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"Kill…kill…! Demon Blood Emperor, unleash your demonic presence and crush these little ants entirely!" Li Yuanqi reared his head into the skies and laughed out loudly.

The Blood Gate was a sacred treasure that defied the heavenly will.

This was a treasure that Li Yuanqi had found while exploring an ancient ruin by chance. He was in somewhat of a trance at that time.

This thousand-foot-tall gate stood quietly in the midst of the ruins, and a large number of skeletons were acc.u.mulated on both the sides. With the pa.s.sage of time, these skeletons had worn down so badly that no one could even make out if they were human or not.

At first glance, Li Yuanqi was immediately attracted towards the Blood Gate. He could feel the ma.s.sive amount of energy pulsating from beyond the gates.

Even though he did not know what the gate contained, he knew that this must be a really powerful thing. The moment he touched the Blood Gate, the way of summoning it appeared within his head immediately.


Sacrificing something was the way to summon this Blood Gate. The greater the tribute, the deadlier the summon would be.

By the looks of it, Li Yuanqi garnered that the place beyond the Blood Gate must be a world beyond as well.

Accompanying the Blood Gate’s knowledge was another skill, a dark and sinister skill. Unable to resist the temptation, Li Yuanqi started cultivating this skill which required the sacrifice of blood.

From that point on, he had descended down the path of darkness entirely, and only sought to enter these gates.

The Demon Blood Emperor was one of the Overlords of this Blood World beneath the gates.

Now that Li Yuanqi was pushed to a corner by Lin Fan, he had no other choice but to sacrifice 4 of his chains as a tribute to call upon the powers of the Blood Demon Emperor for help. But what Li Yuanqi did not expect was the fact that 4 of his energy grid line chains could only summon the Demon Blood Emperor’s arm.

But it would be fine as long as it works…

The female disciples of Moon Palace Sect could only cry towards the Heavens. They were utterly frightened beyond their wits at this horrifying scene.

To the rest of the world, these female disciples were like maidens and G.o.ddesses. However, anyone who saw them right now would no longer have the same impression as before. Some of them sat on the floor, bawling their eyes out, while others had really messed up hair, with a look of despair on their faces.

Old lady Yue Xuan and the other three elders had utterly given up as well.

They had not expected Li Yuanqi to be able to summon such a terrifying existence. Even though it was just an arm, the look had already ripped away any hope for life from them.

Looking down at her disciples, old lady Yue Xuan gave off a sigh as well. Apparently, Moon Palace Sect would cease to exist from this day forth.

However, when old lady Yue Xuan looked at Mister Lin who floated in the air still without a single bit of fear on his face, she was pretty startled as well.

"Mister Lin, please leave. You should not lose your life here." Old lady Yue Xuan voiced out.

"The reason why Moon Palace Sect was secluded from the outside world was so that we would not get involved in such affairs. To think that Glory Sect would have a man as righteous as Mister Lin. If we had known earlier, the Moon Palace Sect would have sworn an eternal alliance with Glory Sect for sure. But it’s all too late. The four of us sisters have concluded that using our life as a sacrifice, we shall use our remaining strength to teleport the rest of our disciples out of this place. Please take pity on them and look after them from now on, Mister Lin."

Glancing at one another, old lady Yue Xuan and the other three elders nodded before kneeling down on the ground begging to Lin Fan.



"We won’t leave! We will live and die with the sect!"

"That’s right! We’ve been with the Moon Palace Sect since young! The Grandmaster and the Elders have always treated us like their very own daughters! Even if we are to die, we’d want to die by your sides!"

Upon hearing their intent to sacrifice their lives to teleport these disciples away, all the female disciples started bawling out once more.

"How can you guys be like this? Do you truly wish to die here? You’re still young! The Moon Palace Sect must not perish in our hands! You girls are our only hope for the resurrection of the sect in the future!"

"You girls must listen to Mister Lin from now on! From this day forth, treat Mister Lin just as you would to your Grandmaster!" Old lady Yue Xuan scolded.


