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The Grandmaster of Red Cloud Sect was enjoying the mood within Jiuxiao Sect right now. Back in the past, whenever he came over, he would have to be polite and behave himself properly. But now? Things were different. The way he looked at everything was akin to surveying his very own sect.

Grandmaster Hu took up his cup of tea and took a sip. Immediately after, he slammed it down on the table beside him. He locked eyes with a Jiuxiao Sect disciple nearby and commented in displeasure.

"What sort of tea is this? There’s totally no flavor in it! How dare you serve us such inferior tea! Are you looking down on the Grandmasters and the sects here?" His tone was aggressive.

He was familiar with the taste of this tea. This was the same tea that Jiuxiao Sect had served him back when they were strong. But now that they were in this state, how dare they serve the same type of tea?!?

"Grandmaster Hu, this is the same type of tea our sect has always used." The disciple rushed up and replied in confusion.

Suddenly, a disciple of Red Cloud Sect behind Grandmaster Hu stepped forth and sent the Jiuxiao Sect disciple flying with a single slap.

"Hmph! If my Grandmaster says it’s an inferior tea, it’s an inferior tea! Hurry up and go get your best tea out!"

The disciple who was sent flying was furious right now. It was all written over his face as he was prepared to retaliate against the other party.

Since when had they been subjected to such treatment?

All the other sect’s Grandmasters sat where they were idly. Towards this scene, they were laughing coldly in their hearts. They had to see just what Jiuxiao Sect would do against this.

If they couldn’t bear with it and fought back, then that’d be according to their wishes as well.

If a fight were to break out, they could then s.n.a.t.c.h over the sect officially. The resources and land of Jiuxiao Sect were just nice for them to split evenly.

The Red Cloud Sect disciple puffed his chest out proudly. He was feeling really excited at this moment as well. Back in the past, Jiuxiao Sect was like a mountain that they could not have hoped to climb.

But now that Jiuxiao Sect had fallen from grace, they were nothing more than an orange for him to squash and trample on.

"You…!" The Jiuxiao Sect disciple wanted to say something, but he was held back by a someone.

"Senior Brother…" The disciple who was slapped looked around at who it was and called out indignantly.

"You stand back. Go and get someone to serve these Grandmasters here the best tea we have. I’ll handle things here." Wu Hao ordered.

No matter how indignant the disciple was, he could only nod his head reluctantly.

"Grandmaster Hu, fellow Grandmasters present, my apologies for the poor reception. I’ve ordered them to replace the tea." Clasping his fists together, Wu Hao apologized to the Grandmasters present.

Wu Hao was once an arrogant and brutal man within the sect. But now that Jiuxiao Sect had become like this, for the sake of Jiuxiao Sect’s legacy to carry on, he had to put down his personal ego and pride.

"Hahaha! Good, good. Smart lad you are. Alright then, we won’t hold it against people of your caliber. It’s getting late. Where’s the new Grandmaster?" Grandmaster Hu waved his hand dismissively as he laughed.

"The Grandmaster will be here shortly." Wu Han replied as he eyed the people present before retreating slowly. None of the 38 sects present were here with good intentions.

Catching sight of the scene, the Jiuxiao Sect disciples who were busy nearby were filled with a sense of pained indignance. They knew each of these Grandmasters. They were once people who were extremely polite and sucked up to Jiuxiao Sect. But now, they were all arrogant and haughty. They no longer viewed Jiuxiao Sect with any bit of respect.

They understood in their hearts that it was due to Jiuxiao Sect’s fall.

Just that a sudden change as such was still pretty difficult for most of them to adapt to.

The disciples of these 38 sects were pointing fingers and ordering them around, as if they were viewing these Jiuxiao Sect disciples as servants right now.

Even though they were furious, they knew what they had to do. They could only bear with all of it. Otherwise, they’d cause trouble for their newly ascended Grandmaster.

"The Grandmaster arrives…!"

Just then, Xinfeng walked over from the distance. Upon hearing the announcement, the 38 Grandmasters looked over smugly.

None of them stood up as they remained seated where they were.

The disciples of the 38 sects chattered nonstop. In fact, it was almost like a marketplace.

"So this is the new Grandmaster of Jiuxiao Sect?"

"Ah, I know who that is. He was Jiuxiao Sect’s number 1 genius."

"HAHA! Seems like Jiuxiao Sect is really down in the dumps now. Even though he’s a genius, in terms of fighting strength, he can’t be compared to any of us Grandmasters right here. In fact, even our Senior Elders can take him down easily."

Hearing these comments, the Jiuxiao Sect disciples nearby were clenching their fists so hard that their knuckles were turning white.

Feng Xiaoling followed closely behind Xinfeng. Even though he was displeased at the situation before him, he had expected that this would happen.

Xinfeng looked calm and nonchalant, as though none of their opinions affected him. He then walked up to the seat of the Grandmaster and clasped his fists towards the audience.

"Thank you for your attendance, everyone. I am Xinfeng, and I shall take on the role of the Grandmaster from today forth."

