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The next day, all the color seemed to have drained from the skies, leaving only gray clouds. The mood on Earth seemed to be especially grim because of the dark skies.

From top to bottom, every single member of Glory Sect was in a grim mood as well. It was as though a rock was pressing down heavily on their hearts.

Standing together, the disciples formed a sea of black as they were all draped in black robes, surrounding Glory Sect’s Hall of Glory.

This was Glory Sect’s home for their valiant spirits. For the past 10,000 years, every single person who had died for the sake of the sect were laid in this final resting place.

The Hall of Glory was located on a peak far in the East. This peak was the same height as the Grandmaster’s Peak. This was Glory Sect’s most glorious location.

However, this glory could only be obtained post-death.

Lin Fan was standing in the front row together with the Grandmaster and the other Senior Elder, looking at the rows of tablets in front of them. Such was the fragility of young lives, to burn as brightly and as short-lived as fireworks. They themselves might have never expected their early demise either, and could have had so many wonderful things and plans awaiting them in the future.

"Master…" Mu Bingyan’s hands were trembling as she caressed that cold stone tablet. Every single word etched on it was like a sharp blade, carving wounds within her heart.

"Master…!" Mu Bingyan’s peerlessly beautiful face no longer had the flush of blood. It was as though her heart was ripped apart violently. This pain hurt, it really hurt…

Yet, she could not even let out a single drop of tear. She was now the Peak Master of Jialan Peak. She had to be strong, and lead her junior sisters to be even stronger.

"Master..." Mu Bingyan’s lips were quivering. She could no longer hold on as streams of tears flowed down from her eyes. She was a princess of a dynasty who was hunted down for her life back in her youth. Just as she had fallen in a frozen tundra awaiting death in her most desolate moment, a warm pair of hands stretched out and hugged her. She was then carried to this place called Jialan Peak, which was filled with warmth.

Here, Mu Bingyan did not think back about the past. All she wanted to do was to stay by her Master’s side silently. But now that her Master had left her, she could no longer hide her pain as she cried sorrowfully.

‘Master, Bingyan will fulfill your final wish. Please leave in peace.’ Mu Bingyan lowered her head as her tears splashed down onto the ground. For someone as cold as her, these were tears of a deep-rooted pain.

All the disciples of Jialan Peak sobbed silently as well. Their beloved Peak Master had left them.

The other disciples of Glory Sect lowered their heads and mourned in silence as well. This was for their fallen brothers.

"Glory Sect, a great sect with a 10,000-year-old history... Even though we’ve been through many trials and tribulations, all of you must remember this fateful day. 368 of our disciples have fallen defending the sect. All of them have served their duties to the sect with an immense contribution. Thus, they are specially inducted into the Hall of Glory. All of our future disciples and generations should do well to remember them." Yan Hongyu called out loudly into the skies with a solemn expression.

His voice permeated the entire Glory Sect.

Looking at all this, Lin Fan was filled with emotion. Even though the cultivation bases of these disciples were not very high, all of them were worthy of respect.

Disciples clad in black robes carried these tablets into the Hall of Glory, propping them up in front of their chest with both hands. All of their faces were pained as they arranged these tablets properly within.

Lin Fan let out a sigh as he patted Chicky, who was on his shoulders. The generally lively Chicky was unusually quiet right now, with his head bowed down as well, only cawing softly.

It was as though Chicky was connected with Lin Fan’s heart. When Lin Fan was upset, Chicky too was upset.


Using his small little head, he caressed Lin Fan’s cheeks, seemingly trying to comfort him.

Lin Fan came by Mu Bingyan’s side and comforted her softly as well, "Everyone is bound to meet with death one day. However, one’s death may be meaningless or filled with meaning. They have sacrificed their lives for the sect, and will be remembered through Glory Sect’s history. Junior Sister, don’t be too sad, and fulfill the will as the Peak Master of Jialan Peak, so that your master can rest well in peace."

"Thank you, Senior Brother." Mu Bingyan nodded her head, slowly regaining her spirit.

Lin Fan looked into the distant sky. He wondered how sad his Brother Xinfeng must be right now as well.

