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Old lady Yue Xuan’s face turned pale as she stood there in shock. The token shone and sparkled brightly, and gave off a mysterious glow.

Glory Sect…Peak Master’s Token…!

Even though the Moon Palace Sect was secluded from the rest of the world, old lady Yue Xuan was familiar with Glory Sect’s Peak Master’s Token nevertheless.

Based on the conversation between the Jiuxiao Sect disciples, she had initially thought that he was just an exceptionally talented genius disciple. But upon hearing his speech, she was unable to contain herself any longer.

Glory Sect’s Peak Master… One of the Senior Elders... And the sixth Grandmaster of Saint Devil Sect to boot… Someone whose position was at par with the Grandmaster of Glory Sect himself. Even though she did not know what Saint Devil Sect was, she knew that it must be far from ordinary.

Old lady Yue Xuan’s previous impression of Lin Fan was one of admiration and acknowledgment. But now, it had turned into one of respect.

If what he said was true. Then his position was even higher than her very own!

After all, Glory Sect was one of the great sects of Dongling Continent. A sect like Moon Palace Sect could never hope to match up against that.

The female disciples did not understand what Lin Fan meant, but by the sounds of it, he was probably pretty significant.

As for the Jiuxiao Sect disciples, all of them were dumbstruck. They did not expect Senior Brother Lin to hold such a substantial position in Glory Sect!

Glory Sect Peak Master? One of the Senior Elders? His very own sect? Sixth Grandmaster of Saint Devil Sect? Any single one of these points could have any individual bowing down to his authority!

"You…!" Li Yuanqi was thoroughly incensed. Those bloodshot eyes of his were filled with disbelief. Someone like this man could be a Senior Elder in Glory Sect? What kind of sick joke was this!

But he knew that the token of Lin Fan was 100% authentic.

Lin Fan flicked his robes gently. He did not want to explain any further. He then lashed out, "You’re a disciple of Jiuxiao Sect. By logic, Yours Truly should not be involving myself in the matters of your sect. However, the actions of your Grandmaster are simply too heart wrenching for me to bear. Alright then, in the name of the Heaven, I hereby sentence you to a death today. This would be considered as revenge for those billions of innocents you had ma.s.sacred. Don’t say that Yours Truly is bullying you. I shall give you a chance. Strike at Yours Truly first if you may."

"B*stard! That’s some f*cking mouth you’ve got there! Alright, I’ll see what you have up your sleeves then!" Li Yuanqi was going berserk. Raising both hands into the air, the sea of blood in the skies started rumbling and boiling. It started descending from the skies, bent on devouring the Moon Palace Sect whole.

"Not good. That’s the old fogey’s ‘Heaven Devouring Blood World’, nothing to be scoffed at!" Old lady Yue Xuan exclaimed out as her face turned pale as a sheet.

Li Yuanqi’s cultivation state was extremely strong, with 12 energy grid line chains under his control. His powers could only be described as horrifying, an existence that could stand over Dongling Continent pretty imposingly.

In comparison, even though this powerful Lin Fan was evidently exceptional, he did seem pretty ordinary in general. They could not sense even a single trace of energy grid lines around him.

"Hmph, old lady Yue Xuan, are you really pinning your hopes on a man like this to save your pitiful Moon Palace Sect? What a b.l.o.o.d.y joke! My ‘Heaven Devouring Blood World’ has devoured 10 cities and billions of souls for its completion. Even the Grandmaster of Glory Sect himself may have to use up all his powers just to deal with my ‘Heaven Devouring Blood World’! I’ll see what this unknown lad can do against my G.o.dly powers!" Li Yuanqi snorted contemptuously.

He had been out and about in the world for so long, but this was the first time he met someone who dared to act so recklessly and insolently in front of him. If he did not put this kid in his place today, then he would be letting himself down!

The female disciples of Moon Palace Sect were getting nauseous due to the b.l.o.o.d.y stench, as they glared at the impending gush of the blood sea from the sky in horror.

Countless souls and spirits howled and cried out within the blood sea seemingly demanding the lives of those still living for their innocently lost ones.

"Hmph. Small tricks." Lin Fan stared at the blood sea and snorted coldly.

"HAHA! Small trick? You’ve seriously got a big mouth, fool! My Heaven Devouring Blood World can consume anything within this world! Pretty soon, you’ll join the rest of them in this cesspool of blood, writhing in pain for eternity and begging for death!" Li Yuanqi’s voice was dark and creepy like a demon.

Everyone who heard his ghastly voice was frightened beyond words. Those Jiuxiao Sect disciples were shivering from head to toe. They had witnessed for themselves Li Yuanqi’s powers. Even though their hearts were with Senior Brother Lin, they were not hopeful.

