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The appearance of the battle ark had everyone in a mixed state of emotions.

For the 38 Grandmasters present, this was far from a good thing. They had already discussed before this as to how they would divide up Jiuxiao Sect amongst themselves. And if Jiuxiao Sect had anything to say about that, they would just go with brute force.

But if Jiuxiao Sect knew their place and accepted the terms, they wouldn’t have minded allowing Jiuxiao Sect to continue existing.

Now that another unknown presence was approaching, it looked to them as though they would be getting less of their initial share.

If it were just any normal sect, they wouldn’t have given a s.h.i.t.

But looking at the size of this gigantic battle ark, this was definitely far from a small sect.

Lin Fan stood on the battle ark and gazed down. The Grandmaster’s battle ark was a fabulous object indeed. To think that he would arrive at the far west in just mere days! What an unrivaled speed!

However, even this battle ark paled in comparison to the Roc.

Thinking back at how the Roc had arrived at Glory Sect with just a flap of its wings, THAT speed was truly G.o.dly.

But thinking back at the cost of summoning the Roc, Lin Fan’s heart was breaking apart as well.

"Eh? There’s an event going on?" Lin Fan looked down outside the main hall of Jiuxiao Sect where a large crowd was gathered.

But Lin Fan was no fool either. With the current situation right now, it was already a big deal for Jiuxiao Sect to not be torn apart by the other sects.

"Senior Brother, bear with it and forget about it." Feng Xiaoling whispered behind Xinfeng.

All of these sects were glaring at Jiuxiao Sect with covetous eyes. If they really declared war, Jiuxiao Sect might truly perish right here.

Xinfeng did not reply. His heart was clearer than anyone else. But thinking back to how the glorious Jiuxiao Sect had fallen to such circ.u.mstances, his heart could not hold back the gushing sorrow.

To be left with no fighting strength in the entire sect at all… If they had even a single greater celestial full cultivation being, things would be extremely different right now.

But as things were, the strongest person within the sect, which was himself, was only a lesser celestial. What a tragedy this was!

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples were amazed by the sight of this battle ark floating atop Jiuxiao Sect as well. What a magnificent and shiny battle ark!

The 38 sects’ disciples glared at the ark with envious eyes. They had never seen before such a huge battle ark in their own sects.

As for the 38 Grandmasters, they looked at one another with worried eyes. Just which sect was this?

Yan Hongyu’s ark was platinum plated on the outside, without any emblem or indication. This was because Yan Hongyu felt that one should remain humble and keep a low profile. Even though Glory Sect was a huge sect, he would rather not show off when he was traveling out.

"Brother Xinfeng, how could you? Tsk! Not even a single notice when you’re hosting a ceremony. If not for the fact that I was coming over to settle some stuff, I might not have even found out!"

The voice rang out across the skies as a shadow descended from the ark.

When Xinfeng saw who it was, his face changed immediately as he rushed forward.

The expressions of the 38 Grandmasters turned grim as well. They had not expected this to be Xinfeng’s friend.

Fine, whatever. Even then, this would not hinder their plans.

As for the Jiuxiao Sect disciples, they were just getting really excited one by one.

"Holy f*ck! Senior Brother Lin is here!"

"s.h.i.t! It’s Senior Brother Lin! Hold on, hold on! I’ll go get the best tea we have in our storage!"

"Yes, hurry up and go! Now that Senior Brother Lin is here, these 38 sects can no longer remain so impertinent!"

Those disciples who knew who Lin Fan was had their indignant spirits slowly turning into joy.

And of course, they knew about Senior Brother Lin’s relationship with their Grandmaster! They were close as blood brothers!

Feng Xiaoling’s heart heaved a sigh of relief as well. He had requested for his Senior Brother to ask for Senior Brother Lin’s help, but Xinfeng was adamant against it.

Now that Senior Brother Lin had turned up himself, this was definitely going to turn the tides around for them.

"Brother Lin, why are you here?" Even though Xinfeng was overwhelmed with joy at Lin Fan’s arrival, he was extremely confused as well, wondering why his Brother Lin would turn up here.

