave after wave.

The existence of the greater celestial beast during the last stampede had already cost the sects who had sent their a.s.sistance a great amount of losses.

Not only did a Senior Elder of greater celestial middle level pa.s.s away, countless disciples perished within the resistance as well.

Therefore, those sects who had casualties in the past would definitely stray from lending their help this time round.

They garnered that the beast stampede this time round would attract nothing less than a greater celestial upper level, or even full cultivation beast.

These beasts were practically invincible. They were not something an average sect could hope to deal with.

Looking at the scene unfolding before him, Lin Fan chuckled. However, he still wasn’t that interested in the mission. After all, there would definitely be time before the beast stampede came by.

Using this time in between, the Long Yuan dynasty could definitely evacuate their residents before then.

Just as Lin Fan was about to leave, he caught sight of something crazy. On the princess’s waist, a shard was hanging on it.

Those imprints. That design. Wasn’t that the Supreme Being’s Token Shard?!?

Looking carefully, Lin Fan verified his doubts. That was indeed the token shard for sure! To think that the princess of Long Yuan would carry one with her!

"Since Princess Long Yuan has made such a request, then this old man shall give it a shot. Wouldn’t be too bad being the son in law of the Long Yuan dynasty I suppose." Just then, the only greater celestial being in the room spoke up once more.

The princess’s face turned pale. She had not expected this old man to take on the job. But since the Long Yuan dynasty was on the brink of destruction, she could only grit her teeth and bear with it.

All the vagrant martial artists let out chuckles. Seemed like this old man wanted some tender and fresh meat, eh?

All of them knew that this old man was of a greater celestial cultivation base. But since they all knew each other around here for quite some time, jokes like these were of no offense.

"Seems like the princess’s in for a sacrifice eh?"

"Congratulations there, old bro! Not only can you get to be the Marquis, you can even be a son in law with a beauty in your arms!"

"Aiyoh, to think that a peerless beauty such as the Princess Long Yuan would go into the arms of old bro. What envy I have!"

"Old bro, can you withstand the beast stampede! Don’t lose your life over the beauty eh?"

Since everyone’s relationship with the old man was pretty decent, they teased him here and there.

That wrinkled old face of his broke out into a smile as well, "Oh? Look at me, I don’t even have a son at this age. How about it. Shall we consummate first so that I can leave behind my bloodline, princess? If that’s the case, even if I die in the beast stampede, I would have no regrets."

"HAHA! What brilliant thoughts you have, old bro!"

"That’s a nice plan you’ve got there, old bro! How about you guys do it here too so that we can enjoy the sweet voice of Princess Long Yuan?"

"Seems like old bro is quite the Casanova indeed. You’ll die a happy ghost even then… Heheh!"

Princess Long Yuan could not hold in her anger anymore as she replied coldly, "After the beast stampede."

"Oh? No, no. If this old man here were to die in the beast stampede, wouldn’t I be dying for nothing then?" The old man waved his hand dismissively, rejecting her objection.

"Princess Long Yuan, you should just accede to our old bro’s request. Also, the Long Yuan dynasty does not have a single greater celestial being. Who knows? Perhaps after you satisfy him, he could put in his best for the beast stampede!"

"Heh, that’s right! With our old bro’s help, your beast stampede may then stand a chance eh?"

And just as the princess was about to flare up, a voice came from another table.

"I’ll accept this mission."

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