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"Thank you, Senior Brother. Thank you! Senior Brother!" Feng Xiaoling replied in grat.i.tude. He was doused with happiness right now for the chance that Senior Brother Lin was giving.

"I’ve told you. Don’t call me Senior Brother." Lin Fan glared at him.

"Right, right…" Feng Xiaoling nodded his head obediently.

"This Li Tianxing here was a man who had committed a heinous crime in the past and was locked in the jail. But for some reason, the Grandmaster suddenly decided to let him out! This man is extremely vicious in his ways, and a junior brother was just murdered brutally because he did not agree with Li Tianxing’s way of treating these Moon Palace Sect disciples. It’s also because he is much stronger than us that the other junior disciples did not dare to voice out after that." For starters, Feng Xiaoling had to account for all of Li Tianxing’s crimes, so that Lin Fan would not continue to misunderstand them.

"That’s right! Li Tianxing is simply too much! Our Junior Brother was killed because he didn’t want to go along with this!"

"Boohoo! My pitiful Junior Brother had such a tragic death!"

"We could only bear with the anger in our hearts silently!"

"Even taking down Moon Palace Sect was not of our own accord! But we can’t defy the orders from above!"

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples started to lament over their conflicted hearts. Their lives now were not what they had wanted.

"Senior Brother Lin, Jiuxiao Sect has changed. Our Grandmaster has changed as well. In the past, Jiuxiao Sect did declare war against other sects, but those were only against the evil sects …" Feng Xiaoling shook his head and sighed. He did not understand why this was happening as well.

"Hmph, you say that Jiuxiao Sect only fights against evil sects, then why are you guys bent on destroying us? Moon Palace Sect is secluded from worldly affairs!" Mu Han pointed at Feng Xiaoling with a look of fury on her face.

Lin Fan raised his hand, indicating for Mu Han to be silent.

Looking at Lin Fan’s actions, Mu Han could only stand there in a huff. But the look of hatred for these Jiuxiao Sect disciples did not change.

"Why is my brother Xinfeng not here?" Lin Fan asked.

Upon hearing this question, Feng Xiaoling wiped the side of his eyes, "This is a long story, Senior Brother Lin. Back when the Grandmaster gathered the inner sect disciples and laid down the orders to strike at Moon Palace Sect, Senior Brother Xinfeng and some other Senior Elders were adamantly against the idea. The Grandmaster then locked all of them in the name of treason within the jails. With their fates unknown, the rest of us could only obey the orders silently in fear…"

"Senior Brother Lin, no matter what, I, Feng Xiaoling am a genius of the Jiuxiao Sect. But right now, my life within the sect is not even comparable to those evil disciples who were once locked up in jails…" Feng Xiaoling did not carry the same haughty elegance as he used to. Even that fan he was always carrying around to give off an air of suaveness was no longer with him.

"Alright, enough about you. What else happened within the sect?" Lin Fan waved his hands. He wasn’t bothered about Feng Xiaoling’s complaints, but he had a nagging feeling that something big had happened at Jiuxiao Sect.

"Senior Brother Lin, our Grandmaster seemed to have changed as a person entirely. All the nefarious and villainous disciples who he had locked up in jail previously were all released all of a sudden. In fact, he’s letting these guys lead and take charge of us… Senior Brother Lin, you’ve got to understand that all of us are in deep waters ourselves. Look at these junior brothers with me here, which of them are willing to wage war like this on their own? All of us know about the Moon Palace Sect of course. They’re well known to be a peace-loving sect. Why would we do something as atrocious as destroying them if we weren’t bound by these orders…?"

Feng Xiaoling was no fool as well. With this speech, he had effectively explained his predicament while giving the Moon Palace Sect a good a*slick as well, hoping to appease them.

And indeed, the faces of the Moon Palace Sect disciples were much softer than before as they glared at Feng Xiaoling. In fact, Feng Xiaoling was so good looking that one of the female disciples was even secretly crushing on him right now.

Lin Fan was silent and deep in his thoughts.

Those strange acts of Senior Elder Liang Yichu all the way till his death and now the drastic change in character of the Grandmaster...

Could it be…

The more Lin Fan thought about it, the more cryptic it seemed. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, why did the whole thing feel to be straight out of a detective novel now? Forget it. Any sort of plot or evil that appeared before Yours Truly would just be vanquished by his astounding powers.

Since he couldn’t make out what was happening, he might as well just make a trip to Jiuxiao Sect. If the Grandmaster had really been possessed to become evil like Liang Yichu, then he’d just slap the Grandmaster to death with his palm strike as well, saving the troubles once and for all.

"Who is the leader for attacking Moon Palace Sect this time round?" Lin Fan asked.

"Senior Brother Lin, the leader of this attack on Moon Palace Sect is an ex-Senior Elder, Li Yuanqi. Li Yuanqi used to be a Senior Elder of the sect. However, for the sake of practicing a dark skill, he ma.s.sacred 10 mortal cities, resulting in the deaths of billions of innocents. After being discovered by the Grandmaster, he was locked up in the jail. But, he was released recently as well." Feng Xiaoling’s face turned pale at the mention of Li Yuanqi.

