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Lin Fan had not expected to come across something so savagely vile. If it were other people committing the rape, he probably wouldn’t have been so enraged. But to think that these were disciples of Jiuxiao Sect!

What was Jiuxiao Sect? It was a sect that was cared for and tied so closely to Glory Sect that they were practically like family. His buddy Xinfeng was a genius disciple of the sect as well! But what sort of f*cking sc.u.mbags and lowlifes were these creatures here who were trying to commit this f*cked up sin?

If they were just out to destroy the other sect, Lin Fan could not argue much with it. After all, Xuanhuang world was a place where it was survival of the fittest. But to be this despicable? He could not take it lying down. Wasn’t this just a smear of his buddy’s reputation?

But beyond all that, there was just one outstanding reason. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, wasn’t Li Tianxing too f*cking ugly? For an ugly toad like that to l.u.s.t after these scrumptious swans? Lin Fan could not hold back against that level of hideousness.

"‘Who? Who’s there? Come on out! Don’t play the fool!" Li Tianxing stopped in his tracks with a frosty look, bent on finding out who was the one causing trouble.

"Hmph, sc.u.mbag… Degenerate of the sect… Disgrace of the world." Lin Fan walked out of the dense forest with a look of wrath. His face revealed a pained look, as though his heart was broken. On his shoulder, Chicky shook his head as well, evidently in sadness.

When Mu Han saw the incoming figure, she was a little downcast. He seemed a little too young. This…

Even though cultivation base was not entirely dependent on age, age was still a factor to it.

Even if one’s potential was boundless and limitless, at such a young age, the most one could get to was probably only a lesser celestial. But this man of the Jiuxiao Sect was at a lesser celestial middle level.

Hope began to drain away from Mu Han’s impossibly beautiful face once more. The other female disciples of the Moon Palace Sect lowered their heads slightly as well, expecting nothing much from this man who had just appeared.

"HAHA!" Looking at the man who stepped forth, Li Tianxing burst out in laughter. "Where’s this kid from? Big words coming out from your mouth, eh? So, you wanna play out the hero act now for these beauties?"

These were the type of people Li Tianxing hated the most. He looked like a weak little scholar, and to think that this man would dare to come off acting as though he deserved the attention of the ma.s.ses.

Now that Lin Fan’s cultivation base was getting higher, his lifeforce also expanded rapidly. As such, his outer appearance was also undergoing changes gradually over time.

His imposing aura was mixed in with this lifeforce. Hence, with just a single raise of his arm, Lin Fan let off a powerful aura so intimidating that most people would choose not to look into his eyes.

"You’re a disciple of Jiuxiao Sect?" Lin Fan asked this pimply face in front of him curiously. He did not dare to look at Li Tianxing’s face directly. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! If he were to put Zhang Ergou beside this man, his Zhang Ergou would come off as a handsome prince.

"Hmph, that’s right. You…" Li Tianxing snorted coldly. But before he could finish speaking, Lin Fan started convulsing.

"Hold…hold on. Let me puke it out first. Your face is really b.l.o.o.d.y ugly like a toad." Lin Fan dry vomited a few times before pointing his finger at Li Tianxing. "PUI! You’re a disciple of Jiuxiao Sect? What a complete and utter disgrace of Jiuxiao Sect’s reputation!"

The jaws of the Moon Palace Sect disciples dropped apart. They only had a single thought in their minds.

‘Is something wrong with the head of this fella?!? He can’t even tell the severity of the situation right now?’

Mu Han looked at Lin Fan and sighed within her heart. This man before her was simply courting death.

This Li Tianxing here was a lesser celestial middle-level being who was crafty and well versed in using poison. Even a lesser celestial upper level might fall to him if they weren’t being careful!

A look of despair began to fill Mu Han’s face. They had tried their best. But seems like this was the end of Moon Palace Sect…

"Kid, your father here will make you puke…!" Li Tianxing was enraged. To think that someone would dare to be so insolent before him! Even if the heavenly kings were to descend for this man, none of them would be able to protect him from Li Tianxing’s wrath right now!

"Senior Brother Li, hold on…!" Suddenly, a shadow shot out from within the Jiuxiao Sect disciples.

"Senior Brother Lin! Why are you here!" The man who had darted out from the crowd was suave and elegant.

It was him, the most handsome disciple of the entire Jiuxiao Sect: Feng Xiaoling!

