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Little Junior Sister and Miss Gong were still hidden there!


Under Han Yongyi’s brutal powers, the structures of Nameless Peak began to crumble. Zhang Ergou and the others were just pale as a sheet right now.

"Junior Brothers, you guys hurry and go back to Nameless Peak!" Zhang Ergou shouted. Without a second thought, Tian Yu and Feng Bujue dashed towards the Nameless Peak.

"Hmph, trying to escape? It’s too late." Floating in the skies, Han Yongyi let out a cold laugh. Sending out a single palm strike, it was as though the entire Earth was being pushed down by it as well.

Instantly, Tian Yu and Feng Bujue were slammed cruelly onto the ground, fresh blood spewing out of their mouths.

"Junior brothers!!!" Looking in the direction of Tian Yu and Feng Bujue, Zhang Ergou screamed out in distress. Han Yongyi’s figure in the skies was like a gigantic mountain, blocking the path of everyone’s escape right now.

These were the last few moments for the Senior Elders left in the skies as well.

Senior Elder Lu Mingyang of Zhongtian Peak was heavily injured. After killing one of the Jiuxiao Sect’s Senior Elders, he had taken a large amount of damage as well. With his life energy disrupted, he collapsed down from the skies.

In another portion of the skies, yet another figure collapsed from the skies.

"Junior Brother Yan…!" Focusing his gaze, Wuya screamed out in rage.

The wounds of Senior Elder Yan Zhangwen of Glory Sect were frightening for anyone who caught sight of it. To think that a greater celestial full cultivation being would take such damage, this was totally unheard of.

The sight of his bare bones on some parts of his body was especially chilling to even look at.

"Well, today’s your doomsday, Glory Sect!" Looking at the sight before him, Han Yongyi laughed maniacally. Now that Glory Sect was suffering great losses, especially based on the fights between the upper echelons of the sect, Glory Sect was bound to lose this war.

The Senior Elder of Jialan Peak was an old lady. She too was struggling to stay afloat in the skies, as though another push was enough for her death.



Upon the sight of their elder, the disciples of Jialan Peak shouted out heart-wrenchingly as well.

Turning around and looking at her disciples, the Senior Elder of Jialan Peak spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Her face turned resolute as she shouted out, "Heed my orders, disciples of Jialan Peak! From this day forth, the Peak Master of Jialan Peak shall be helmed by your Big Senior Sister, Mu Bingyan! All of you shall listen to her orders from now on!’

"MASTER…!!!" Looking at her own master, Mu Bingyan’s face was filled with tears.

"Bingyan, don’t let your master down, alright?" Glancing at her own disciple, a token flew into Mu Bingyan’s hands. She then looked over to Grandmaster Yan and the other Senior Elders and said firmly, "My Senior Brothers, please continue to take care of Jialan Peak from now on. Today, your Junior Sister, me, shall take on the responsibility of guarding the sect!"

"Junior Sister, no…!" Sustaining grave injuries themselves, the other Senior Elders called out anxiously. But it was all too late.

The aura of the Jialan Peak’s Senior Elder rocketed instantly.

"Jialan Implosion."

10 energy grid line chains flew out from the Jialan Peak’s Senior Elder into the skies. These flames had a mysterious flame on them, and suddenly, a bright flash appeared.

As the Senior Elder’s body began to disintegrate, replacing it was a ma.s.sive amount of energy that burst out towards Han Yongyi.

Looking at all of these, the calm and sinister face of Han Yongyi curled into a smile. This was the final blow caused by the self-destruction of a greater celestial full cultivation being.

But what a pity…

Sensing this ma.s.sive amount of energy, some of the Senior Elders of Jiuxiao Sect behind Han Yongyi revealed looks of worry as well. They were nowhere as calm as Han Yongyi. If they were to be struck by this ma.s.sive force, they would definitely fall right here and now.

"Junior Sister…!" The Senior Elders of Glory Sect called out in agony as they looked at this. Towards this, Han Yongyi’s only reaction was to raise his hand. As the ma.s.sive force reached him, he held it down with just a single hand of his.

"Know your place.’ He snorted coldly.

"How could this be…?" Everyone on Glory Sect’s side were shocked beyond words. Even Senior Elder Wuya was speechless and frozen solid. This was the strongest strike of his Junior Sister after sacrificing herself. How could he have caught it this easily…?

Just how strong was this Han Yongyi?!? This was…this was impossible…!

"Glory Sect must fall today. What else have you guys got?" Han Yongyi jeered.