Looking at one another, all 38 Grandmasters shrugged and clasped their fists together, returning some formalities. But the reason for their presence this time round was not to talk about these nonsenses. They came here with a motive.

Xinfeng sat down on the seat without speaking. The atmosphere of the event turned cold as everyone fell silent.

All the Jiuxiao Sect disciples stood behind Xinfeng. They knew that this day was not going to be over just like that.

Just then, Grandmaster Hu of Red Cloud Sect laughed out loudly, "OH! To think that Jiuxiao Sect had turned as such. For that, I feel deep regrets hahaha…!"

Hearing Grandmaster Hu start the ball rolling, the other Grandmasters sat up straight. That was the cue for them to start their demands.

"However, all of us present have discussed over some matters. Do you want to hear us out, Grandmaster Xin?" Grandmaster Hu asked mockingly.

Xinfeng’s finger trembled before he gave off a smile and replied, "Go ahead, Grandmaster Hu."

Grandmaster Hu let out a fake cough, glanced across the other Grandmasters, and got straight to the point, "Back in Jiuxiao Sect’s glory days, you guys had occupied many territories. These territories belonged to us 38 sects. For the sake of us getting along together in the future, we propose that Grandmaster Xin return these territories to us."

"That’s right!"

"Most of Jiuxiao Sect’s territories were s.n.a.t.c.hed over from us! Now that you guys don’t have much time left, cough it back to us!"

The 38 Grandmasters present nodded their heads in agreement.

Xinfeng’s expression changed slightly before he gave yet another calm smile, "My fellow Grandmasters present, I do not get your meaning. When have Jiuxiao Sect ever s.n.a.t.c.hed over your territories? These territories of ours were inherited from our ancestors…"

Grandmaster Hu waved his hand dismissively and cut off Xinfeng’s speech.

"Alright, whatever. Grandmaster Xin, all of us came here to discuss with you politely. If you insist on going with your own explanations, then all 38 sects wouldn’t mind declaring war on you. Go and think about it on your own."

Grandmaster Hu’s face turned cold immediately. He did not want to waste any more time. Now that Jiuxiao Sect was weak, there was no need to mince words around them. If Jiuxiao Sect knew what was good for them, they could still give them some room to breathe. But looking at how things were going, if he didn’t put in some threats, these guys might not even know where they stood right now.

"Could I inquire which are the territories you are referring to, Grandmaster Hu?" Xinfeng hid his hands under his robes, clenching his fists tightly as well.

"Mount Hailie belongs to the Red Cloud Sect." Grandmaster Hu had thought about it beforehand and replied immediately. "Jiuxiao Sect has occupied Mount Hailie for thousands of years. This has caused great losses for the Red Cloud Sect. If Grandmaster Xin is truly sincere in making amends, you can throw in a 100 more treasures to make up for it."

"And the rest?" Xinfeng asked expressionlessly, but a fire was raging within his heart.

After that, the other Grandmasters promptly made their demands known as well.

By the time the last Grandmaster was done, all the Jiuxiao Sect disciples were flushed red.

They were not red from excitement, but maddened with rage.

Xinfeng stood up immediately and glared at the ma.s.ses. Grinding his teeth, he spat out, "You guys are out to plunder Jiuxiao Sect?"

Xinfeng had made preparations to let go of some of their resources. But to think that the 38 sects would go this far. This was practically eating up Jiuxiao Sect alive!

"Oh, you can’t say that now. We’re just here to take back what’s ours." Grandmaster Hu replied sarcastically.

"That’s right!"

"It’s time to return them."

All the Grandmasters nodded their heads.

"That’s impossible…!" Xinfeng replied in a huff.

Grandmaster Hu glanced at Xinfeng before standing up and laughing coldly, "Oh, and it’s in your place to decide whether or not it’s possible now?"

"That’s right. If Jiuxiao Sect insists on occupying our territories, then the 38 of us sects will have no choice but to form an alliance to exterminate Jiuxiao Sect off the far west region!"

Immediately, all the other 37 Grandmasters stood up as well.

They were definitely going to eat Jiuxiao Sect alive. And if they resisted, all the better. They could then take the chance to destroy Jiuxiao Sect once and for all.

All the Jiuxiao Sect disciples who were standing behind Xinfeng were pale with fury. These guys were too much…!

Xinfeng took a deep breath.

"Eh? Look over there, guys! There’s a battle ark approaching!" Suddenly, one of the disciples called out pointing into the distance.

Suddenly, everyone’s gaze turned over. Looking over, they could not help but take in a cold breath. What a gigantic battle ark…!

The 38 Grandmasters looked at one another in confusion. Was someone else here for a slice of the cake?

Xinfeng could only stand rooted where he was in anguish. Was Jiuxiao Sect really going to be sliced up into pieces by these guys like a helpless lamb?

All the Jiuxiao Sect disciples lowered their heads in sorrow as well. This was a downright humiliation to them.

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