But Feng Xiaoling’s expression was a little weird as he shot glances at Lin Fan, warning the latter not to enrage Li Tianxing any further.

"Junior Brother Feng, is this the ways of the Jiuxiao Sect now?" Lin Fan recalled who this person was, but his tone wasn’t kind either. At first, he had thought that this was quite the decent fellow. But to think that he would be out here committing these atrocious sins as well.

At first, the Moon Palace Sect disciples were filled with some regrets for the situation Lin Fan would be in. But these were now looks of anger. So, these guys were together after all.

Feng Xiaoling chuckled awkwardly. He did not know how to reply Lin Fan. This was a long story after all. But the task at hand was to not let Senior Brother Lin continue provoking Li Tianxing.

Even though Feng Xiaoling knew that Senior Brother Lin was strong, he might not be a match for Li Tianxing still.

"Senior Brother Li, this is…" Feng Xiaoling hurried to introduce Lin Fan, hoping to settle this matter just like this. But before he could even continue, he was interrupted by Lin Fan.

"Hmph, Feng Xiaoling, don’t call me Senior Brother Lin! You’ve let me down thoroughly! Ugly toad, let me tell you! Yours Truly is the Peak Master of Glory Sect’s Nameless Peak! Based on seniority, you should be calling me Junior Master! But with your disgusting acts, you’ve got no right to be my Junior Disciple! You’re just a complete and utter disgrace to the names of our sects! And you, Feng Xiaoling! I had seen you as a disciple who had a bright future ahead of him! To think that you would be committing these inhumane and unforgivable acts as well! Disappointed! I’m disappointed to the max!"

With this act, Lin Fan had everyone in the surroundings dumbfounded. All the Jiuxiao Sect disciples looked at Lin Fan with astonishment as well. Of course, they knew about the Genius Sparring! After the elders and seniors came back from the sparring, all of them were singing praises of that particular disciple of Glory Sect: Lin Fan!

Magnanimous, powerful, handsome… That one battle after which he sworn friendship with Xinfeng was spread across the entire Jiuxiao Sect.

The disciples of Moon Palace Sect were stunned as well, wondering how things had come to this.

Mu Han’s face was especially crumpled. Things did not seem to be going the way she had imagined.

She knew of Glory Sect. That was a great sect! If this man was the Peak Master of Nameless Peak of Glory Sect, didn’t that mean that he held an extraordinary position within the sect? Did this mean that there was hope for Moon Palace Sect?

Mu Han then looked at Lin Fan with an urgent gaze.

"Senior Brother Lin, this…" Feng Xiaoling tried explaining.

"Save your explanations. I’m not hearing it." Lin Fan swiped his robes, apparently infuriated.

Feng Xiaoling was exasperated nearly to tears, ‘Can’t you just let me finish, Senior Brother Lin?’

"Hmph, kid. No matter who you are, I’ll have you die before me today." Just then, the motionless Li Tianxing sprung towards Lin Fan in madness with a palm strike. That palm strike was filled with a green smoke rumbling and howling within, as if it were possessed by a poisonous spirit.

"Senior Brother Li, no…!" Feng Xiaoling’s face lost all color as he hurried forth to stop Li Tianxing.

"Hmph, step aside." With a single hand, Lin Fan pulled Feng Xiaoling and tossed him aside. Feng Xiaoling was startled as well as his entire body was swung by this ma.s.sive unstoppable force, spiraling him out of control.

"S-strong!" That was the only thought on Feng Xiaoling’s mind as he was sent flying.

"You b.l.o.o.d.y sc.u.m of the Jiuxiao Sect, let me take on the duties of disciplining you for the sect today!" Standing where he was, Lin Fan did not move. Wind started to curl and coil around his feet as he raised his right hand.

"Hmph. Poisoned Spirit Burst!" Li Tianxing roared. He needed to let this man understand what was true fear.

"No, Senior Brother Li!" Feng Xiaoling screamed out. He still did not think that Senior Brother Lin could match up this man.

The disciples of Moon Palace Sect exclaimed as well. Their faces changed. They could sense the immense amount of poison seeping out from Li Tianxing’s hand.

All the surrounding flora and gra.s.s started to wither.

"Hmph." Lin Fan could only snort coldly with a look of disdain.

He raised his palm to its max before striking down.

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