"Mis-mister Lin! You can’t look down on that Heaven Devouring Blood World!" Old lady Yue Xuan did not know how to address Lin Fan, so she could only use Master as a form of respect, "Sisters, even if it costs our lives, the four of us must a.s.sist Mister Lin to defeat this monstrous beast of a human!"

"Yes." The other three elders of Moon Palace Sect nodded their heads. Their eyes were resolute.

Lin Fan chuckled and swept his robes, "It’s okay, don’t worry. If Yours Truly can’t even handle a small trick as such, how can I be called a Peak Master of Glory Sect?"

"Mister Lin…" Old lady Yue Xuan was in the midst of replying, but her face turned into one of disbelief in the next moment.

"Suppress…" Lin Fan moved his lips gently and raised his right hand.

Suddenly, a powerful aura began to gather. This aura was so strong that it felt as though the entire earth was held firm by it. An image of a palm spanning thousands of feet wide rose from the ground like Rulai’s Palm. Pushing against the layers of void, it shot upwards.

"What the…" Old lady Yue Xuan could barely speak. How could a single palm strike be this forceful!

All those female disciples of the sect could only watch stoned as well. Looking at that dazzling and captivating palm strike, they could not bring their eyes anywhere else.

"Destroy this impure being of a human!"


Rushing into the skies, the palm caught all of the blood that was pouring down within it, and its fingers closed.

"How could this…!" A look of disbelief streaked across Li Yuanqi’s malevolent face.


Exerting force and squeezing, the palm disintegrated the entire sea of blood instantly.

The skies which were stained red with the all-encompa.s.sing blood turned clear once more, as though nothing had ever happened.

"Hmph." Lin Fan flicked his wrist and snorted coldly. ‘What else have you got, Li Yuanqi? Take ‘em out!"

As Lin Fan’s snort of disdain reached Li Yuanqi’s ears, his face was pale as a sheet. A seed within his body broke instantly. He could not believe that the Heaven Devouring Blood World he had painstakingly built could be this easily destroyed. Not even a single trace of it was left!

"ARGH…!" Li Yuanqi howled into the skies, "You f*cking b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you destroy my blood world? I’ll take your f*cking life!"


Everything seemed to be tearing apart as Li Yuanqi exerted an enormous amount of energy. Those veins on his face were ever more p.r.o.nounced, as though they could burst at any moment.

Lin Fan frowned. He could feel a weird power emanating from Li Yuanqi.

"F*cking a.s.shole. I’ll let you know what’s the true abyss of terror!" Li Yuanqi’s blood was boiling. Slapping his hands into the skies, a stone gate appeared in the skies. This gate was made up of two stone walls, which were blood red.

The gate was thousands and thousands of feet tall. Beyond those shut doors, one could clearly make out the tragic cries and howls of countless vengeful spirits.

"What’s up with this?" Lin Fan’s heart was filled with questions. This was the first time he had seen something like this. Old lady Yue Xuan’s face was frowning as well. The evil aura being emitted from this gate was extremely unbearable.

"Hmph, f*cker. You’re the first one who could force me to use my Blood Gates. Today, I’ll claim your life!" Li Yuanqi roared maniacally.


The moment Li Yuanqi howled, twelve chains appeared out of thin air. These twelve chains were Li Yuanqi’s energy grid line chains.

"Energy grid of the blood, tribute!"

"Energy grid of the kill, tribute!"

In a moment of frenzy, Li Yuanqi used up four energy grid line chains as tribute. Losing four energy grid line chains in an instant, everyone could feel Li Yuanqi’s cultivation base dropping, as well as his personal power level.

"Demon Blood Emperor, ancient suppression!" Li Yuanqi screamed.


The stone gates slammed open suddenly as Heaven and Earth started to tremble. A horrifying aura started leaking out from the blood gates, as though something terrifying was about to emerge from it.

Old lady Yue Xuan could not help but retreat backward continuously. This aura was simply too frightful.

The moment the gates opened, a gigantic blood-red hand started coming out of the gates.

The five fingers of the hand were thick and huge. Each of them were like a mountain peak of its own.

"To think that sacrificing four of my energy grid lines could only summon the arm of the Demon Blood Emperor. But, it’ll be enough to kill off someone like you!’ Li Yuanqi was breathing heavily from his floating position in the skies. He had not expected to be pushed to this state by this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Everything was silent, as n.o.body dared to budge a single inch

Emerging from the stone gates, the blood-red hand was wide enough to cover the skies. Spreading open all five fingers of its, it rushed down towards Lin Fan.

The muscles in the arm tightened rapidly. Visually, it seemed to be filled with too much power.

Lin Fan looked at this descending arm expressionlessly.

As it rocketed down, the layers of void were being ripped apart by it. Compared to this blood arm, Lin Fan and the other people were just like ants.

Extremely tiny…

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