"Why? Am I not welcome here? Aiyoh, look at you now! Are those the Grandmaster’s robes? Nice! Impressive, impressive! Well, as a brother, it’s not that I want to complain, but not informing me about a grand occasion such as your ascension? How could you do that? Now, I’m a little p.i.s.sed about that." Looking at Xinfeng wearing the Grandmaster robes, Lin Fan was extremely happy right now. At least, they were going to continue with the traditions of Jiuxiao Sect.

"Well, that's because it’s just a small matter, Brother Lin! Come, come up here and sit!" Xinfeng dragged Lin Fan by his robes.

Tactful and sharp, Feng Xiaoling immediately pulled out a chair from within the main hall and placed it right beside the seat of the Grandmaster.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, who was Lin Fan? He was the strongest person there is!

Thinking back at how Senior Elder Li Yuanqi was squashed like a little ant by him, Feng Xiaoling could remember every bit of Lin Fan’s dominance.

Some of the Jiuxiao Sect disciples were bewildered at what was happening.

"Hey Senior Brother, who’s this Senior Brother Lin guy? How come he’s seated right beside the Grandmaster?" This disciple had a low cultivation base, so he was not in the loop with many things that happened with the sect.

"Just keep your eyes peeled and keep quiet. All I can tell you is that Senior Brother Lin’s presence is the downfall of these 38 Grandmasters here. That’s all."

"Huh? Are you for real, Senior Brother? All of these 38 Grandmasters are greater celestial beings…!" The disciple replied in bewilderment.

"Ha? Greater celestial beings? I have no time to waste explaining to you, just wait right there. I’ve got to hurry and get some dessert for Senior Brother Lin! Has that Junior Brother gone to prepare tea for Senior Brother Lin already?!?"

"Yes, Senior Brother, he’s already rushed there…" The disciple was absolutely stunned. Looking around at his busy Senior Brothers, his mind was even more befuddled right now. All of these Senior Brothers were furious with rage just moments ago, but why were they all smiles now?

All the 38 Grandmasters were extremely puzzled right now. Just who was this man who was seated beside Xinfeng right now? And the next scene was even more shocking.

What were these Jiuxiao Sect disciples doing? They were…crazily pa.s.sionate!

"Senior Brother Lin! This is the best tea that Jiuxiao Sect has to offer!" A disciple was propping the tea up carefully from afar before putting it down on the table beside Lin Fan courteously. In fact, he followed up by taking out a handkerchief to wipe away the water stains on the teacup.

"Senior Brother Lin! Here are some desserts!"

"Senior Brother Lin! Are your shoulders aching? Shall I rub them for you?"

"Senior Brother Lin! Are your feet sore? Should I help you to soak them in warm water?"

"Senior Brother Lin…!"

Everyone from the 38 sects stared at this scene with their jaws wide open. Just what in the world was happening right now? Just who in the world was this person for the Jiuxiao Sect disciples to serve him as such?!

Thinking back at how they were treated and how this man was being treated right now, what a world of a difference this was!

Everyone from the 38 sects were thoroughly riled up right now. Did Jiuxiao Sect look down on them?!?

Lin Fan was also caught in a flurry by these disciples.

"Alright, alright. What’s with you guys? Your sudden pa.s.sionate behavior has Yours Truly a little awkward y’know?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

Standing at the side, Xinfeng also smiled out helplessly. He couldn’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy in his heart. Even he himself had not received treatment as such before. To think that the arrival of his Brother Lin would cause such a commotion.

Lin Fan took up the teacup and sipped carefully. "Brother Xin, your ascension ceremony’s pretty grand indeed for so many people to be present! Come, introduce them to me…"

Just as Xinfeng was ready to do a proper introduction, the 38 Grandmasters looked at one another and nodded together.

"Screw the introductions. The terms we laid out previously, do you agree with it or not."

Just then, everyone’s gaze was flushed towards Xinfeng.

On the other hand, Lin Fan took up a dessert as a smile curled at the side of his lips.

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