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"Someone like you is unbearable for the Heavens and Earth. You ought to die…"

The moment the voice boomed out, everything vibrated turbulently. It was as though the Heavens itself was exacting righteous justice down below. The Jiuxiao Sect disciples were horrified, as the all-encompa.s.sing Sword Will darted across the skies in an overpowering and imposing manner.

"What’s that!" One of the vile disciples asked. As he looked at the bright spots flying towards him from the other end of the sky, he activated his True Energy to create a barrier.

However, the Earth was soon filled with tragic cries and screams. Multiple Sword Wills bolted out and penetrated the bodies of these evil disciples.

Even if they were using True Energy to protect their bodies, these barriers shattered into glitter dust the moment the Sword Wills touched them.


The view of thousands of swords in the skies was a majestic one, bright and clear.

‘Ding…congratulations on killing lesser celestial lower level being.’

‘Ding…experience points +10,000,000’

‘Ding…congratulations on killing pericelestial full cultivation being.’

‘Ding…experience points +6,000,000.’

‘Ding…congratulations on killing lesser celestial middle-level being.’

‘Ding…experience points +30,000,000’

At this moment, Lin Fan was like the Messiah who had arrived on Earth, his image carved deep into everyone’s hearts. These Moon Palace Sect female disciples could not help their hearts from fluttering at this sight.

Someone powerful might be referred to by others as a Senior or something. But for someone this powerful, with such a beauteous entrance to the scene, these girls who had never experienced love in their lives could only think of a single way to describe this unforgettable scene…

Mr. Right descending from the skies.

Just then, a gentle breeze blew by as Lin Fan’s hair fluttered gently in the wind.


A dull, loud boom suddenly rang out.

Lin Fan had disappeared from the skies. Where he next appeared, he was right in front of these intoxicated girls.

Lin Fan ensured that he floated barely above the ground gently. He then tilted his head to a 45-degree angle, making sure to exude every single bit of manly charisma with his gentle voice.

"With me around, no one from the Heavens and Earth… No, even the 9 Heavens and 10 Earths... No one shall touch the Moon Palace Sect."

The moment Lin Fan finished his words, these Moon Palace Sect disciples were taken back entirely. Some of them were so shaken by these words that they were wet at a…special place below.

And this was the impact that Lin Fan had wished for.

One by one, the disciples who rushed at the Moon Palace Sect were killed by Lin Fan. Even though their individual experience points might not have been spectacular, they came in huge numbers, and were just what was needed.

Lin Fan garnered that those disciples who hid behind the black-robed man should be those who did not wish to destroy the sect, but could not refuse their orders due to pressure.

Now that Yours Truly was here, releasing them from this dilemma would no longer be a problem.

All four old ladies looked at Lin Fan in shock as well. They had not expected someone this young to possess such devastating powers. With the wave of his hand, he dealt against these overwhelming odds with ease. This was way out of their expectations!

"May I know who you are, sir?" Old lady Yue Xuan was supported on one arm by another disciple. Her tone towards Lin Fan was polite and somewhat respectful as well.

Even though he was young, she could not to judge him by his appearance. After all, his single palm strike was more than enough of a proof of his power.

Lin Fan did not say much and waved his hand, "You don’t have to ask too much. This is just nothing much on my part."

Old lady Yue Xuan stood there and took in a cold breath of air. What an imposing true man this was! That calm and nonchalant look was as though there was nothing in this world that could faze this man!

And because of this, old lady Yue Xuan was even more curious to know just who this man was.

The female disciples standing behind Lin Fan let out a frightful shudder. They were now thoroughly revering this strong and dependable back view of this man with eyes of adoration.

Elegant yet domineering... This aura infected them like a virus, causing them to lose every last bit of sense within themselves.

Lin Fan puffed up his chest and looked up at the figure in the skies.

"All of you, do you know who I am?" Lin Fan asked calmly, but his voice boomed out in the skies

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples looked over. Suddenly, someone exclaimed.

"That’s Senior Brother Lin…!"

"What Senior Brother Lin?"

