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‘Heaven Slaying Sword!’

‘Descent of the War Diety!’

‘Palm of Buddha’s Land!’

‘Power of the Heavens and Earth!’

One by one, Meng Hao, Jian Wudi, Lu Yan, Zong Hentian and Mie Qiongqi unleashed their strongest blows to deflect that descending palm strike from the sky.

"How can I allow my junior brothers to face this alone? Even if I were to lose it all today, I, Zhang Ergou, have to a.s.sist them!" Zhang Ergou’s blood was pumping with adrenaline. Flicking his robes, all sorts of f*cked up pills flew up towards the sky as well.

However, the moment these pills came into contact with Han Yongyi’s powerful aura, they dissipated into nothingness, leaving zero impact.

Towards this, Zhang Ergou could only sigh helplessly.

"Seems like I’m just too trash after all." Zhang Ergou was a little forlorn. To think that these pills he had cultivated with his heart and soul would just disappear into nothing before even coming into contact with the enemy. He was pretty disappointed indeed.

However, looking at the look of respect from the other junior brothers around him, Zhang Ergou was secretly glad as well. Looking at the distance, he couldn’t help but worry. His Junior Brother Mie was about to head into a treacherous situation after all.

"What are you guys here for? I can do it alone!" Mie Qiongqi had a strong ego. Looking at these people who had leaped forth to lend a hand, he was somewhat displeased.

"Senior Brother Mie, now that the sect’s in danger, we can’t allow you to steal all the glory to yourself!" Meng Hao forced out a smile on his face.

"What are we still chattering on about! The enemy ahead is already hard enough to deal with!" Jian Wudi seemed to be gliding through the sky as his eyes were focused forward.

‘All of you are my stepping stones! I won’t allow you to die right here!" Lu Yan said proudly.

"Good guts, junior brothers, good guts." Taking a glance, Mie Qiongqi laughed coldly as well.

"Hmph. A small bunch of clowns and they dare to vie for light against a brightly shining moon like me?" In the skies, Han Yongyi’s face was filled with disdain, ‘I’ll show you that it’s courting death for a bunch of ants to dare to fight against the Heavens!"

"Hmph, even though I may be at a lesser celestial full cultivation base right now, I, Mie Qiongqi, shall see just how strong a greater celestial is then!"

"Indestructible Body!"

With a maddened roar, Unkillable Indestructible began to churn furiously as a devastating aura began to be emitted. An illusion of an ancient figure appeared behind Mie Qiongqi momentarily as well. With a maddened growl, it sent out boundless amount of energy as well.

"Duel the Heavens and Destroy the Earth!"

Jian Wudi’s sword style was bent on destroying the Heavens and Earth, as his immense Sword Will took on the form of an elderly man, who dashed up towards the skies.


Lu Yan shouted out. His body gleamed brightly as a figure of a Buddha sitting cross-legged with his palms closed together flew towards the strike, while chanting mysterious scriptures.

The sight of this seemingly unstoppable palm strike being stopped was enough to have the Glory Sect disciples watching in amazement.

Despite his serious injuries, Yan Hongyu let out a smile inside his heart. ‘Power be to Glory Sect indeed.’ Now that Glory Sect possessed so many geniuses within their midst, there was no way it should go down just like this.

"Hmph, trash…!" Han Yongyi snorted coldly in the skies. Suddenly, thunder started rumbling as the power level of the palm strike increased as well.


A sudden explosion appeared as Lu Yan’s Buddha figure started breaking apart, and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. As for Jian Wudi’s Sword Will, it started twisting and contorting until it turned into ashes as well.

"So…strong…!" Everyone was aghast as they exclaimed. The power level of someone in the realm of a greater celestial full cultivation was seriously way too strong, wasn’t it?!?

There was simply no room for resistance!

In the face of true power, even these geniuses were rendered helpless.

"I’ll fight you till the bitter end! Ancient Destruction!" Only one was left defending against the palm strike. Blood was gushing out from all parts of Mie Qiongqi’s body as he screamed. With that, his aura grew even stronger. It was as if that ancient illusory figure behind him was bent on surpa.s.sing everything in this world in acknowledgment of its eternity.

"Interesting fella indeed. What a pity that the skills are wasted on someone like you." With another snort of contempt, Han Yongyi set loose yet another burst of energy.

"Urgh…!!!" With the increase of power once more, Mie Qiongqi could not stop spitting out blood. The ancient figure started to disintegrate as well. In the face of absolute power, even heaven-defying skills were no match for it.

"Junior Brother…!" Zhang Ergou shouted out worriedly as he rushed forth to help up his fallen junior brother.

Usually cold and nonchalant to everything else, Mie Qiongqi’s eyes were darting nonstop right now, as though he could break apart at any moment. "Senior Brother, I’ve tried…my best…I didn’t lose…Saint Devil Sect’s…face…"

‘Junior brother, don’t speak anymore! Please! You’ve been strong for all of us! Even if Master were here right now, he wouldn’t blame you at all! Not in the least bit!" Looking at Mie Qiongqi’s current state, tears flowed down uncontrollably from Zhang Ergou’s face. Even though this junior brother might have been pretty cold usually, he was still respectful when he needed to be.