Bloodthirsty. Overbearing. Cruel and horrifying.

Along the way towards the Moon Palace Sect, they pa.s.sed by a city. Just for the sake of it, he turned the city of tens of millions of people into a living h.e.l.l, as the residents cried out begging for mercy tragically. The very thought sent shivers down one’s spine.

Lin Fan was speechless right now as well. Could it be that the upper echelons of the entire Jiuxiao Sect were now occupied by these evil men? Those men who were locked in the jails of a sect were normally evil and vicious people, who must be pretty strong as well.

Based on just fighting strength alone, an average Elder would definitely be no match for these merciless evil men locked within.

Listening by the side, Mu Han’s face turned pale at the mention of this name Li Yuanqi as well.

"The Li Yuanqi you’re talking about…that’s the man who destroyed the entire Qizong Country, Chihuang Country, etc. overnight?!? THAT Li Yuanqi?" Mu Han’s face was pale as a sheet.

"That’s right." Feng Xiaoling nodded.

Shuddering, Mu Han stumbled back a few steps.

"How could that be? According to my master, Li Yuanqi had cultivated this unholy skill of some sort. Therefore, he was much stronger than the average greater celestial full cultivation being! Apparently, he has already collected 12 chains of energy grid lines! If that’s the case, then the Moon Palace Sect might already be…be…" Mu Han did not dare to imagine anymore.

She had firmly believed that the defense formation of the Moon Palace Sect could defend against a greater celestial full cultivation being. But Li Yuanqi was different. That accursed skill made use of the vengeance of mere mortals who were slain. Along with the 12 energy grid lines that he had gathered, this man was far from ordinary…

"Senior Brother Lin, I beg of you! Please save my sect! Please! Please! I’m willing to be your slave, your dog, whatever it takes. I beg of you…!" Mu Han’s face was frantic with worry.

"Aren’t you trying to kill my Senior Brother Lin here, woman? You should be looking for Glory Sect’s help at this juncture! Li Yuanqi is not a man we can deal with and handle! No matter how strong Senior Brother Lin is, he may not be Li Yuanqi’s match either!" Feng Xiaoling was enraged. Was this woman crazy? There was no way he would send Senior Brother Lin to his death knowing how horrifying that Li Yuanqi is.

"Ok." Lin Fan replied and looked at Feng Xiaoling with a somewhat displeased face.

Feng Xiaoling was stunned. Did he say something wrong?

"Senior Brother Lin, this…"

"I’ll ask you this. Senior Elder Liang Yichu, how many chains of energy grid lines had he collected?" The prospect of a big BOSS waiting to be taken down by him made Lin Fan excited. But he had to do some background checks first.

"10." Feng Xiaoling, not understanding why Senior Brother Lin would ask such a question.

Lin Fan started chuckling. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Even with 10 chains, Liang Yichu was crushed by Yours Truly with a single palm strike. Seemed like 12 chains shouldn’t be too much of an issue either.

"Hmph. Junior Brother Feng, you need to remember this. How could an honorable man such as myself be afraid of death and the likes? Since the Moon Palace Sect did not engage in worldly affairs, one could say that they’re a righteous sect, just like our very own sects. How can we just sit by idly and watch? Even if we are to die, we need to maintain the sword of justice in this world! If you’re afraid, you can go away. Yours Truly will bring these other disciples there myself!" Lin Fan swept his robes and said righteously.

The expressions of the Moon Palace Sect female disciples changed at this very instant.

They no longer just admired Lin Fan. They were filled with adoration and idolization. If Lin Fan were to beckon with his hands right now, these 18 female disciples present might very well just disrobe and pounce on him immediately.

"Let's go! Today, Yours Truly will lead the way to vanquish evil!" Lin Fan hollered loudly.

"Senior Brother Lin, why does the chicken on your shoulder look so familiar?" A female disciple suddenly asked in curiosity.

Walking ahead righteously, Lin Fan was stunned for a moment. Recovering, he coughed gently, "Erm, erm, this is a wild chicken I caught on my way here! That’s right! After I exact justice, I will personally barbeque this for you junior sisters to taste!’

Finishing his words, Lin Fan did not give Chicky any chance to cry out and pulled him into his storage immediately.

Whew! He was so nearly exposed!

"Senior Brother Feng, I’ve misjudged you. To think that you’re so cowardly and afraid of death. Even though I’m useless, I shall follow Senior Brother Lin along to stop our sect from continuing down this wrong path!"

"Me too...!"

"Senior Brother Feng, this is the last time I shall get to call you Senior Brother Feng. Even if I were to die, I’ll die a glorious death!"

Walking past Feng Xiaoling, all the Jiuxiao Sect disciples could only shake their heads and sighed, as though they were extremely disappointed.

Standing in the lonely breeze, Feng Xiaoling’s stood there helplessly misunderstood.

"I didn’t say I’m not going. I’m just worried about you, Senior Brother Lin!"

"Senior Brother Lin, wait up!!! I’m not afraid of death!!!" Feng Xiaoling chased after the group while shouting.

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