"THAT Senior Brother Lin from Glory Sect! You know, that man who won the Genius Sparring! The man whose name was spread between both sects like wildfire!"

"Oh! That peerless genius from Glory Sect! That Senior Brother Lin?!?"

The chatters of the Jiuxiao Sect disciples up in the skies grew only louder, as their faces turned into looks of astonishment one by one.

Even though Lin Fan stood there still as a log, his heart was blossoming like a flower in spring. This was it! This feeling of adoration from the ma.s.ses! This was what he craved!

If a man did not put on much of a show while he was alive on earth, then how different would he be compared to a salted fish?

If one wanted to remain humble and low profile while possessing immense strength, then what was the use of even training up that strength in the first place?

Lin Fan’s life goal was for his name to spread across the entire universe. Upon hearing his great name, people would be hopefully intoxicated in his awesomeness.

All those evildoing weaklings should tremble with fear upon hearing his very name.

Being famous was definitely better than being infamous. Lin Fan wanted to be that very model of the world which everyone would respect and learn from.

Lin Fan looked up into the distant skies and sighed. Indeed, with great power came great responsibilities. Now that the past was gone, what was left for him was to reign over the world and be a true champion of justice.

The Moon Palace Sect female disciples caught wind of the talks of the Jiuxiao Sect disciples as well.

"That’s the strongest genius disciple of Glory Sect?"

"I’ve heard of him, but this is the first time I’m seeing him. Indeed, he’s the prince charming in my heart!"

"What a handsome man! To think that he’s so strong and a disciple of such a great sect as well!"

"He killed those lowlives in a single strike! So cool!"

"He’s standing up against this demonic presence, Li Yuanqi, alone, yet he shows not a single strain of fear! Just that boldness alone is fearsome!" Old lady Yue Xuan was filled with praises as well.

Lin Fan stood there silently without any reply. He was waiting for these songs of praises for him to end.

Finally, Lin Fan felt that it was about time. Sweeping away his robes forcefully, he stood forth and raised his head gently, looking up at them once more.

"Hmph, to think that you guys would know who I am. Why are you helping this villainous pursuit? Alright, your Senior Brother here knows that it’s not from your own will. All of you, stand aside while your Senior Brother here cleans up this weakling. After this, I’ll bring all of you back to the sect and together question your Grandmaster Han, Han Yongyi, as to why the h.e.l.l he would command such heinous orders!"

Upon hearing this, all the Jiuxiao Sect disciples brightened up. Even though they agreed with him, they did not dare to be impertinent in front of this Li Yuanqi.

The Moon Palace Sect disciples were taken aback once more. Such forceful and righteous words!

Glory Sect was a famous sect indeed! To think that their disciples would also have such righteous words and actions!

Old lady Yue Xuan nodded her head in agreement as well. This was how a disciple should be brought up. If only this were a disciple of her Moon Palace Sect.

Even though they did not accept male disciples, he would definitely be a welcome addition to breaking this rule.

Especially that single phrase, ‘cleaning up this weakling’ Old lady Yue Xuan did not think that she would live to hear such bold and courageous words.

"Hmph! Insolent! Even if you’re a genius disciple of Glory Sect, you should call me Junior Master when you see me in terms of seniority! Since you dare to spout such big words, then I will take in your soul as a punishment for that indiscipline and torment you for the rest of your life!" Li Yuanqi was enraged. Suddenly, the Heavens turned red and the sea of blood boiled in the skies once more, threatening to engulf the entire Earth.

"You’re the insolent one!" Lin Fan stepped out, a solemn and angry face. Holding on to his Glory Sect’s token, he hollered.

"Yours Truly is the Master of Glory Sect’s Nameless Peak! Saint Devil Sect’s sixth Grandmaster! Based on seniority, I’m a Senior Elder in Glory Sect, whose place in the sect is at par with the Grandmaster himself! Just a mere little Elder like you? You had better address Yours Truly as your Senior Brother! b.l.o.o.d.y insubordination! You had better prostrate down and acknowledge your mistakes, young one!"

And the Heavens and Earth shook…

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