"No…Master tasked me to…protect Saint Devil Sect...Even if…I…die…I mustn’t let…Master down!!!’ At the end of his sentence, those feeble eyes of Mie Qiongqi reignited with pa.s.sion once more. The dissipated energy from his body erupted out as well.

"Junior Brother!" Looking at Mie Qiongqi, Zhang Ergou exclaimed out in shock.


Floating up into the skies again, Mie Qiongqi reared his head back and screamed, "I shall protect Saint Devil Sect down to the last drop of my blood! No one shall dare to invade us! Ever!"

"Junior Brother, enough! It’s enough! Please don’t go anymore! You’ll die!" Zhang Ergou yelled after Mie Qiongqi.

"NO! DOWN TILL MY LAST DROP OF BLOOD! I MUST ENSURE SAINT DEVIL SECT’S SAFETY!" Mie Qiongqi’s determination was burning at its peak right now.

"Destruction of Worlds!" Mie Qiongqi bellowed. The True Energy within his body spiked up ma.s.sively. Spraying in all directions, his blood painted the entire ground.

"Hmph. A creature who doesn’t fear death indeed." Han Yongyi chuckled coldly. He sent out another palm strike. Just from the feel of it, this palm strike was way more intense than the previous one.

"Even if my spirit and soul shall shatter, I’ll die for Saint Devil Sect’s safety!" At this point, Mie Qiongqi emanated an aura he had never felt before. This was energy that was borrowed from the void.

"F*CK YOU!" Burning with lifeforce right now, Mie Qiongqi darted towards Han Yongyi with a palm strike of his own in retaliation.

Sensing the sudden burst of energy from the man he had thought to be an ant, Han Yongyi’s face changed as well. He shouted in rage, "Heaven Rumbling Palm Strike!"

Han Yongyi’s aura was wild like a beast right now as his True Energy twisted maniacally. With his single palm strike, the structures of Glory Sect began to crumble.

For the sake of protecting his sect, Mie Qiongqi had exerted the last of his energy and had prepared to die for it. However, his face suddenly changed. Looking at Glory Sect’s grounds being destroyed rapidly, Mie Qiongqi yelled and changed direction towards the distance immediately.

He had realized something. The destruction was going to reach Nameless Peak. His Master’s most beloved junior sister, Junior Sister Zhiqiao, was hiding inside there right now…!

Inside the secret chamber…

Cai Zhiqiao was huddled in Gong Bingye’s embrace. They could hear the noises of the battle outside.

"Sister Gong, is everything going to be alright?"

"Yes, of course!" Gong Bingye comforted Cai Zhiqiao. But she too, wasn’t certain.

After all, Glory Sect was a major sect. If someone dared to attack Glory Sect, then they must be pretty formidable themselves as well.

"Not good…!" Suddenly, Gong Bingye’s face changed. She could sense a strong force heading towards their direction.

Even at a distance, the force was strong enough to turn Gong Bingye’s face pale as a sheet. She gritted her teeth and hugged Cai Zhiqiao tightly, covering her.

"What are you doing, Sister Gong?"

"Don’t be afraid." Gong Bingye’s teeth were chattering right now as she shivered uncontrollably. She closed her eyes, waiting for the impending force.


The Heavens and Earth shattered as a tragic cry rang out.

When Gong Bingye finally opened her eyes, she found Mie Qiongqi lying down beside them, fragile and weak. He had taken the blow for them.

"Mie Qiongqi…!" Gong Bingye stared at him in extreme shock.

"Protect…junior…sister…" Mie Qiongqi’s breath grew weaker and weaker. Eventually, after finishing his sentence, he laid there, still and motionless.

As Cai Zhiqiao stared at the scene before her, those bright happy eyes were gradually filled with horror upon this terrifying realization. To a fragile, young soul, this was a deadly trauma.

"Senior…SENIOR BROTHER!!!" Forcing herself out of Gong Bingye’s embrace, she darted towards Mie Qiongqi’s side. Even when the wind blew away her precious pouch, she paid it no heed as she shook Mie Qiongqi’s wrist furiously, checking for his pulse.

"SENIOR BROTHER! YOU MUST WAKE UP…!" Tears began to brim on her big, wide eyes. In Saint Devil Sect, other than Lin Fan, her 2 favorite people were Zhang Ergou and Mie Qiongqi.

Even though Mie Qiongqi was cold to everyone else, he was extremely doting towards his Junior Sister Zhiqiao. Every time no one was around, he would seize the opportunity to take her around to play and look at all sorts of interesting scenery and creatures.

When everyone else gathered, he would return to his usual cold demeanor, as though warning everyone to not bother him.

"Senior Brother, please wake up…please…!" Zhiqiao couldn’t stop crying as she shook Mie Qiongqi’s shoulders furiously. But, Mie Qiongqi laid there, lifeless and still. Spreading in all direction, the blood flow was representative of his death…


Growling furiously, the Snow Lion cub broke free of Cai Zhiqiao’s embrace too and dashed towards the distance.

"Whitey, don’t run…!" Cai Zhiqiao gave chase to her cub.

"Zhiqiao, no…!" Frantic as well, Gong Bingye chased after the 2 of them.

"What just happened? Why did Junior Brother Mie change his direction?" Zhang Ergou was puzzled. However, when he looked into the distance, his face changed as well.

That was Nameless Peak…

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