Everything shook. The four mighty waterfalls were being crushed down by that red hand.

They were on the brink of the sect’s destruction.

Old lady Yue Xuan was feeling more hurried by the second.

"Mister Lin, this old lady begs of you! Please leave…! The Moon Palace Sect is done for! As long as my disciples make it out, I can die without any regrets!"

"Grandmaster, I don’t want to leave you!" The female disciples started gathering around old lady Yue Xuan as they cried.

"We are disciples of the Moon Palace Sect! Even if we were to die, we want to die right here where it’s our home! We never want to leave this place!" One girl wiped away her tears with eyes of determination.

"Mister Lin…" Old lady Yue Xuan could only continue to look at that floating figure. Her voice was getting hoa.r.s.e.

Why was Mister Lin behaving in this manner? That single palm’s strength was definitely even stronger than the state of a greater celestial full cultivation.

No matter how strong he was, there was no hope of defending against this.


A bright light glowed from one of the sect’s structures.

"That is…!" Everyone from the Moon Palace Sect raised their heads in puzzlement.

Suddenly, a warm energy erupted from that same light, as an illusory figure flew up into the skies.

"That’s the Founder Ancestor!" Old lady Yue Xuan screamed with her coa.r.s.e voice.

"The Founder Ancestor had left a bit of her consciousness behind to protect us…!"

The person was translucent, without a physical body, yet everyone could sense the strong power emanating from it.

"You shall not trample on the Moon Palace Sect!" The illusory figure’s voice boomed across the skies as she dashed towards the blood-red hand.

Cheers erupted from the disciples of the Moon Palace Sect, "The Founder Ancestor watches over us!!!"

But this cheer did not sustain for too long.

The moment the figure made contact with the red hand, it dissipated immediately without a single bit of resistance.

"This…how could this be…!" The disciples could not believe their very eyes. Their last bit of hope that was rekindled had extinguished officially.

It was all over.

"Mister Lin…!" Old lady Yue Xuan was screaming with every last bit of voice she had left. There was no time to waste right now!

The female disciples looked at that back view of that G.o.dly man floating in the skies with a tinge of reluctance as well.

"Grandmaster, please let Mister Lin leave by himself. We’ll stay here and accompany you!" These girls were no longer afraid of death. At least, they could catch a glimpse of their Mr. Right right before the end of their lives. This was enough for them.

No matter what, they did not want to see their Mr. Right die here for them just like this.

"You girls…!" Tears started flowing down old lady Yue Xuan’s wrinkled and aged face.

But just then, everyone’s gazes turned upwards towards the figure in the skies.

"Hmph. Unworldly being, how dare you descend upon Dongling Continent! Yours Truly will ensure that you’ll never find your way back from here!"

Lin Fan hollered as he suddenly rocketed towards the blood red arm.

"MISTER LIN, NO…!" Everyone from Moon Palace Sect screamed together. They knew that Mister Lin had tried his best for them. However, if their Founder Ancestor’s final protection was of no use, there was no way he could hope to fight against this!

"HAHA! Big words indeed. You shall disappear along with the Moon Palace Sect into the recesses of history!" Li Yuanqi burst out laughing.

Lin Fan’s face was unyielding as his figure dashed towards the blood red arm like an ant.


A loud boom exploded into the skies instantaneously.

A large energy current formed around the entire place with Lin Fan as its center. Rippling out in all directions, the void started tearing apart continuously, as everything turned into darkness.


"HAHAHA! Dumb ignorant fool! Courting your own death just like a moth that’s attracted to a flame!" Li Yuanqi finally gave off an earnest smile. He had finally killed off this man.

But when light finally returned from the broken void, everyone could no longer speak.

"This is impossible…!"

Lin Fan’s thin, fragile hand propped up the blood red arm, stopping it from moving even a single inch forward.

Everyone was so shocked that their minds blanked out immediately.

Everything was way too surreal…!

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