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The area was silent. Everyone watched anxiously, not knowing what the current situation was. Han Lu gloated gleefully within the crowds and then left.

"Senior brother, is it really impossible to save junior brother Lin?"Yin Mo Chen asked relentlessly.

Li Chujun shook his head, "It's hopeless… Even the sect head wouldn't be able to do anything now. Take him and bury him."Li Chujun had experienced similar situations many times, but this kind of situation was a first.

The previous outer sect compet.i.tions were all joyful, the outer sect disciples would all be satisfied. Although there were sometimes injuries, there would never be any deaths. But today, an incident had occurred.

"Junior brother Lin…" Yin Mo Chen was in disbelief, his previous lively junior was now suddenly dead, "Senior brother, you have to take to responsibility for junior brother's death." Yin Mo Chen snapped.

Li Chujun's expression slightly changed and he cast his sleeves, "Alright, this incident is now over. I will take care of it myself… bury the person now."

Yu Feng was a seventh level postcelestial and a core disciple within the inner sect. Although no one wanted such a thing to happen, still, who would dismiss a seventh level postcelestial core inner sect disciple for a mere outer sect disciple?

Yin Mo Chen was crestfallen and helpless. He understood the meaning of Li Chujin's words; this incident was now over. Yi Mo Chen lifted Lin Fan's body up, "Junior brother Lin, I am incompetent, not even being able to obtain justice for you… I am so useless."

On the way.

The pa.s.sing outer sect disciples pointed at them while whispering amongst themselves. They knew what had happened previously, and felt pity towards Lin Fan's unfortunate demise.

Although the person was a bit of a sc.u.m, other than that he was alright.

Ni Mingyang hastily ran over upon hearing the situation. His face paled when he saw the body on Yin Mo Chen's shoulder, "Junior brother Yin, what happened to Junior brother Lin?"

"Senior brother…" Yi Mo Chen looked at Ni Mingyang and shook his head.

Ni Mingyang lowered his head, his heart as heavy as Yi Mo Chen's.

He already knew what had happened; this situation wasn't something an outer sect disciple could interfere in.

The water was very deep here.

"Senior brother, before junior brother Lin died, he asked me to give this sword to you. Also, he asked me to give this other sword to a disciple that you know of." Yin Mo Chen's hand shook as he brought out two lower graded swords from the storage bag.

Ni Mingyang looked at the sword in hand, and his eyes turned red.

"Junior brother Yin, we are powerless regarding this situation. We can only send junior brother Lin off respectfully." Ni Mingyang said after a moment.

"Yes." Lin Fan's death left a considerable impact upon Yin Mo Chen.

The Saint Devil sect had nine peaks, nine peaks towering above the clouds like a celestial plane within the human realm. Each peak consisted of clean cut stone steps. Originally, outer sect disciples were not allowed to go down the mountains, but since something like this had happened, the disciples guarding the sect's entrance gave grace and let them go.

The foot of the mountain was green and lush.

Yin Mo Chen and Ni Mingyang dug a grave for Lin Fan under a vast tree, then slowly lowered the coffin into it.

"Junior brother, rest in peace. When I enter the inner sect, I will come see you." Yin Mo Chen looked at the black coffin with puffy red eyes and said.

Ni Mingyang patted Yin Mo Chen's shoulder, "Junior brother, one must still walk the road. Death is inevitable, our junior just left a bit earlier than us… in the future, we will meet again."

"Yes." Yin Mo Chen nodded.

"Let's bury him." Ni Mingyang said.

After it was all over, Yin Mo Chen and Ni Mingyang stood in front of Lin Fan's grave for a long time before finally heaving a sigh and leaving.

At the moment, the surrounding was peaceful and quiet.

Suddenly, in front of Lin Fan's grave, ripple patterns began appearing as if s.p.a.ce itself was distorting.

A pair of jade-like feet slowly stepped out from the distortion, and a beautiful figure appeared in front of Lin Fan's grave.

The clothes of the woman were that of the Saint Devil sect's outer disciples. She raised a finger, and a flash of light appeared.

