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"Holy sh*t! Flying with this Roc is simply a big scam!"

Just then, two shadows appeared on Nameless Peak.

To think that they had expended so many resources to summon this Roc, just for it to flap its wings a few times, fly through the voids, and dump the both of them right here and nothing else.

What kind of a lousy deal was that? But on the bright side, at least the Roc was pretty speedy. In the blink of an eye, they had already arrived at Glory Sect. Hopefully, everything was fine.

However, when Lin Fan started to survey his surroundings, his face changed immediately.

"Brother Lin, this…!" Xinfeng had yet to recover entirely from the amazement of the Roc. However, when he saw Brother Lin’s stoned expression, he was taken aback. Looking around at the desolate state of Nameless Peak, Xinfeng’s expression turned grim as well.

Could it be all too late?

"Ergou! Where are you guys…!!!" Lin Fan’s relaxed mood had disappeared entirely. What replaced it was a look of total anxiousness.

When he caught sight of a body laying nearby, his face turned pale as well.

That was…Mie Qiongqi!

Mie Qiongqi laid in a pool of blood, his life and death indeterminate. And just as Lin Fan stepped up to check it out, a breeze blew by. A pink fabric blew by.

His blood turned cold.

His right hand trembling, he picked it up.

This was a pouch…

This was his own disciple’s pouch…!

Having lost every bit of his consciousness, Mie Qiongqi suddenly regained a final brief moment of lucidity before death. Briefly opening his eyes and looking at the figure standing before him, he could barely breathe out the words, "Mas…ter…"

"Mie Qiongqi! Where are the others…!" Lin Fan asked him hurriedly. But Mie Qiongqi lost his consciousness before he could even reply.

"Brother Lin, his injuries look extremely grave. If he isn’t treated in time, he’s going to die at this rate." Stepping forth and checking Mie Qiongqi’s body, Xinfeng said.

Suddenly, a horrifying aura emanated from the main hall in the distance.

Lin Fan grit his teeth, his face fiercer than ever before. A ball of fire was burning in rage within his heart.

"Brother Lin…" Xinfeng had wanted to say something, but before he could do so, he caught sight of Lin Fan, and his heart stopped for a moment.

Lin Fan’s broken left arm was regenerating rapidly.

This was a horrifying aura that was emanating from the main hall area.

However, what was even more horrifying right now was the aura that was being emitted from Lin Fan.


The whole Nameless Peak started vibrating continuously.

Lin Fan’s right fist clenched really, really tightly. Already fused with the Eternal Arm, the aura of his right hand exploded with a boundless amount of energy.

Lin Fan disappeared instantly from the spot as he dashed towards the main hall.

Zhang Ergou was hugging on tightly to his dear little junior sister. The aura in the skies was simply too strong. It felt like it locked on to them without any room for escape.


And what was even more devastating for the Glory Sect disciples was the fact that the Grandmaster and the others were coughing out blood. The chains that were starting to fuse in the skies had disappeared entirely.

"I told you so. Given your situation, there’s no way you can fuse those energy grid line chains. Just wait there quietly for your deaths." Looking at Yan Hongyu and the others, Han Yongyi let out a cruel smile.

Yan Hongyu and the other elders sat down crippled on the ground, their breathing was even weaker right now.

Over. It was all over.

"Grandmaster…!" Looking at the Grandmaster, Senior Elder Wuya shook his head with a broken heart. There was no longer any hope left.

All the disciples of Glory Sect were breaking down right now. They were getting closer to death by the second.

"Well, little one. You can go and die now." Laughing coldly, that palm strike of boundless powers descended down upon the skies.

Zhang Ergou’s face was white as a sheet. He could sense the terror of this single palm strike. Hugging on to his little junior sister tightly, he shut his eyes tightly in the face of death.

"MASTER, ERGOU CAN NO LONGER SERVE YOU…!" Zhang Ergou screamed at the top of his lungs in despair.

"BIG SENIOR BROTHER…!" Laying in a pool of blood, Feng Bujue and Tian Yu struggled to raise their hands. Their hands could only tremble as they struggled to reach even that inch closer to Zhang Ergou. But it was all no use. They had no strength right now.

Everyone else in Glory Sect closed their eyes in the face of hopeless despair. This was going to be a ma.s.sacre.

Yan Hongyu and the other elders could only feel their hearts being ripped apart.


And just then, a single roar of wrath rang through the skies. This roar was so strong that the entire Heavens seemed to be shaking from it.


A loud explosion ensued.

Lin Fan’s speed surpa.s.sed everything else right now. Appearing before Zhang Ergou, he threw out a punch and completely negated the oncoming attack.

When Zhang Ergou heard this voice, he opened his eyes momentarily. Looking at the back view in front of him, he could not help but roar out emotionally.


The young, little broken and fragile soul, Cai Zhiqiao bawled at the top of her voice as well upon seeing who it was. She could not stop crying out for her master as well.

"It’s Junior Master Lin…!"

"Junior Master Lin’s back to save us!"

"Junior Master Lin…!!!"

Looking at that familiar back view, all the disciples of Glory Sect erupted out in emotional shouts as well.

Looking at who it was, Grandmaster Yan and the other Senior Elders could not believe their eyes as well. To think that the long-gone Lin Fan would return right at this very moment!

Looking at Zhang Ergou and Cai Zhiqiao safe and sound, Lin Fan’s heaved a sigh of relief as well.

"Master…!" Laying in their pools of blood, Feng Bujue and Tian Yu called out feebly. Hope began to rise like a bubble in their desolate hearts.

Lin Fan nodded his head. It was good, it was all fine now. As long as they were fine, that was all that mattered right now.

In his heart, the Saint Devil Sect was the most important thing to him. He would not allow anyone to trample on this home in his heart.

"Lin Fan, you…" When Senior Elder Wuya felt this horrifying aura that was emanating from Lin Fan, his heart skipped a beat.

Looking at the weakened ma.s.ses, Lin Fan stepped forth.

"Leave it all to me. You guys just watch carefully." He told everyone before turning his gaze up to the skies.

To the Glory Sect disciples, Lin Fan’s back view was especially st.u.r.dy and dependable right now. With his hair being lifted by a gentle breeze, Lin Fan’s mighty figure was extremely bedazzling.

"Whoever comes at me today shall die." Lin Fan’s eyes gleamed with boundless light as he gazed straight at the figures in the skies.

"Hmph. Big words there. Fair enough. Since you came courting death, you have no one else to blame for it." Looking at Lin Fan, Han Yongyi’s face let loose a cold smile.

Waving his hand, a Senior Elder behind him with a vicious looking face darted towards Lin Fan.

"Be careful, Junior Master Lin…!" Looking at the scene before them, the Glory Sect disciples shouted out in worry.

Yan Hongyu and the others were extremely worried as well. All of these were greater celestial full cultivation beings who possessed immense powers.

Even though Lin Fan was back right now and this reignited a bit of hope within them, this was only a thin thread of hope. Against these many people, what he could do seemed to be limited as well.

"Hais, you shouldn’t…!" Wuya sighed and shook his head. Perhaps this was truly the end of Glory Sect’s lineage today.

However, just as the thought crossed Wuya’s mind, he was stumped completely by the scene that unfolded before him.

It wasn’t just he who was stumped. Everyone from Glory Sect. Every single person from top to bottom, was stumped for words.


A punch... Just a single punch.

The Senior Elder from Jiuxiao Sect who had descended from the skies lost his entire head with a single punch from Junior Master Lin. Suddenly, the sky turned silent. Everyone held their breaths as their hearts could not stop thumping.


After that momentary silent, the entire skies erupted with cheers.

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