With the Grandmaster and all his Senior Elders dead, he was left to deal with everything alone from this point forth. With such a heavy responsibility pressing down on his shoulders, he wondered if his Brother Xinfeng could hold on.


Even though Xuanhuang World was a place where it was survival of the fittest and life was fleeting, the pain of having one’s close ones dying right before oneself was still beyond words to describe.

A few days later…

The ma.s.ses had gradually recovered from the morose mood of the events, and had placed all their energies into the reconstruction of the sect. Numerous disciples had begun to return to their usual cultivation habits. In fact, they were way more motivated than before.

Perhaps the events that had pa.s.sed had made them truly understand how small they truly were. It was a big impact on their hearts after all, and these disciples were determined to grow even stronger to be able to protect the sect.

While Lin Fan understood all this, he still felt that it was too late for him. If he had realized all this back in Cangling Continent, Saint Devil Sect might have been able to survive.

No matter the greatness of a sect, there would come a day when they were faced with the threat of falling, the threat of being destroyed.

But as long as he was alive, he swore to never let history repeat itself.

Gong Bingye’s injury was slowly recovering as well.

Lin Fan had intended to let her return at first. However, Zhiqiao, this little, kid was creating a huge fuss, crying and whining while Zhang Ergou and the others were putting in a good word for her from the side.

In the end, Lin Fan did not want to argue anymore, and allowed her to stay. ‘Take it as an extra outer sect disciple then.’

In the few months that Lin Fan was gone, Nameless Peak had undergone great changes. It was always bustling with people looking for goods and stuff, like any ordinary city marketplace.

And of course, these items were extremely well received in Glory Sect.

Lin Fan decided to let it be. However, looking at Gong Bingye, he did feel a little weird. In fact, he was pretty impressed with her.

She was a woman who dared to chase after what she wanted, and dared to dream.

But to think that she was dreaming of Yours Truly’s pure and virtuous body? Dream on indeed.

Who was Yours Truly? Yours Truly was a man who was destined to be the greatest character in the entire universe…

Alright, alright. Enough with the bullsh*t. It was time to head to the treasure vault first.

A treasure vault with Glory Sect’s 10,000 years of history must be extremely big. As for the treasures within, they must definitely be extremely priceless as well. Remembering the Grandmaster’s pained look, Lin Fan could make a guess at how extravagant this place must be.

Just the mere thought of it was causing him to be excited.

Not long later, Lin Fan arrived at the location of the treasure vault. It was situated in a secret cave under the Grandmaster’s Peak. The entrance was surrounded by an aura seemingly patrolling the place. This must have been setup by the Grandmaster to alert him of any intruders.

But holding on to the token given by the Grandmaster, Lin Fan was let through without any resistance, as the aura moved away from him.

‘So, this is the treasure vault?’ Standing in front of two doors, Lin Fan sized up the place. Looking up, he found two words etched on top of the door.

‘Treasure Vault.’

Lin Fan shook his head. Just what kind of world-cla.s.s b.l.o.o.d.y idiot was the person who designed this place? Isn’t this just stupidity at its best? If some fool were to stumble across this place by chance, wouldn’t he be in luck? Even if he didn’t know what this place was, he would be able to tell by these b.l.o.o.d.y words etched right in. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l!

Just then, the token Lin Fan was holding on to floated gently up into the air. A bright beam of light shone on top of the door.

Boom. Boom.

The two doors slowly opened up as Lin Fan’s heart stopped for a second.

He could sense the aura of treasures…

It was thick…

Lin Fan entered, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with excitement. Looking at what was inside, his eyes were opened wider than ever.

Money slave! He was going to be a money slave…!

Packed densely on every single shelf, treasures were abundant. Even the aura of the vault itself was so dense and thick that it was almost solid. It seemed like a sticky mist.

Compared to Jiuxiao Sect’s, this was way cla.s.sier!

The extreme west of the continent was a place scarce of resources. Seemed like it was right after all.

The place where Glory Sect was situated was full of resources and connections to other places. Hence, the treasures they obtained were naturally even more bountiful.


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