Right now, in everyone’s heart, Han Yongyi was like the demon overlord who controlled the very fates of their life and death.

"Could it be that…we’ve really got no chance against this?"

"Is this truly the end of Glory Sect? Who can help us…!"

No matter if they were inner sect or outer sect disciples, right now, everyone was in a state of anguish. The being before them was way too powerful for them. So powerful, that there was even no room for resistance anymore!

"Junior Brothers, the only thing left for us is to fight to our deaths…" Looking at all of these, Yan Hongyu’s heart was filled with sorrow as well.

"Grandmaster…!" All the gravely injured Senior Elders looked at one another before nodding their heads. The most injured of them all, Senior Elder Yan Zhanwen, struggled and stood up as well.

"I’ve never thought that this would happen in my entire life. But to protect my Grandmaster, to avenge my Junior Sister, I’m willing to do anything. If there’s an afterlife and I get to reincarnate, I hope to be fellow brothers with you guys once more…"

Looking at one another, smiles of reminiscence curled gently on the lips of Grandmaster Yan and the other Senior Elders.

These were bonds of a hundred years right now.

And just like them, the current disciples of Glory Sect would one day be the same support for the sect as they were right now.

Gathering in a circle, Grandmaster Yan stood there with the other Senior Elders. Their auras rose rapidly as their energy grid line chains coiled around their bodies.

The disciples of Glory Sect could sense the surge of energy from their Grandmaster and Senior Elders, but they had no idea what they were going to do. However, they gradually noticed that the death aura of their Grandmaster and the rest were rising as well.

"All of you listen up! You must continue to build on Glory Sect and allow it to regain its former glory!" Grandmaster Yan hollered proudly.

"Grandmaster…!" All of the disciples began to clench their fists tightly.

Looking at the situation below, Han Yongyi’s face curled into yet another smile. Interesting indeed.

He knew that this was Glory Sect’s final defense method.

But he wasn’t afraid of it in the least bit.

"Whitey, come back…!" And just then, a small little white shadow leaped into the sky. That Snow Lion Cub, Whitey, transformed its body shape nonstop in the sky.

Han Yongyi threw it a casual side glance and snorted in disdain. A mere Snow Lion and it dared to be so impertinent?

He flicked his finger into thin air.

Opening her giant mouth towards Han Yongyi, Whitey suddenly stopped midair, as though she was dealt a ma.s.sive blow. Twitching nonstop, rays of sharp, bright light began to pierce through her body.


Whitey collapsed onto the ground, her body gradually shrinking back to its original small size. That snow white fur of hers was slowly stained with deep red blood.

"WHITEY…!" Looking at the collapsed Whitey, Cai Zhiqiao was frozen in fear as well. Carrying Whitey in her arms, she began to bawl out loudly.

"Little Junior Sister, come over, hurry…!" Zhang Ergou was extremely fearful as he dashed forward.

"Big Senior Brother! I’m afraid..." Hugging tightly onto Whitey, Cai Zhiqiao continued to wail.

"Amusing…" Han Yongyi chuckled. Stretching out his finger, his True Energy culminated into a beam of light, shooting out at the little toddler.

"Little Junior Sister! Dodge it!!!" Looking at what was happening, Zhang Ergou could only scream in horror. With his speed, he couldn’t get there in time.

He was frozen solid right now. It was too late.


Rushing over from the back, Gong Bingye pushed Cai Zhiqiao aside. With the ray of light penetrating her body, she spurted out a mouthful of blood.

"SISTER GONG…!" Cai Zhiqiao was pushed onto the ground. By the time she turned back, Gong Bingye was already lying in a pool of blood.

Looking at the scene before them, Grandmaster Yan and the other Senior Elders were incensed as well. However, they could not move at all. Otherwise, all their previous efforts would go to waste immediately.

All the energy grid line chains of these people floated up in the air and started to lock on to one another. This was the fusion of energy grid lines.

"Yan Hongyu, you had better stop your futile efforts to fuse those energy grid line chains! Given your injuries right now, all of you would fall before it is even complete! How about you just slowly enjoy and savor the pitiful deaths of your disciples? I know, I’ll start with this toddler then!" Han Yongyi turned his demonic gaze towards Cai Zhiqiao.


Zhang Ergou’s face changed immediately. Hugging on to his little junior sister, looking at his fallen junior brothers and then at the sight of the man up in the skies, his heart fell into despair.

"Master, I’ve tried my best…"

Han Yongyi raised his hand. That palm strike was overflowing with devastating power.

It was all over.

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