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Time and s.p.a.ce seemed to have come to a standstill.

In the void, a figure had risen up courageously against this seemingly unstoppable arm. Clashing with it, that ant-like existence held the gargantuan arm midair, freezing it in the middle of the skies.

"This…this is…this is impossible…!" Li Yuanqi’s hair were flying all about as he stammered in a beast like voice. Even a single arm of the Demon Blood Emperor was supposed to be invincible in this world. How could somebody block it just like that? How…!

Even Glory Sect’s Grandmaster should not have the powers to defend against it like this! Just who was this man who could do this?!?

Li Yuanqi’s mind was in a mess, as he was evidently shaken up by this scene before him.

"This…!" Old lady Yue Xuan could not help but gulp at this magnificent sight. At her age, she had been through many things, and was numb to most events by now. But what she saw right before her had her stunned as well.

"Ah…!" Looking at the sight in the skies, one of the female disciples collapsed onto the ground after her trembling legs finally gave way. She sat there, as though she had been crippled.

"This…this…" Another female disciple’s plentiful chest heaved up and down heavily. This pressure was too big for her already big chest, and she could hardly breathe.

"Junior sister, what’s happening to you?" A senior sister within the sect asked hurriedly. But when she realized what her junior sister was stunned about, she was equally dumbstruck.

At this sight, all the female disciples of the Moon Palace Sect were wet once again.

If it were just a small river stream before, it was now a flooding river without a dam. There was nothing to stop the gush right now.

When the girls who had sat down finally stood up, they left patches of wet stains where they were seated. These puddles sparkled and glimmered brightly.

They were not indecent women, but after going through waves after waves of these t.i.tillating experiences, they no longer had control over their mental and physical selves.

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples were shaking their heads regrettably as well. This should be the place of Senior Brother Lin’s untimely demise.

But the sight before them had them shaken down to the very core as well.

Senior Brother Lin was strong indeed! Simply way too strong, without any perceptible limits!

That gentle yet firm and overbearing firm palm was holding on strongly against this blood-red arm, piercing through every single last bit of hesitation in their hearts.

From this day forth, they would forever be Senior Brother Lin’s diehard fans.

"Im-impossible…! I refuse to believe this!" Li Yuanqi screamed into the skies. The green veins on his malevolent face started to rupture with thick blood flowing out, seemingly unable to withstand this shock.


"Energy grid line of the darkness."

"Energy grid line of the demon."

The energy grid line chains coiling around Li Yuanqi’s body started to break apart one by one, as they flew towards the Blood Gate as well.

Out of his remaining 8 chains, he sacrificed 4 more. No matter how much it cost him, he needed to kill off this b*stard…!

The Blood Gate glowed brightly once more. The shadows of the gargantuan Demon Blood Emperor appeared once more in the depths of the Blood World beyond as he started moving out a greater portion of his body into this world.

A series of ghastly aura erupted from within the Blood Gates. Riled by this d.a.m.ning aura, the skies rumbled continuously as well. It looked like doomsday had arrived.

"HAHA! DIE…DIE…!" Li Yuanqi laughed as he spat out a few mouthfuls of fresh blood. His face was pale as a sheet right now.

This way of sacrificing was akin to self-destruction. Those energy grid lines which had taken hundreds of years to acc.u.mulate were down to a measly 4 chains right now. And it was all for the sake of taking down this darned b*stard.

Lin Fan started frowning. He could feel the blood red arm giving some resistance right now.

"Hmph, impudent!" Lin Fan’s cold snort rang out through the skies.


Lin Fan’s right hand began to expand and enlarge as a beam of light erupted from it explosively. This beam of light seemed to be piercing through every single cloud in the skies.

The three-headed and six-armed demon behind Lin Fan howled venomously, as the void around it started tearing apart once more.


An ancient aura emerged from Lin Fan’s right hand forcefully and oppressively.


The Heavens shook, and the Earth trembled. Everything was in a state of chaos right now, with the rumbling of thunder and lightning crossing with one another.

Eventually, the clear skies descended into darkness once more.

The only feeling that was left surrounding everyone was that ancient aura.

The Moon Palace Sect disciples, Jiuxiao Sect disciples, Li Yuanqi... everyone present felt subservient towards this aura.

"Just what in the world is this? How is it so overbearingly imposing?" Li Yuanqi’s face was pale with shock.

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples no longer floated within the skies as they landed down on the ground one by one. It felt as though the sky wasn’t a place they could stay within safely anymore. Compared to that overbearing aura, they were just mere ants.

The Moon Palace Sect disciples could only sit on the ground, paralyzed. Every single pair of eyes were fixated towards Lin Fan’s direction. They had submitted completely towards this aura.

They felt like small little boats in the face of a raging tsunami. Facing these rampaging seas before them, the only thing they could do was wait silently as the waves crashed down one after another into their hearts.

The Demon Blood Emperor within the Blood World seemed to be stunned as well. His slowly extending body came to a standstill, as though he had realized the power of this frightening aura as well.

He tried to retract that arm of his which had already descended out upon this world, but he realized that he was petrified still.

"Hmph, trying to run?" A look of contempt flashed through Lin Fan’s eyes. His body frame was like that of a G.o.d who had descended upon this world right now, as he floated in the skies proudly.

That peerless grace of his demeanor was evidence of his superiority to every other being in this world.

Lin Fan’s right arm seemed to be filled with boundless suction force, vacuuming the arm of the Demon Blood Emperor still.

"You’ve committed a grave sin by even stepping into the Dongling Continent. Yours Truly shall let you off with just a single mutilated arm. If you dare to try it again, Yours Truly will make sure to burn you down into ashes!" Lin Fan dictated through the skies masterfully once more.

Every single word rang clearly into the ears of the ma.s.ses, bringing about great shock. The female disciples shuddered as they squeezed their legs tightly shut. They were about to get wet once more…

Imposingly arrogant…

They had lost their direction in life with this speech by Lin Fan.

He was their direction right now.

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples could feel their breathing getting hurried. Senior Brother Lin was seriously way too impressive! Descending upon them with such peerless elegance, coupled with these words that determined one’s life or death… he was just unmatchable!

"Impossible…" Li Yuanqi was utterly stumped. His pride, his arrogance, everything shattered into pieces. To think that the Blood Gate, which he had deemed as a peerless treasure, could fail to take down this guy.


Something was happening to the Blood Gate once more. Those stone doors had slammed themselves tightly shut, and the blood red arm was ripped off instantly. He had understood Lin Fan’s orders.

The Blood Demon Emperor had accepted his punishments of amputating his arm.

Flicking his robes, that impossibly strong blood red arm disappeared as Lin Fan threw it into his storage.

Lin Fan’s body moved as he turned his gaze back up into the skies straight at Li Yuanqi.

"Li Yuanqi, acknowledge your wrongs…!" Lin Fan seemed even greater right now. It was like a Senior who was lecturing this Junior who could not escape the palms of his grasp.

"Im-impossible…!" Li Yuanqi screamed and turned into a streak of rainbow, escaping into the distance.

"Hmph... Fool."

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