The dirt covering Lin Fan's grave began rising into the air as if someone were controlling it. Gradually, a dark coffin began rising up from the ground.


The nails sealing the coffin began dropping to the ground. The coffin opened, and Lin Fan's body floated slowly towards the woman. A trace of regret appeared on the beautiful face of the woman.

"Another genius falls… the world possesses many geniuses but only a few can truly grow… what a waste of a Supreme pill…hah."

A sigh that ran deep sounded, giving off the impression of helplessness and loneliness.


Complete silence.

For the Saint Devil sect that had thousands of disciples, losing one didn't have much effect.

In some people's hearts, Lin Fan's death brought pain, but for some people, who was Lin Fan? His death had nothing to do with them.

Inside the sect, Yin Mo Chen lied on his bed for a long time, unable to sleep, looking at the storage bag in his hands, as if he sensed the scent of Lin Fan. Ni Mingyang obtained a martial skill from Meng Yangquan, and from today onward, he vowed to work hard to reach postcelestial stage and enter the inner sect to obtain justice for the death of Lin Fan.

Han Lu was joyous and poured a gla.s.s of liquor to celebrate. The arrogant w.a.n.g Tianfeng was not himself today. He lit three incense sticks in the courtyard before heaving a sigh and returning back to his room.

The next day at night.

'Ding… system update complete.'

'Ding… unlocking true energy function.'

'Ding… martial skill cla.s.sification feature.'

Lin Fan, who had lied in the coffin for 24 hours, began opening his eyes. Although the insides of the coffin were pitch black, he could ignore this due to his current cultivation base.

Lin Fan gave a heavy smack, and as a result, the ground shook. He then climbed out from the inside. Lin Fan took a deep breath and inhaled some fresh air. 'Ah, I nearly got myself killed… that was way too dangerous.'

Lin Fan wiped the sweat from his forehead, thinking back to what happened on the fighting stage, feeling a bit scared now.

Lin Fan carefully observed his surroundings, particularly the nine peaks behind him, and then understood he had now left the Saint Devil sect.

Lin Fan felt very favorable towards the Saint Devil sect, but since he was already outside, he might as well play around a bit. Once he obtained a powerful cultivation base, he would then go back and surprise them.

As for Yu Feng trying to kill him, Lin Fan didn't take it to mind. One of the side-effects of 《Monkey Steals Peach》 was that the ones who had their peach stolen would feel a sudden impulse of wanting to kill the other party after all.

And Yu Feng contributed greatly in helping him enter the postcelestial stage. Such a contribution, how could he not pay him back in the future?

Lin Fan eagerly opened his data panel. The current system had upgraded, so he wanted to know what kind of new tricks it had, feeling extremely excited.

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 20 (First level postcelestial)

Experience points: (0/2000000)

True Energy: 100

Storage experience: 0 (Can upgrade character level, can upgrade martial skill level)

Body Training Skills: 《Eternal Demon Body》 2nd level(200000/4000000)

Mental Cultivation: None

Martial Skills: 《Monkey Steals Peach》 15th level (0/60000)

Tactics: None

Professions: Advanced Blacksmith level two(1000/10000)

Equipment: Nine-Five Red Brick (Legendary Weapon)

t.i.tle: Not conceding so just do it (Cultivation base is doubled, time limit is one incense candle, one-time use)

'What are true energy, mental cultivation, and tactics?' Lin Fan was clueless. However, his character level up experience had decreased and only required two million experience points now.

'It seems Senior brother was right… Precelestial and postcelestial are two different planes, a boundary that is very difficult to cross.'

Since he needed to cross the plane from precelestial to postcelestial, the amount of experience he needed would be very high. But once he crossed over, the experience would then return to normal.

Lin Fan restored his grave to normal. He was dead now after all, and if he were to leave his grave like this, who knows what would happen. After that, Lin Fan ran eastward deep into the forest.

There was a huge dynasty in the east, called the Great Yan dynasty. And Lin Fan's current destination was there, after all where there were people, there would be fun.

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