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Time would fly and leave everything behind.

Glory Sect had eventually returned to the peaceful state it was in before. As for the disciples, they were buried deep in self-cultivation.

Within that battle, many talented disciples with hidden potential had unleashed them entirely in the face of the sect’s darkest moments.

Starting with Lu Yan, who had risen from the ranks of the servant disciples; even though his cultivation base wasn’t too high, that mysterious fighting style he had employed, and the power he unleashed, had everyone looking at him entirely differently from before.

As for Meng Hao and Jian Wudi et cetera, the fighting strength they let loose was in no way lesser than the inner sect disciples. In fact, they were probably even stronger than Zong Hentian.

So, who was the number one within Glory Sect right now then?

Of course, it was none other than Lin Fan. This was a fact that was openly acknowledged by everyone within Glory Sect. After all, all of them had witnessed for themselves the happenings of that day.

One by one, the Grandmaster and the Senior Elders were forced back, even nearly losing their lives.

However, the moment Junior Master Lin arrived and went ham, he had turned the tides around instantly in the palms of his hands. This level of power was way too terrifying!

As such, Lin Fan’s image within the sect was as high as the Heavens right now. He was unofficially the G.o.d that many disciples were revering in their hearts.

Nameless Peak…

Mie Qiongqi had already kept himself locked up in self-cultivation for an entire month. To Mie Qiongqi, the benefits of having 2 energy grid line chains right now were extremely great. Based on just cultivation base alone, Mie Qiongqi was the highest in the entire Glory Sect.

The mysterious skill, Unkillable Indestructible, had brought Mie Qiongqi to a path of absolute dominance.

Ever since Lin Fan obtained the Mythical Parasol Tree, he had been gaining experience points by the second.

Now that an entire month had pa.s.sed, Lin Fan’s cultivation base had broken through to a lesser celestial full cultivation as well.

Lin Fan right now could even level up while sleeping. In no time to come, he would definitely be able to enter that greater celestial state he wanted.

By then, he could be able to comprehend the power of energy grid lines and start on gathering energy grid line chains.

Just then, Chicky ran into his room from outside clucking happily. At the same time, Zhiqiao was chasing after him while muttering something.

"Master! Why does Chicky always bully Whitey? He is always pressing on Whitey down onto the ground!" Zhiqiao was hugging on to Whitey tightly while reporting to Lin Fan.


Chicky leaped up onto Lin Fan’s shoulders and shrunk his body, shaking his head furiously as though he was refuting Zhiqiao’s words.

Lin Fan was in the middle of sipping tea when he spat everything out upon hearing Zhiqiao’s complaint. He looked at Chicky in some disbelief and finally, his expression changed into one of contempt.

His heart was screaming, ‘You…you beast…! You wouldn’t even let someone so young go…?!?’

Even though the Snow Lion cub was a female, it was underage, and had yet to go through p.u.b.erty! To think that Chicky would…would…!


Lin Fan threw a look of shade at Chicky. Turning around, he then replied helplessly, "Ah, Zhiqiao. That’s not bullying. They’re just having some friendly intercour…interaction!"

Lin Fan did not know how else to put it, so he had to explain it in that manner. After all, it wasn’t wrong. Chicky and Whitey were having a friendly interaction alright.

Just that the interaction was a little…indecent.

"OH…" Zhiqiao could not understand all this these at all, so she just nodded her head in agreement.

Coiled around tightly in Zhiqiao’s arms, Whitey was shivering profusely. The moment her eyes locked with Chicky’s, she was filled with immense fear.

Looking at Whitey’s terrified face, Lin Fan sighed helplessly as well, ‘What a beast indeed! Look how badly Chicky has scarred her!’

Chicky looked at Lin Fan as well, flicking his head away in the other direction. He then leapt down from Lin Fan’s shoulders proudly and ran out.

"Master, I’d like to bring Whitey out to play!" Looking at Chicky running away, Zhiqiao prepared to head out to look for Gong Bingye as well.

"Okay." Lin Fan nodded his head. Now that a month had pa.s.sed, it was time for him to make his way over to Jiuxiao Sect. He had already received the news from Xinfeng that he was preparing to take over the position of the new Grandmaster of Jiuxiao Sect.

This was a big event in Lin Fan’s eyes. Naturally, he had prepared his gift for Xinfeng as well.

The moment Zhiqiao left, Mie Qiongqi entered his house.

"Master, I’ve reached a bottleneck in my cultivation. I’d like to head out for further training." Mie Qiongqi requested.

Lin Fan surveyed Mie Qiongqi properly from head to toe and sighed out. Indeed, this man was a rare talent.

Even though he was only at a greater celestial lower level, he was still holding on a lot of unreleased potential within his body. This aura was dense and thick. He was probably the strongest of any other greater celestial lower level right now.

Just based on those two energy grid line chains alone, he was already way stronger than many other people.

As for Mie Qiongqi’s request, Lin Fan naturally allowed it. After all, other than Lin Fan, the strongest fighting power in Saint Devil Sect right now was definitely Mie Qiongqi.

Next day…

Mie Qiongqi left the peak and sect earlier than Lin Fan. Lin Fan, on the other hand, made his way over to the Grandmaster to request for a battle ark.

The moment Yan Hongyu caught sight of Lin Fan, that pleasant mood he originally had turned sour immediately. His breathing became especially hurried the moment he heard Lin Fan’s request for the battle ark. It was as though he could have fainted at any moment from a stroke.

Not only did this lad take away half of the treasure vault, he was now asking for his very own battle ark?

Even though Yan Hongyu did not reject outright, he finally relented after Lin Fan’s constant persuasion techniques, and took out his cherished battle ark.

The moment he took out his battle ark, his heart was filled with a sharp pain and reluctance.

"I can take it out for you, but you must remember to return it to me!"

The moment Lin Fan thought of the Grandmaster’s heartbroken face as he handed over the ark, he couldn’t help but chuckle.

Just then…

The Glory Sect disciples found that the skies were starting to darken. Raising their heads, they exclaimed out in surprise.

That was the sect’s battle ark!

Standing atop the battle ark, Lin Fan’s face was extremely satisfied. He couldn’t complain about this magnificent ark that gave off a strange glow under the gleaming sunlight.

Furthermore, the Grandmaster’s battle ark was even faster in terms of speed compared to the battle arks of the Senior Elders.

The moment the Senior Elders on each peak caught sight of the floating ark, they rushed to the Grandmaster’s Peak in shock.

There, they found the Grandmaster standing frozen solid. His eyes were filled with sorrow as he stood rooted where he was.

"Grandmaster, you’ve given your battle ark to that lad?!?" Wuya asked hurriedly.

He knew that the battle ark was the most cherished possession of Grandmaster Yan.

Taking in a deep breath, Yan Hongyu replied, "LENT. Not given. LENT."

Wuya exchanged glances with the other Senior Elders. The Grandmaster did not seem to be taking this really well.

That battle ark which was a few thousand feet wide floated quietly in the sky. It did look a little strange with just one lone man standing on it.

Looking down, Lin Fan pursed his lips into a smile. This feeling was simply too great!

"Is anyone keen on joining your Junior Master Lin for a field trip outside!" Lin Fan shouted down.

Looking at one another, the disciples of Glory Sect raised their hands excitedly.

"Me, Junior Master Lin! I’ll go!"

"Take me along, Junior Master Lin! I know how to cook!"

"I can warm your bed for you…!"

Looking at their excited faces, Lin Fan let out a big grin.


With that, the runes on the battle ark glowed brightly as it disappeared into the edge of the skies.

The excited disciples looked at the skies blankly.

"BIG LIAR…!!!"

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